Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)


Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Benjamin Carr


George Peck .... Dr. Magrew
Emily Harrison .... Jane Magrew
Josh Green .... Robert 'Tank' Winsley
Michael Guerin .... Joey Carp
Marc Newburger .... Art Cooney
Scott Boyer .... Larry
Jason Dean Booher .... Pogo
Robert Donavan .... Sheriff Garvey
Jason-Shane Scott .... Deputy Wayburn

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: May 26, 1998




A new puppet master named Dr. Magrew (George Peck) is trying to make a new race of puppets and meets a mentally challenged gas station employee named Robert Winsley (Josh Green) whom is constantly tormented by a bunch of bullies lead by Joey Carp (Michael Guerin) but Magrew realises that Robert has a craft for carving puppets and uses him to invent his latest creation by becoming his assistant since his earlier assitant has dissapeared without a trace.
Robert falls in love with Magrew's daughter Jane (Emily Harrison) but is constantly tormented in his nightmares at the same time that he's turning into Megrew's latest creation since he realises that he got in too deep working for this evil genius. He also uses Toulon's puppets to go on a bloody murderous rampage against his enemies to top it all off.

There's a good scene with a bully taunting Robert 'Tank' Winsley at a county gas station which almost looked like a believeble scene with a mean spirited person against someone who is slow but the pace needed to be picked up a bit.
We spot many good moments with Robert talking to Dr. Magrew and Jane mainly at a dinner table with a shot of Blade with Dr. Magrew discussing his puppets.
We spot many good shots on Robert carving a puppet and creating it.
We have a good moment with Jane coming on strong with Robert and making him feel good about himself as well as making out with him.
There's many good nightmare sequences with Robert uncovering sheets from his bed and seeing that he is turning into a puppet with nice shocked reactions on him.
There's a good moment with Joey getting nasty towards Jane near a forest and some of the supporting characters circling around her too as well as Robert passively telling them to leave her alone making you wonder if he will snap or not.
We have a great shot on Joey breaking into a window into a room with the puppet figure of Pinhead attacking him.
We spot a good shot on Joey benchpressing and screaming obscenities and other stuff along with a shot on the puppet figures Blade and Tunneler appraching him and many shots on them attacking him.
There's a good moment with a nasty Sheriff Garvey being physical towards Art Cooney and getting demanding with him to find some answers.
There's a nice shot on Robert tied down on a table with Dr. Masgrew having a discussion as the scene looked like a cheesy mad scientist type of feeling to it.
We spot a nice dark shot on Jane picking up a doll figure near some burial area with it reacting towards her and does well freaking out.
We have many good camera shots on both Sheriff Garvey and his deputy bering pinned down and slayed by the puppets with their intense screaming along with Dr. Magrew cackling madly which looked well done.
There's a good shot on the puppets charging towards Dr. Magrew with a good camera looking up on him begging for mercy.
Bottom line is that I enjoyed almost all of the Puppet Master flicks but this one seems to be just an excuse to make another sequel as the puppets don't do much action in this one due to a slow story. The film isn't awful but it just doesn't pick up. I mean we had one called the Final Chapter and that should be it for the series.
It's interesting spotting some bullies picking on someone who is slow and a puppetmaster trying to help him out with his abilities to make puppets as well as being tormented in his nightmares that he's turning into a puppet himself.
The action really starts to happen right when the film is ending and I just thought the whole thing was pointless which it mainly shows a mentally challenged person creating a puppet as well as the other puppets appearing here and there when they should be doing deadly deeds more so. We have another one after this which is a prequel.

The acting is not the greatest but not too bad either. George Peck (Dr. Magrew) plays a different type of puppetmaster who does well with his gentle words and kind attitude and during the same time was not too bad when he acts like a mad scientist. At the same time wasn't as good as his mellow attitude.
Emily Harrison
(Jane Magrew) does well with her charm and flirtatious attitude and has the right looks too to top it all off. She isn't the best actress in the world but she does what she can for this one.
Josh Green
(Robert 'Tank' Winsley) seemed to know his stuff a bit playing someone who is slow and has the right brawny type looks that if you cross him he can go insane bringing it all to life. He shows nice quiet words to his speech too. His role stood out quite well. We spot a good blocking moment with him grabbing someone at the front of his truck and strangling him but yet the acting looked a bit stale.
Michael Guerin
(Joey Carp) tries his best playing a bad ass in the film and came across it not too shabby but then again I've seen alot better than his style on playing these types of roles. Oh well you can't always win with every actor.
Robert Donavan
(Sheriff Garvey) is probably the best actor playing a redneck sheriff with a nasty attitude and brought it across very strongly at being just that. He was someone you wouldn't want in your every day life at all. He shows nice aggressions verbally and physically too.

A person is drilled in the crotch as well as having the top of his head sliced.
A deputy has his head bloodily drilled and the sheriff having his face sliced with lots of blood.
The new puppetmaster is getting his face sliced and bloody too.

We have the good ole opening theme music as always and along the storyline some clanging and high pitched suspenseful music all composed by Jeffrey Walton as he makes the music sound similar to the original composer.