Curse of La Llorona (2007)

Produced, Written, Shot, Edited, Cinematography & Directed by: Terrence Williams


Mary Sanchez .... Hana / La Llorona
Anne Stinnett .... Gabriella
Antonio Royuela .... Daniel
Elizabeth Osbourn .... Patty
Regan Kramer .... Ottis Kramer

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: April 5, 2007





Relatives of Hana's (Mary Sanchez) finds her at the house to where Hana resides after a terrifying incident with her and the evil spirit named LaLorona.
They try to take care of her while residing in the house and wondering why she was there and plans to adopt her.
Hana gets unpredictable at times and behaves deadly and the family finds body parts and Hana's cousin Patty (Elizabeth Osbourn) discovers a monstrous woman which is LaLorona in her closet as she nearly kills her. She's too scared to sleep by herself and they also find body pieces in a garage.
A redneck named Ottis Kramer (Regan Kramer) warns the family that they are not safe there.


There's an interesting artsy look at a bathtub scene involving Hana in which this looked interesting to watch and the camera shots are more clear to spot here. Plus we spot a moment with a supporting character Sonia discovering her and in shock but yet the moments don't seem too convincing with the upsetting moments that we spot here. Yet some interesting cheesy close up camera shots on the slits wrists and moments like that.
There's a fair heated discussion with some of the character's involving on what's going on surrounding Hana and nice camera shots on her mysteriously staring at them which is supposed to draw your attention that she'll be up to no good which almost works in well along with the arguments looked almost powerful but then things were supposed to look intense when she lunges out which fails a bit as well as a close up camera shot on her trying to attack someone with a screwdriver as this looked pure amateurishly done.
A nicely done moment with Isabel being a little cold and mysterious towards Gabriella about the house they're staying in which is a nice add on even if the scene is in daylight as night time would've made the film look creepier but probably due to the lack of the budget the makers wouldn't be able to get lighting for most of the night shots to see who's talking to who here.
Another moment with some neighbors spotting something gruesome in their garage but it doesn't look too set out to make this moment look creepy since it was once again in the daytime and not designed right to make this situation looked gross and creepy.
We spot an argumentive moment between both Gabriella and her husband Daniel on all of what's going on which at times looked like a drag and odd moments making the story slightly effective. The makers needed to trim it down a bit and get to the point in the story.
We have a moment with the snobby daughter Patty being cautious by going into a room and taking out what is supposed to be a switchblade knife but that looked so amateurish as you could tell it's one of those fake push in knives that we all see in those kids stores which the makers could've spent a bit more money to get a better looking fake one. Then we spot what's supposed to be a jumping moment on Llorona coming out of a closet and grabbing Patti in as this moment fails to scare you but interesting cheesy make up on this character which could please horror fans who like no budget one's such as this.
Fun horror moments with Patti being cautious and using a shotgun to try and snuff this ghostly figure out yet the lights were turned on as this always works in the dark but yet due to their budget no one would see any of this in the dark. It loses it's mysterious and creepy touch big time.
Some cheesy and fast action camera shots with Hana losing control and leaping on someone which looked fun to watch and can entertain you if you're in the mood for cheesy suspense but a bore if you want to see something more powerfully done than watching what we spot here.
There's a scene with the family acting dysfunctional with situations near a kitchen area which looked very effective and psychologically done with their sarcastic and frusterating moments.
A trashy moment with the mysterious main supporting character Ottis Kramer coming in and warning the family about La Llorna as well as running out of the house which is supposed to give you the chills like we spot with these typical characters in those other horror flicks but this looked awfully silly and amateurishly done.
However later on with Ottis and the family going into action by struggling against the La Lorona figure looked fun and exciting with alot of energetic moments along with the cheesy horror happening. Some of this was shot too which worked in well with Gabriella and Patty looking cautiously out the window at night as this hints something is out there which looked good and clear.
However we have the final struggling moments outside which is daylight as this doesn't work well in a horror film involving Lalorna as well as Ottis trying to hunt this spirit down and then later on a final death scene which looked cheesy to watch in which this moment was supposed to look sad. But really, this moment was way too hard to be taken seriously. Yet a good write in to end the trilogy on the series of this film.
Bottom line is that this is my favourite one out of all the Llorona flicks as it packs a punch with the plot for it's thin budget. Sure it's not scary due to it's thin budget but it does try to and I have to give Williams credit for that. A nicely done haunted house film without all the special effects.

The acting is at times seems wooden like at times in the first two but it does do well during other moments when the story heats up.
Mary Sanchez (Hana / La Llorona) makes her role believeable when she is mentally disturbed as she is convincing by acting silent and staring mysteriously at others which is a grabber on the film. However there's times when she leaps and attacks in which she seems wooden at times or over the top. At times she is on the ball. Seemed to do okay when she acts ghostly and behaving sneakily too. Yet during the end of her performance when she is dying she is a little too overly dramatic and seriously needed improvement.
Anne Stinnett (Gabriella) plays a terrific aunt in the film as her role is very powerful. She is very sharp within her performance and is well alert with stuff. Also shows great energy especially with her aggressions or anxious attitude when the terror starts to occur. She was for sure a decent character actress.
Antonio Royuela (Daniel) was very bland in his part and a bit wooden too. He seems to try and get into character but doesn't cut it at all. He was just a line reader and is over the top with his aggressions as someone who's supposed to be a bit dysfunctional. Wasn't intense like he was supposed to have been. Not everyone was cut out to be an actor and he's an example in which he was probaqbly a friend of the filmmaker.
Elizabeth Osbourn (Patty) plays a perfect snotty cousin and a great typical teenager. Shows a nice sarcastic and arrogance of herself as well as showing nice timing by being alert and acting tough whenever she needed to be. Was good while using a shotgun and getting into this. However there's a scene when she screams and she is very off which breaks her characteristics and pretty lacking.
Regan Kramer (Ottis Kramer) really was way too over the top as someone whom is eccentric and the key supporting character to the horror story in which he doesn't cut it at all to make himself as someone who's a bit off since he seems just too silly by what he does and needs some lessons to improve his role. Probably another friend of the filmmakers. Sorry folks.

Mary Sanchez is fully naked top to bottom in a bloody bathtub during the beginning of this film.

A brain is exposed in a garage and looks real too
Blood splurts out of a mans neck but it isn't graphic

QDC again composes some interesting music along with a songtrack by Vintage 90 however alot of it is quite off and doesn't match with the story. However there's the odd low budget deep sounds for the mysterious ghostly moments which works in nicely as well as some different sort of scratchy sounds adding some nice spooky elements into the plot so I will give some nice credit to these moments. The songtrack for the closing credit sounds like a cheesy version of one of those alternative 90's rock groups as it's slightly off but fits in with the low budget horror film itself.