Daylight's End (2016)


Directed by: William Strong

Produced & Written by: Chad Law 


Johnny Strong .... Thomas Rourke 
Chelsea Edmundson ... Sam Sheridan 
.... Ethan Hill 
.... Frank Hill 
.... Chris Whitlock
.... The Alpha
.... Jimmy Dugan
.... Drew Macallistair
Mark Hanson .... Burton 

Release Dates: DIFF: April 16, 2016

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Years after a mysterious plague has devastated the planet and turned most of humanity into blood-hungry creatures, a rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.


The story in this flick was hard to follow since it was pretty chaotic but I will do my best to see on how to outline the scene's as best as I can here.
There's a beginning with the lead character Thomas Rourke after pulling someone out as this victim he pulls out and freaking out of the sunlight which seemed to mildly grab your attention as you wonder if this person is a vampire of some sort. 
Also we have intense action gunfighting in an abandoned town with some busted up cars as well as some of the guys trying to gang up on Sam Sheridan pursuing to rape her which is a near intimidating moment but alot of this looked too typical since we've seen these moments before.
However there's a moment with a strange and disturbed woman holding a doll bent down treating it like a real baby as this offers some mysterious formula to the plot. The story is rushed with other types of moments like everyone hiding out near a police station as well as a dark discussion between Sam and Thomas on what's going on as this is even hard to follow.
Then we have some mild terror as someone who's infected and now a creature trying to attack which looked adrenalised as well as people shooting this object but we do see the face of this person looking blood hungry which brings in the horror to this plot finally. This is really nothing too special.
We do have a touching moment when a family man tells his little girl that he will have to die cause he got bitten and will turn soon which is one of the only effective scene's in the film but we've seen these moment in many other flicks of these types before at the same time. Still it was done in decent style.
Then we get more into chaotic and rushed moments that didn't explain itself too well including some sarcastic and argumentive moments with the gang finding a way on surviving and battling against the infected one's invading the city of Dallas. This is nothing new and you're not missing out on much with these situations. 
We also have a moment on one of the soldiers going near what we might think someone who died and then a nice near jumping moment when he springs into action as someone infected to attack which shows good horror timing which I will give credit but not saving this clunker from bombing at the same time.
A good moment when someone comes to the rescue with a bus and everyone is happy but then we get a sinking feeling that something is going to happen and it just does when we see in a distance other survivors running away from infected people as this |I have to admit looked suspenseful. 
Another effective moment though when someone shows another fellow that he's been bitten and won't be able to escpae with him as this moment was nicely drawn in as well as what to do next. 
The best scene in this film is yet to come when the survivors are running away up a staircase from the infected one's with good camera shots on this and a couple are pitted against one of their soldiers whom is called the Alpha whom is infected and are battling against him as this looked powerful to watch with nice close up camera shots on the Alpha's vicious looking sneers and menacing attitude. That's about it folks.
Bottom line is that this flick is nearly plotless and hard to understand or follow. Plus it's a total ripoff clone to 28 Days Later as at first I wondered if this one was a sequel or not but then I knew better while continuing to watch the storyline that it wasn't. I can see why there's so many remakes since there's not enough original horror flicks these days. Made on a decent budget but that's about it.

The acting isn't too shabby but very few people are worth mentioning here as I will do my best to say who..... hmmmmm... let's see here.... Ah yes lead actor Johnny Strong (Thomas Rourke) seemed to have the right looks to play a warrior or soldier of some sort and really shows off good energy when he goes into battle with his rifle. Offers a good seriousness and tough attitude when necessary. He for sure stood out well for what he had to do. 
Chelsea Edmundson Sam Sheridan) shows off some good spunk into her part of the film and having a great sharp attitude as well as springing into action big time and acting full of life into her alert modes when necessary. Offers a good intelligence by what she does here as she studied her role inside out. She was probably the best out of the cast. 
(Ethan Hill) was another fine character actor as he seemed to show off a solid performance acting serious as well as at times tough as nails. He seemed to do well with his lines and acting perfectly smooth by what he does. He was for sure energetic especially for the action sequences as well as doing a fine job showing a kind side too whenever he had to be that way. 
(Frank Hill) doesn't seem to get cast in many good films these days as this was an example. He seems to do the trick with his serious and gruff speaking and shows a decent dark presence to his role however he often seems to portray these roles a little too much and it's nothing too special these days. He wasn't terrible just that I'd like to see him do something a bit different in a horror flick. Yet he has portrayed different types the odd times. This is just too typical for him. I do admit he was good by being stern whenever he had to behave this way and having a no nonsense attitude.
(Chris Whitlock) had a nice supporting role as he for sure drew in a good aggressive type of behavior as well as acting powerfully blunt in his role. Shows off some nice energy while behaving this way and certainly grabs your attention when he comes in and out of a scene. Does a great job when attacking after he becomes infected offered a high intense performance. Gold star for this fellow.

Some violent blood sheds as well as bloody bitings but nothing overly graphic.

The composing by Johnny Strong sounds quite intense and powerful as it's better than fitting the story itself in which he concentrates well on the pieces of this flick. There's loud trombone and reckless sounds which stands out greatly. Also good windy and breathing sounds along with hissing noises too as alot of different types we hear sounding greatly versatile along with echoey type of music too.