Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (2005)

Directed by: Ana Clavell & James Glenn Dudelson

Written & Edited by:
Ana Clavell


Laurie Baranyay .... Emma
Stan Klimecko .... Boris
John Freedom Henry .... Jackie
Justin Ipock .... Isaac
Julian Thomas .... Sam
Stephan Wolfert .... Donwynn
Samantha Clarke .... Ava Flores
Joe C. Marino .... Marshall
Jackeline Olivier .... Vicky
Andreas van Ray .... Dr. Heller
April Wade .... Patty
Kevin Wetmore Jr. .... Jerry
Simon Burzynski .... Rubinsky
Mike Dalager .... Derber

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: August 11, 2005 (Germany); October 18, 2005 (USA)






Back in 1968 down in Pensylvania at the Ravenstone Military Installation, something has gone horribly wrong. A replicating virus has been discovered that causes the dead to rise and feed upon the flesh of the living. As the carnage escalates, a top secret attack is ordered. The army thought they had the outbreak contained. They were wrong.

Now it's thirty seven years later as everything has been changed to a psychiatric hospital.
One of the employees named Jackie (John Freedom Henry) finds a canister and wonders what's inside of it but no one dares to find out. Later on, Jackie goes to the mens room to open it up and the virus is unleashed and the contagion is spreading from one person to another.
One of the patients named Ava Flores (Samantha Clarke) is badly effected by the virus and bites a nasty employee named Marshall (Joe C. Marino) on the arm and is suffering badly from it.
Later on Marshall is badly deformed and goes on a killing spree by eating and killing many of the people there.

The others that were affected by this virus discovers that they can't be killed and are already dead but tries to rescue some of the other surivors at the ward. However, they themselves are hungry for human flesh so things are very tricky for them.


In the beginning of the film is extremely rushed with the army personnell's coming in and shooting zombies. There are some good shots with the zombies by a gate trying to get in.
We have a very lacking discussion with the main characters talking to one another outside before entering the hospital which looked like it was just written that day and they were unprepared.
Both Isaac and Ava Flores tries to have an emotional discussion together but it looks a little too planned out.
Both supporting characters Vicky and Patty do well with their fighting and really know how to get into it with their catfighting.
There's scene's with Marxhall once turned into a mutilated zombie by attacking others and storming down the hallway looked extremely corny in a Toxic Avenger type fashion as it was meant to look scary but it's not.
A nice shot on Patty slowly rising up from the ground now a zombie as it looked natural.
The outdoor scene's with the zombie's attacking the neighborhood looked very amateurish.
Bottom line is that this is a ridiculous zombie flick that absolutely has no relationship to the George A. Romero flicks so I wonder why they tried to name this one a sequel.
Very badly done made on a Z grade budget with corny performances too. It almost makes you think of a serious Troma Team type of a flick. They try so hard to make this one original but they miss by a longshot and the story is very confusing when it tries to say what happens each day.

The acting is quite bad for the most part with the cast but we have some acceptional one's like supporting actor Joe C. Marino (Marshall) as a sleazy and nasty employee at the institution but however he loses it big time once turned into a mutilated zombie. He really knew how to act intimidatingly sleazy towards his fellow actress as well as slapping her.
amantha Clarke (Ava Flores) also seems to do well as a patient at the institution by acting tense and disturbed and does well by putting her energy by biting someone.
Andreas van Ray
(Dr. Heller) as the head doctor was quite intimidating too.

Kevin Wetmore Jr. (Jerry) does well by telling a story of what happened in the hospital decades ago.

Oooh yeah lots of gore.
Bloodied bodies
Body pieces torn off and eaten
Mangled zombies
Plenty of blood too.

There's good dark sounds on the synthesizer with breezy type musci and other stuff composed by Chris Anderson which is the only good thing about this movie.