Cutting Class (1989)

Directed by: Rospo Pallenberg

Written by: Steve Slavkin


Donovan Leitch .... Brian Woods
Jill Schoelen .... Paula Carson
Brad Pitt .... Dwight Ingalls
Roddy McDowall .... Mr. Dante
Martin Mull .... William Carson III
Brenda James .... Colleen
Mark Barnet .... Gary
Robert Glaudini .... Schultz
Eric Boles .... Mr. Glynn

Special Appearances:

Dirk Blocker .... Coach Harris
Nancy Fish .... Mrs. Knocht
Robert Machray .... Mr. Conklin

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: July, 1989

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A disturbed kid named Brian Woods (Donovan Leitch) has just been released from a mental hospital after killing his father and seems to have eyes for his classmate Paula Carson (Jill Schoelen) but she is going out with a former friend of his named Dwight Ingalls (Brad Pitt) who makes his school tough for him.
People at the school who gives one of these two students a rough time ends up being killed one by one and both of them seems to be a suspect along with a creepy janitor named Schultz (Robert Glaudini) who gets aggressive with the students there.
Paula doesn't know who to trust as she is having relationship problems with Dwight and Brian tries to tell her to be with him. Not only to mention while her father William Carson III (Martin Mull) is away on a hunting trip is shot with an arrow and left for dead.


We spot some good close up shots on a newspaper boy dropping off papers riding his bike with a close up shot on the paper saying killer on the loose giving it that nice cheesy horror feel to it.
There's a good funny discussion between
William Carson III and Paula Carson as father and daughter on him going on a fishing trip and her being responsible being alone in her house which looked very humorous with lots of character.
We spot a good comedic moment with William trying to go duck hunting at a pond and then a good shot on the killers hand using a bow and arrow trying to aim the arrow at him.
We have some good shots on Brian Woods climbing a rope in gym class with
Dwight Ingalls acting like a bully and shaking the rope as well as mocking him.
Some good moments with Paula and Colleen hanging out and socialising which looked good for a teen slasher film before the murders begin.
We have many goofy moments with the principal Mr. Dante hitting on people like Paula and Colleen.
There's some funny discussions between Paula and Colleen taking off their panties and then doing their cheerleading performance during a basketball tournament.
There's good shots underneath some bleachers with the camera shooting on both Colleen and Gary with a knife slitting his throat and then Colleen screaming while we have a shot on the audience cheering during the game.
Good moment with some people jogging through a pond and William lying there suffocating weakly crying for help which the dark comedy looked impressively written in during this moment.
There's a good shot on both Dwight and Brian underneath a car in mechanics class having a friendly discussion with one another giving it that nice appeal to the story.
Good comedic discussion between Brian and a vice principal stressing her words towards him and he acts arrogant.
There's a good shot on Mrs. Knocht in a photocopying room with a dark figure approaching her and then bashing her head many times on the photocopy machine with shots of paper on her being murdered on what's happening.
Funny moment that will make you laugh is when a police hound dog spots William in the pond and he tries to communicate with it to get help.
There's many good creepy moment with the janitor
Schultz mopping up blood and acting creepy towards Dwight and Paula which is another good moment on who the suspect could be.
We have a great intense and aggressive situation between Dwight cussing out a coach as the moment was powerfully well done and another impression on a suspect.
There's a good moment with Brian handing Paula some scissors challenging her to kill him which she was tempted to making this scene very watchable on what's going to happen.
There's a good intense moment with a schoolteacher trying to figure out on escaping a murder with Paula and a shot on a blackboard with a death threat on it.
We spot a great struggling moment between Dwight and Brian in a mechanics room battling one another in order to survive with an axe involved and Paula freaking out.
Bottom line is that this film seemed awfully comedic and wondered if it really was a horror film. Well it is but it doesn't have the dark feeling to it that's all. It's more funny than scary if it's scary at all. I found the film a parody to those other low budget slasher flicks like Prom Night, Graduation Day and a touch of Slumber Party Massacre. The film is not original and totally obvious who the killer is but at times it's entertaining with a good sense of humor too. However, it does have many bumps in the road during many of the plotlines and quite cheesy too. If you're in the mood for a scary and dark slasher film this one isn't for you by any means but if you want to see it due to many household names in the film by all means check it out.

The acting is in good shape but however Donovan Leitch (Brian Woods) tried a bit too hard having a disturbed attitude with his words after being released from an asylum and a little too much with his expressionless actions too. He was too melodramatic.
I love Jill Schoelen (Paula Carson) in D.C. Cab and really enjoyed her work in this flick too as a nice girl next door attitude in which she does well. She shows good emotions with what she does and is believeably outgoing too.
Brad Pitt
(Dwight Ingalls) in one of his film debut's before landing in mainstream films. He was terrific as an abnoxious teenage asshole jock making his aggressions really coming to life and violent behavior too. We have a nice aggression with him towardshis onscreen girlfriend demanding her to get in the car after he spots her talking to someone else and then acting like a prick to him which looked like a believeable performance from him on mean kids towards an outcast. There's a good discussion between him towards his girlfriend acting charming towards her in their car the next school day and then he goes off in a rant later on in which this scene is really making you think that he's a possible suspect.
Roddy McDowall
(Mr. Dante) totally brought on the humor as a flirtatious school principal in the film showing he has a good knack for comedy-horror like he did in Fright Night. Every show I've seen him in I was never disappointed and a very versatile actor too.
Martin Mull
(William Carson III) was very charming as a family man going on a hunting trip who offered many laughs with who he played. He was great in every aspect throughout his performance.
Brenda James
(Colleen) had the right looks and attitude to be in a teenage slasher flick and I really noticed her with the time length she had in this film. I could see her getting work in other low budget slasher films as she had the perfect looks.
Robert Glaudini
(Schultz) had the perfect creepy looks and attititude as a school janitor in the film and came across perfectly as someone not to mess with but too obvious to be the killer in the film as he played one of those types in the film and did his stuff.
Although Dirk Blocker (Coach Harris) didn't have a huge role in the film I had to review him. He was great as a bullying coach in the film and knew how to act loud and aggressive.

Two cheerleaders aren't wearing panties and their butts are briefly exposed.
A barebreasted student is exposed in a changing room

An arrow shot in a man's body in a duck pond
A bloody slit throat
A woman's head is repeatedly bashed on a photocopy machine with blood oozing out of her
A sharp pole of a flag is stabbed in a coach's chest while bouncing on a trampoline
A hammer is whacked in a guy's head with lots of blood pouring out

We spot some great low keyboard playing giving it a nice horror sound along with some drum beats and rockin' guitar riffs too. This music score kicks ass and is composed by Jill Fraser.

Paula Carson: Don't get mad
Dwight Ingallss:
I don't get mad I get even

Dwight Ingalls: Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!
Coach Harris: Fuck you too.
Dwight Ingalls: You can't talk to students like that.
Coach Harris: Fuck you! Now suit up!