Dahmer Vs. Gacy (2010)

Executive Produced & Directed by: Ford Austin

Written by: Andrew J. Rausch

Story by: Chris Watson


Ford Austin .... Jeffrey Dahmer / Ringo
Peter Zhmutski .... Dr. Stravinski
Randal Malone .... John Wayne Gacy
Bonnie Aarons .... General Arbogast
Jed Rowen .... Seargent Pollard Rodgers
Ethan Phillips .... X-13
Trey Alexander .... Hal Anderson
Art LaFleur .... Dr. Hess
Irwin Keyes .... Dr. Pruitt

Special Appearances:

Steven Adler .... Stevie
Deron Miller .... Charles Manson
Felissa Rose .... Joanie Farana

Release Dates: Bare Bones Film Festival: April 24, 2010; Action On Film International Film Festival: July 24, 2010; Big Bear Horror Film Festival: August 17, 2010; SoCal Film Festival: October 29, 2010





A secret government has been trying to create the ultimate killer using the DNA of infamous killers Jeffrey Dahmer (Ford Austin) and John Wayne Gacy (Randal Malone), but there's one big problem: they've escaped! Bloody mayhem stretches across the United States as they go on the ultimate killing spree. Trying to stop the maniacal madness is Ringo, a hick warrior, using only a shotgun and a bottle of whiskey. It all leads up to the ultimate showdown!


I spotted the beginning with a news broadcaster Hal Anderson discussing a murder incident with someone making a report as their interactions back and fourth looked entirely conry and lame to watch in which I knew that I was in for a terrible flick and boy was I right. Yet we spot a murder case with this reporter with blood splashing onto the camera in which this is supposed to be an impressive beginning for a slasher flick. It doesn't cut it nevertheless.
Also in the story I spot a serious discussion with
Dr. Stravinski towards someone else on the murder cases as the interactions and how it was all shot and put together looked like a cartoonish scene. In other words a lame scene when it was trying to draw you in and it doesn't do the trick.
A real lame moment is when one of the killers steals someone's vehicle and murders this driver which was sloppily done in which the moments here were supposed to look zany as the timings on this looked bloody awful. I was getting more and more annoyed while watching the outcomes of all of this.
Then there's a broad hitching a ride in the vehicle with her trying to return the favor by giving this killer some head as I rolled my eyes thinking there's nothing better in this story but I was happy to find out on what he does to her.
More annoying moment when we spot a bum on the street going crazy and trying to get a rat as you could tell that this rodent looked fake as well as a shocking moment by what he does along with spotting more kookie situations on the killer clown Gacy about to do this homeless person in as how he kills this person didn't look too shabby but don't look too hard into what I was saying as this scene wasn't well done at all.
Plenty of trashy moments with a redneck Ringo talking to God on his radio station as well as in the beginning almost pursuing suicide using his shotgun in which you wonder as to why he wanted to do this but none of this was taken seriously at all and the voice of God was lame to listen to as well.
Also there's a black and white shot on Gacy having a dispute with a smaller clown in which this looked so lame and it wasn't going anywhere at all. A total time waster if you ask me.
A real messed up situation is a bunch of people at a singles bar and one of them whom is Stevie gives head to one of his drinking buddies in the washroom and then talking to Dahmer inviting him over to his home and drugging him along with them foooling around which looked totally whacked as well as fake looking shots on Dahmer killing this person with a drill. None of this looked enjoyable to watch.
Another news report we have some girl fans who talk about their love for killers which seemed lame to watch as this was supposed to be comedically shocking but doesn't do the trick at all and this looked very lame.
Also a discussion between General Arbogast and Seargent Pollard Rodgers looked bent out of shape when he tells her a situation on ninjas with her constantly cussing as this was badly put together looking like she was clucking as this got on my nerves greatly and was thinking "Get on with it!!!!"
Nice shots on Ringo in a deserted area but him battling away with ninjas looked incredibly lame to watch but it may please all you gorehounds by what we see here.
A decent dakr setting with Dr. Stravinski tied up and being pitted against Dahmer but then it falls flat when he reveals some shocking secrets on what he has done to others as this was totally sick by what he was talking about.
Also more lame moments on the final battles between Dhamer against Gacy which looked terribly silly to watch their battling away as well as a discussion talking ab out fucking one another which was a time waster on their argumentive actions which I was watching once again in agony. But there's a moment when some gay person brings some cake to them and they murder him with decent comedic liners on this. But this is nothing to brag about either.
Yet a near ending with a bloodied looking Charles Manson on the prowl as this was shot in decent horror taste but this was the only piece worth watching.
Bottom line is that this film was a piece of junk and whoever wrote it must've been on something heavy since this film barely carried a plot, making not much sense and was incredibly annoying in which I couldn't wait till this awful horror spoof was over. It wasn't scary or the least bit funny either. Avoid it all costs.

The acting is terrible as Ford Austin (Jeffrey Dahmer / Ringo) was way too over the top with his seriousness as a killer but he wasn't as bad as most of the other people. Knew a bit or two on how to act disturbed but gets a little carried away with his insanity. He also plays a redneck in other parts of the film as he was humiliating by performing this way. He was noit a versatile character actor by any means.
Peter Zhmutski (Dr. Stravinski) seemed to try his best to pull of a character and tries hard to be serious on what he was talking about but he seems to fail in order to doing so. Shows energy and you can tell he is making an effort not to go into a slump but sadly he does just that.
Randal Malone (John Wayne Gacy) was kookie in his role and sounded feminine. He for sure wasn't an intinidating type of killer. He was way too silly into what he did here. Not good pointers on this person at all.
Bonnie Aarons (General Arbogast) wasn't too shabby in her part as she knew on how to act goofily tough in her role but not meant to be taken seriously. Was great by acting silly and uptight in many parts of the film as well as acting energetically hyperactive. Shows nice crazed expressions too whenever she acted this way as well.
Jed Rowen (Seargent Pollard Rodgers) seemed to focus okay as a serious soldier but however he sometimes seems to lose it a bit but he was never much of a great actor. Yet he shows off a strong behavior with his lines in which I was a bit impressed compared to the other work that he's done.
Trey Alexander (Hal Anderson) who portrayed a news reporter seemed to try and ham it up and seemed to have it with his timing but wasn't convincing as telling the situations as he was better by being someone whom is witty instead of being serious on the deadly topics that are going on. So he was half there and half not.
Surprise surprise we have an appearance by former Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler (Stevie) as a drunk at a gay bar which is the perfect role for him since he is messed up as to why he was kicked out of the band. He is not an actor by any means and can't get it together in which you could tell by his performance here.

Many scarred and stabbed faces
A bloodied slit throat
Eyes bloodily pressed in the head
Drill in the head
Many blooded decapitations with blood splurting out
A body gets sliced off
Plenty of violent bloodsheds

The music is not that great for the flick but at times there's some good dark sounding deep synthesizer music as well for the clown scene's corny comedic types of sounds that suits the bad plots on what goes on here. Yet this isn't a compliment either. Also there's some electronic and guitar sounds for the battles between Dahmer and Gacy which sounded quite lame. All of this was terribly put together by Chip Z'Nuff