Dawn of the Dead (2004)


Directed by: Zack Snyder

Written by: James Gunn


Sarah Polley .... Ana
Ving Rhames .... Kenneth
Jake Weber .... Michael
Mekhi Phifer .... Andre
Ty Burrell .... Steve
Michael Kelly .... CJ
Kevin Zegers .... Terry
Michael Barry .... Bart
Lindy Booth .... Nicole
Jayne Eastwood .... Norma
Boyd Banks .... Tucker
Inna Korobkina .... Luda
R.D. Reid .... Glen
Kim Poirier .... Monica
Matt Frewer .... Frank

Special Appearances:

Tom Savini .... The County Sheriff
Ken Foree .... The Televangelist

Release Dates: Theatrical: USA 10 March 2004 (premiere); Canada 19 March 2004; Germany 19 March 2004 (Berlin Nacht der 1000 Schreie) ; USA 19 March 2004










In this sequel to Night of the Living Dead, the dead return with a bigger breed and eating people alive.
A news team tries to discuss what is causing the dead to come back to life while a group of SWAT team members are having a battle with locals in an apartment building as the place is infested with zombies.
Where they have nowhere to run they all take take off on a helicopter and then take refuge to an abandoned shopping mall to protect themselves while they see if thwey can go to a deserted island for safety.
But the zombies seem to try and find a way in their hiding place after they terminate the one's that were already inside as well as being terrorised by a biker gang.

A young female nurse named Ana (Sarah Polley) notices that something isn't right about her daughter.
She looks ill but then she bites her husband and suddenly her husband turns vicious.
When Anna escapes her house she notices that her neighborhood has gone mad with flesh eating zombies.

She drives down the highway until she is rescued by a black police officer named Kenneth (Ving Rhames) as they find shelter in a mall with some other survivors.
But they run out of food and some of them slowly turn into zombies.

They plan to travel to an island to see if they can survive there but will they make it?

This remake doesn't really go anywhere but still theres lots of good effects and action sequences. The beginning does show a normal day with a character named Ana as a nurse finishing her job at the hospital and then she sees someone lying in the back of their ambulance which leaves an impression if this person is a zombie which can make you cringe while watching this. She seems to have a normal family life with her husband in which they shower together before going to bed which seems pleasant but then first thing in the morning all hell breaks loose which looked exciting as their daughter turns into a zombie and then bites her husband and he goes berserk. There's a perfect dark shot on this pushing open a door as well as her coming up and showing a vicious zombie expression as well as a great shot on her biting this person. There's another perfect shot on the husband lying on the ground after being thrown looking up with clenched teeth ready to attack again. A nice shot on her husband rising up and then trying to attack her which looked great as well as perfect shots on her trying to escape. A great shot on an armed neighbor pointing a gun walking across the street and an ambulance bashing into him along with other bizarre zombie events happening in the neighborhood. Suddenly the neighborhood has gone mad including an ambulance running over a resident in which you don't see that in your everyday life.
A perfect distance shot on vehicles bashing into one another on a road with flames in the air and helicotpters flying around.
A nice shot looking up on Kenneth pointing a shotgun.
Like in the remake she hides out in an abandoned mall with other survivors but they spot redneck security guards which seems to be a nice touch to the story on them not being pleasant to them and acting greedy too. Of course there's the odd zombie appearing in the mall that they have to terminate which keeps the story flowing.
There's a great battle between Kenneth along with Michael against some zombies in a mall which makes you wonder if they will be the next one's that will be bit.
A nice shot inside a water fountain with Ana's hand being washed as you wonder if something is going to grab her.
There's a nice shot on an elevator door opening and Steve, CJ and Terry stand there as security guards holding rifles and having a nasty attitude towards them.
There's a good shot on a bloated woman groaning in pain lying in a wheelbarrel being pushed into the mall.
Then there's choices to be made after someone gets bit which includes a caring father and the daughter upset that her father is going to die which seems very emotional.
Good camera angle shots on the daughter crying and hugging her father.
Also a pregnant woman who turns into a zombie while giving birth to a baby as this is creepy wondering on what the results will be as well as her husband losing sanity by keeping her and the unseen baby so far alive. This moment was truly psychological. For example,
a nice creepy moment between he is trying to help her go into labor as she does well acting in pain and then falling dead. There's a good shot on him bending down and kissing her close to tears along with a nice shot on her pregnant stomach with the baby inside moving. The wife does a nice job waking up into a zombie and acting menacing trying to bite.
Good scene's on everyone taking advantage on what's in the mall.
There's also moments on top of a roof of the mall where they communicate with a survive across another building as well as playing chess etc. which seems stale and unfunny which this film tried it's best to be that way.
We have a good discussion between Michael talking to CJ to try and help him battle zombie's out in the parking lot to get to the vehicles and he refuses which was strongly done.
Many great fast action scene's involving Michael, CJ and Kenneth shooting zombie's in the parking lot.
There are also great scene's on everyone putting armor and other types of weapons onto the vehicles.
There's a great shot on a vehicle standing in the middle of hundreds of zombie's swarming around.
Bottom line is that slow walking zombie's are too overrated so this film brings the real terror on them running fast this time making it more of a challenge to the victim's trying to survive. There's also great CGI effects used in the film.
Although it had a same kind of story like in Romero's flick on people hiding out in a mall the other situations are different all together as that's what a remake should really be instead of watching a repeat.
The beginning really is disturbing as just when you think it's a pleasant neighborhood in the evening turns into a zombie nightmare in the morning as the terror rushes so fast.

The acting is very well done and everyone contributed nicely with their roles. Sarah Polley (Ana) is good at trying to be a stabled nurse with all the madness going on bringing nice strength to her character.
Ving Rhames
(Kenneth) shows a perfect tough attitude as a cop in the film with his strong words and actions to his part. He probably stole the story with his characteristics in which he brings everything to life as well as showing a good sense of humor too.
Jake Weber
(Michael) has the perfect nice guy next door like attitude to his part and a worthy character actor too as many will remember his part in this film.
Makhi Phifer
(Andre) is also an actor who stands out as a caring and sympathetic husband in the flick.
Ty Burrell
(Steve) does his part so well as a sleazy guard that you'd really want to hate dealing with him showing a perfect bad ass attitude.
Michael Kelly
(CJ) has a great aggressive and arrogant attitude to his part as another guard in the mall making a great leader of his pack.
Lindy Booth
(Nicole) does well with her anxious attitude and emotions too which makes you want to help her.
A nice reaction on her after she realises that her onscreen father has to be killed since he was bitten by a zombie as it looked a bit disturbing.

There is a sex scene performed by Kim Poirer with some brief nudity on her.

A neck is bitten with blood gushing out
Bodies are bashed
A sharp wooden object is stabbed through a zombie's head
Heads are blown off
Some armless zombies
More bloody bite marks

Tyler Bates does a good score for the film and a marvellous job he is at doing that which he has some good booming sounds and suspenseful trumpet playing along with some great razor sounds. There's tons of other gloomy sounds too.

Michael: Truck's not gonna make it to Fort Pastor.
Steve: No, forget the truck. That place is fucked, man. Bloodbath city.
Kenneth: How do you know?
Norma: We just came from there.
Kenneth: Is everyone there dead?
Steve: Well, dead-ish.
Kenneth: Is everyone there dead?
Steve: Yeah, in the sense that they all sort of, uh... fell down... and then got up... and started eating each other.

Michael: So what's the plan?
CJ: The plan is you drink a nice tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up!

Michael: Look, there's no point in arguing about this, all right? We need a solution. We need... we need to get some food over there.
Steve: Yeah, OK, I have an idea. We draw straws and the loser runs across the lot with a ham sandwich.

[his last line]
CJ: Fucking figures!

Steve: It's nice to see that you've all bonded though this disaster.

Televangelist: How do you think your God will judge you? Well, friends, now we know. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Televangelist: Hell is overflowing, and Satan is sending the damned to us. Why? God is punishing us. You have sex out of wedlock. You have man on man relations, same sex marriages. How do you think your God will judge you? Well, friends, now we know. When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

Confused Reporter: I understand you're having a difficult time killing these things, Sheriff.
The County Sheriff: Just shoot them in the head! They seem to go down permanently if you shoot them in the head.

Bart: Look, he's a "twitcher".
[CJ and Terry watch the twitching zombiefied security guard]
Bart: TV says you gotta shoot 'em in the head.
Terry: TV said a lot of things that aren't true.
CJ: Fuck the fucker. I told him not go to downstairs.
[CJ shoots the zombiefied security guard in head]

Kenneth: [writing on a board to Andy who is stranded on a rooftop across the parking lot] Fort Pastor gone. No help coming.
Andy: [writing a response back] So what's the bad news?

CJ: Hey... I like this song.

Steve: [playing "Hollywood Squares" with Andy] Ooh! Ooh! Um... Rosie O'Donnell! Tell him to get Rosie!
Kenneth: Ooh, yeah! Rosie!
Tucker: Nah, too easy! Give 'em something hard.
Ana: You guys had really rough childhoods, didn't you? Little bit rocky?

Andre: [to Michael] Hey, my man... I hear you talkin' a lot, you know, you're always sayin' something... Who the fuck are you, that we should listen? Were you, like, in a special ops unit in the marines? What the fuck do you do?
Michael: I sell televisions at Best Buy.
Andre: [to Kenneth] Hey, officer! How do you like following a guy that sells TVs?
Kenneth: About as much as I like following a guy who steals them. I'm not following anyone.

Kenneth: Fuck y'all!

[Bloating Woman becomes a zombie]
Terry: Holy Shit!

Ana: The bleeding is not gonna stop on its own. I need to suture his arm.
CJ: What are you, a fucking doctor?
Ana: No, I'm a fucking nurse.

CJ: [to fellow survivors] And I don't want anybody sneaking around and stealing shit.

CJ: [to Bart] Hey dumbass, it's the timers, it's eight o'clock.
[to Terry]
CJ: Go turn 'em off.
Terry: It's Bart's turn.
Bart: You're the trainee, man. Shit rolls downhill.

CJ: America always sorts it's shit out.

CJ: Fucking nursery school.

CJ: [waving a gun at fellow survivors] I'll kill all of you to stay alive.

CJ: Not to shit on anyone's riff here, but let me just see if I grasp this concept, ok? You're suggesting that we take some fucking parking shuttles, and reinforce them with some aluminum siding, and then just head on over to the gun store and watch our good friend Andy play some cowboy movie jump-on-the-covered-wagon bullshit. Then, we're gonna drive across a ruined city, through a welcome committee of a few hundred thousand dead cannibals, all so that we can sail off into the sunset on this fucking asshole's boat?
[Points to Steve]
CJ: And head for some island that for all we know doesn't even exist?
Kenneth: Yeah.
Tucker: Pretty much, yeah.
Ana: [nods her head]
Michael: Yeah.
Steve: [gives a sarcastically enthusiastic "thumb up"]
CJ: Okay... I'm in.

Andy: They say that those things are dead. I know that's a bunch of BULLSHIT!

Ana: [watching Kenneth, Steve and Tucker play "Hollywood Squares" with Andy] You guys had really rough childhoods, didn't you?
Steve: Hey, sweetheart, let me tell you something. You, uh, you have my permission, I ever turn into one of those things... do me a favor, blow my fuckin' head off.
Ana: [nods her head yes] Oh, yeah, you can count on that!

CJ: [to Terry through the bars of the holding cell] Come on, Terry, open the door.
Bart: Yeah, man, let us out - I got you this job!

Ana: That's probably the most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me.
Michael: I'm trying, Ana.

Bart: Hey, you guys know that chick from Dairy Queen?
CJ: The fat one?
Bart: Yeah, she was coming over tonight. I would've tapped that shit for sure.
Terry: Bart, dude, everybody's dead, OK? Your mom's dead, your brother's dead, the fat chick at Dairy Queen... dead.
Bart: Yeah, that sucks too.

Michael: [to Norma on her rescue] Well done.
Norma: Thanks.
Steve: Hey, I'm sorry, excuse me... when you two fellas are done blowing each other, maybe Davy Crockett could tell us the deal here?

Michael: You coming with us?
Kenneth: Nah, you're coming with me. I've done this before.

Kenneth: You know how to use that?
Michael: [pointing to the gun barrel] This is the dangerous end, right?
Kenneth: [Taking the safety off] Now it is.

Kenneth: [pointing a gun at Ana] Say something.
Ana: Please...

Andre: Shatter-proof, asshole.

Terry: I wish somebody was working Hallowed Grounds.
CJ: How hard is it to make a cup of coffee?
Terry: I wanted a soy mocha latte with foam.
Bart: Faggot.

Michael: Steve, don't fuck this up!
Steve: Yeah, totally.

Steve: Wait, wait, wait, I'm sorry... why does he stay here while I go on the suicide mission to rescue Terry's already-dead girlfriend?
Terry: Hey, fuck you man!
Michael: We don't know that...
CJ: You know what, asshole? Either way we gotta get over there and get the guns to get out of the parking lot, OK?

Ana: I don't wanna die here.

Ana: Frank, Michael's coming to shoot you.

Andre: It's a girl!

Michael: Officer, sir, you do not want to go that way.
Kenneth: Why? What's that way?
Michael: It's pretty bad.
Andre: It's hell.
Kenneth: What about Fort Pastor?
Andre: Maybe, if you had wings. The road's thick with those motherfuckers that way.
Kenneth: How do you know?
Andre: We just tried...
Michael: Back when there was eight of us. We're going to the mall.

Michael: There is no other place to go!
CJ: Well, that's YOUR problem, not mine.
Kenneth: How about I put my foot up your ass, will that be your problem?

CJ: [to Kenneth] You can take your ass over to the Quality Inn if it's still there, Shaq!

Luda: [referring to her unborn child] I want Russian name.

The County Sheriff: Danny, put another round in that woman over there! Look! She's a twitcher!

Steve: I run a tight ship.

[Ana is talking to Tucker at Hallowed Grounds and then looks over at Steve, who is pouring himself a cup of coffee]
Ana: It's nice to see you busting your ass.
Steve: Oh, that's sarcasm. That is so awesome.
[Forced Laugh]
Steve: You know, I would love to help, but the captain never works alongside his men.
[Dangles his keys in front of Ana and Tucker and then whips them, making a cracking sound as he does so]
Steve: Well, you guys have a good 'un.
[He leaves]
Ana: What a total dick.

[C.J. is on the roof of Andy's Gun Works with a sniper rifle preparing to shoot a propane tank]
Nicole: [in the store with Kenneth, Michael and Terry] How will we know if he hits it?
[there's huge explosion]

Steve: I have an idea. While we're at it, why don't we drop by the marina, hop in my boat and take it for a pleasure cruise, you jackasses!
Ana: Wait, that's a good idea. There's islands out there. There's not many people on them.
Steve: I was kidding.

Ana: [everyone has run to the roof to watch the BP truck racing around the mall parking lot] What are we gonna do about that truck?
CJ: We're not gonna do anything about that truck!
Ana: There's people in there!
CJ: Yeah, and how do you know they're not all fucked up like everybody else out there?
Ana: Well, for one thing, they're driving a truck.
[gunshots coming from truck]
Ana: Oh, and shooting guns.

CJ: [shooting a female zombie running at him] Bitch!

Nicole: Chips, come here. Come on, Chips!
Monica: [mocking] Come on, Chips.