The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

Directed by: Michael Chaves

Written by: Mikki Daughtry & Tobias Iaconis


.... Anna Tate-Garcia
.... Chris
.... Samantha
.... Rafael Olvera
.... La Llorona
.... Father Perez
.... Detective Cooper
.... Patricia Alvarez

Release Dates: South by Southwest Film Festival: March 15, 2019; Theatrical: April 19, 2019






Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her own small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm.


During the beginning there's a prologue taking place in a different century with a mother drowning her own son and another boy witnessing this and although this was supposed to be disturbing it just doesn't do the trick.
Then the story takes place in the 70s which I found quite amusing with a parent Anna Tate-Garcia and her kids getting ready for work and school as well as just missing the bus as this looked energetic with them panicking to get out on time.
A good intense moment with Patricia Alvarez lashing out towards Anna as this for sure leaves a nice mysterious feel to everything and an impressive hint to the horror that will come later on.
Great creepy moment when two boys leave their room at the sheltered housing as well as to what they spot on a surveillance monitor as this looked genuinely spooky and leaving a deadly feeling as to what will happen to these two.
Things seem a little bland afterwards but then it picks up a bit when Anna's son Chris discovers the evil spirit of La Llorona weeping as at first it needed inspiration but that changes when she attacks which is a great jumping moment while watching this as well as him trying to run back to the car which made me wonder if he will make it in time.
Another suspenseful moment is when the daughter Samantha opens her umbrella and see La Llorona's reflection as well as her object being blown away heading towards a swimming pool as this gave me a cringing feeling that something terrifying will happen and all of this had neat special effects.
Nice interactions between Anna and Father Perez when having discussions especially when he tells her she doesn't have to be religious to have faith in which this scene all looked very uplifting to watch.
Then we spot moments on marks with the children due to the fact this wicked force has attacked them as well as a social worker coming in thinking that these kids are being abused by their mother which offers some good tension.
Terrific still moment with little Samantha taking a bath and then LaLorona rubbing this child's hair and she thinks that it's her mother and then a good silent moment when she realises that later on that no one is in the room which made me cringe and having a feeling a jumping moment is about to occur which offers perfect horror timing.
The suspense piles up a great deal when Rafael Olvera plans to stop this evil force from happening in which there's alot of scary situations including the two kids hiding underneath a table and shots on the table blanket rising up from each side as they slowly look up to see what is happening in which would give anyone the chills big time and boy does something extreme really happens offering great special effects.
Rafael also puts these some sort of beans on the ground around the house to keep this nasty spirit from entering the home and later on Samantha tries to reach over to grab her teddy bear which is on the other end which was carefully done and making me wonder if something will happen on her losing balance.
Lots of dynamic camera shots as well as attacking moments with the La Lorona spirit which looked great to watch and the others struggling and hiding against this madness in which horror fans that enjoy paranormal activities shall enjoy this.
Plus there's a moment when La Lorona looks alive toward the two children as we all know that this is a trap to fool the children. This did make me watch carefully and having a bad feeling on what the outcome would be.
Then there's a hint at the end that this terror isn't over yet although the ending kinda teases you a bit before the closing credits.

Everyone did a great job in their roles in which (Anna Tate-Garcia) showed off some great energetic attitude within whatever she did here. Had a perfect motherly attitude as well as doing a good job reacting to situations. She also does a nice job with her fearful and emotional attitude too. Brought all of this to life big time. She studied her role a great deal.
(Chris) does his job well as the eldest son. Shows a good curiousity in many scene's and making this seem natural. Plus shows off a great fearful attitude as well along with having an emotional scared behavior which was memorable in his performance.
(Samantha) certain;y showed a great happy go lucky type of innocence into her role as well as doing a nice job reacting to having her hair rubbed while taking a bath as well as her being cautious later on. Showed off a nice spunky behavior all round to what she did.
(Rafael Olvera) was marvellous in the role as a somewhat exorcism paranormal activist. Had a believeable seriousness as well as a no nonsense type of attitude along with acting powerful when necessary. He did the job well through start to finish.
(Father Perez) was one of the best in the cast having a good gravelly voice as well as showing a warm hearted type of character making him stand out well and believeably likeable. Had the perfect looks and presence. A true character actor and a great choice of casting.
(Detective Cooper) stood out strong and a good uplifting type of person for what we see him in as well as showing a good seriousness whenever he had to act this way in which he drew across greatly.
(Patricia Alvarez) had the most effective supporting role coming across as a convincing basket case as well as doing a nice job by acting out of it or obnoxious which she knew on how to lash out as well as having a great hyped energy freaking out quarter way through the story. Studied her role greatly.

Joseph Bishara was great with his music for the film as he has alot of dark sounds as well as what sounds like gloomy howling sounds too fitting the scene's big time. Plus nice hissing and more ghostly sounds too making your bones chill while watching the scene that these moments were used in it.

Patricia Alvarez: It's your fault! I tried to stop her!
Anna Tate-Garcia: Who did you try to stop?
Patricia Alvarez: La Llorona