Cutting Room! (2005)

Co-Produced, Edited & Directed by: Krist Rufty

Written by:
Steve Beaver & Krist Rufty


Lyla Sullivan .... Angel Corman
Noelle D'Amato .... Terri
Shawn O' Rourke .... Bill
Chace Ambrose .... David
Vanelle .... Carrie
Langley McArol .... Ethan
Nikky Irene .... Helen
Trent Haaga .... Brian

Special Appearance:

Lloyd Kaufman .... Linwood Meyerhoffer

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: May 1, 2005



A director of a low budget horror movie named Angel Corman (Lyla Sullivan) and her assistant named Brian (Trent Haaga) tries to go to a distributor named Linwood Meyerhoffer (Lloyd Kaufman) to get their film picked up but he rejects it.
Angel also finds out that the cast and crew have used her art to become rich and famous.
This makes her go berserk and ends up killing them in many gruesome ways at their cast party while they wait for the pizza guy to arrive but instead feels the wrath of Angel


The makers of this flick was very crappy with this work on this no budgeter. There's an interesting close up shots on both Angel Corman and Brian speaking to a distributor showing posters of mainstream films hanging on the wall but the discussions looked very corny.
There's many kinky shots on an actress taking off her clothes and lustfully feeling herself as well as a close up shot on her masturbating under her panties with a flashback on her speech for winning an oscar which was amateurishly done.
There's a good shot with Angel on top of this woman and then close up shots on her slicing her head which gives a good shocking moment but that's only one of the effective scene's.
There's a cheesy shot on Angel raising a knife towards Brian but the moment falls flat with her going in a rage and him screaming as it looked very cornballish.
There's many pointless conversations with the main characters in a house getting ready to watch a movie they did.
We have many camera shots looking up on Ambrose topless and acting believeably kinky.
There's a brief effective discussion with Helen coming on to Carrie and trying to kiss her which makes you wonder if she will give in so easily.
We spot an interesting conversation with Terri, Bill and David watching the movie and discussing other horror celebraities like Jamie Lee Curtis and how far she's gone in bigger movies.
There's cheesy shots on both Terri and Carrie running up some stairs with the camera pointing up to them as well as them looking shocked in a room with camera shots on the dead bodies.
There's an overly long moment with Angel towards Terri in the room with the dead bodies telling her why she did this along with her menacing attitude trying to stab her and other moments too. Some of it looked trashily fun but most of it was complete trash.
We spot a nice shot on Angel acting in pain standing near a corner with an Evil Dead poster next to her along with a cheesy hallucination with the dead bodies rising up which looked obvious and going towards her and tearing her apart.
Folks there's nothing more to discuss on this film and the scene's as the makers were born amateurs as you can tell.
Bottom line: I can't describe how bad this slasher film is as someone brought out their DV camcorder and decided to make this pointless heap of trash. Lots of the story was ripped off from Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland with the killings and such. You will know what I mean when you watch this film plus this one was filmed in Macon, Georgia like the sequels were too. The story tried so hard to be an inventive slasher flick thinking of an actress going berserk to make her own movie by killing in real life but the film is a complete bore. Even if the film is only 80 minutes long the story is so slacking it's too long of a movie to watch it seems.

The acting is very bad. Lead actress Lyla Sullivan (Angel Corman) is not convincing by playing a bloodthirsty killer and desperately needs lessons since she overly does her insane actions towards everyone.
Noelle D'Amato
(Terri) had the right looks more than her talent but seems to do a better job than most of the cast members in the film but can't act worth crap when she gets scared.
Chace Amrose
(David) seems to know his stuff playing a perverted type in the film with his wise ass remarks and high opions on himself. Yep he reminds me of goofballs I encountered. Yet he was terrible reacting to getting killed as he was terribly sloppy when he enters a doorway injured from a brutal stab and falling to a floor.
Lloyd Kaufman's
(Linwood Meyerhoffer) cameo as a distributor doesn't even save the acting but again he never was any good.

Jyllyan Dixon takes off her top exposing her breasts and totally feeling them.

Many throat slits with blood gushing out
A scalp is torn off
Plenty of bloody stabbings
A head is chopped off by a lawnmower with the remains showing
Arms are torn off from someone tied behind a tree
A machette is stabbed through a couple people and some remains of private parts which looked phony but still overly gross
Many people's necks are stabbed open with blood gushing out
Stomachs are cut open with intenstines exposing
Zombie's tear apart the killer in a hallucination sequence
A woman's head is run over by a vehicle
A pizza delivery person's head is chopped off
Sadly folks the makers paid more money making the gore effects than anything.

There's the odd bass guitar thumping for the humoress moments along with some harp twanging and toned out synthesizer music which all of this sounds very crappy.

Hollywood Producer: It's crap.