Day of the Dead (2008)

Directed by: Steve Miner

Written by:
Jeffrey Reddick


Mena Suvari .... Sarah Bowman
Nick Cannon .... Salazar
Michael Welch .... Trevor Bowman
AnnaLynne McCord .... Nina
Stark Sands .... Bud
Matt Rippy .... Doctor Logan
Christa Campbell .... Mrs. Leitner
Robert Rais .... Mr. Leitner
Ian McNeice .... Paul - DJ
Ving Rhames .... Captain Rhodes

Release Date: Limited Theatrical: August 30, 2008 (Japan); September 25, 2008 (Thailand)

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People in a small town of Colorado are getting sick with a virus going around as they sneeze, cough and their noses starts to bleed too.
A tough lieutenant named Sarah Bowman (Mena Suvari) takes her Mom to the hospital as her sickness is getting very serious but when they get there the hospital is overwhelmed by hundreds of sick patients.
Suddenly their sickness effects them to die and turn into flesh eating zombies as some people nearby a transformer power generator are attacked and thrown at the generator causing a power outage in their town.
Sarah's sibling named Trevor (Michael Welch) and his girlfriend Nina (AnnaLynne McCord) take refuge in a radio station run by a burly man named Paul (Ian McNeice) as he even sneezes and coughs which startles Trevor and Nina wondering if they will be safe.
Meanwhile, Sarah and her troops try to escape the hospital but her boss Captain Rhodes (Ving Rhames) has turned into a zombie as well and are on their tail too as he manages to bite one of their people named Bud (Stark Sands) but he happens to be a vegetarian so they keep him alive while they try to battle these zombie's and rescue the other survivors.


Nice quick camera shots on different events which makes you think that something terrifying will happen later on.
A good shot on a woman walking in the woods and a quick camera shot zooming in with her being attacked which makes it a true mystery on what is going on.
We also have a good discussion with
Mr. Leitner getting aggressive with a Captain of an army blocking a roadway as he tries to act patient which makes you wonder if he will lose it as well. It looked very believeable.
There's a good moment with Sarah Bowman entering her house while she spots both Trevor Bowman and Nina
making out on a couch with an argument happening which showed great timing.
We also have a good discussion between Sarah and her sick mother in bed which leaves you an impression that she will turn into a zombie too.
There is a good angle shot on a camera looking up on Sarah when she enters someone's house and tries to look for them which gives a good dark feeling to the plot.
We have a great shot on inside of a hospital with hundreds of patients and employees racing around which looked believeably stressful.
There's a nice shot on someone sitting in a chair and then suddenly staring looking expressionless.
There's also a good shot on a male patient lying in a hospital bed and then staring into nothing with a great close up shot on his eyes turning white and his face gruesomely forming. He looked great leaping out of his bed and attacking his wife with her screaming.
There's great shots on people screaming and running away with others as zombies attacking inside the hospital.
We have a great shot on Captain Rhodes being attacked by zombie's too in the hospital.
There's good blocking with a burly character Paul - DJ staring in terror on what is happening outside with a zombie from a distance away running towards him with him scrambling to try and run away.
We also have great intense reactions with both actors Trevor and Nina pounding on a cracked glass door leading to a radio station screaming to let them in with distance shots on zombie's running towards them.
There's a great shot on Nina pointing a gun at the station and acting intense not trusting anyone.
We have great shots on Sarah crawling in a vent and a zombie grabbing at her as you wonder if she will make it which packs the suspense.
There's also a great shot on a zombie biting someone and seeing this victim screaming in pain.
Salazar points a gun at Bud thinking that he will turn into a zombie with Sarah trying to protect him and Salazar himself getting aggressive as there's the odd humor when he hears a zombie in the vent making noise and shouting to the zombie to shut up as this scene was really well remembered and worthy.
We have some good fighting sequences that involved mainly Sarah and Salazar blowing away zombies and having a battle.
Bottom line is that I didn't care for the original film but however, this remake was way more enjoyable I found but you fans may disagree with me big time. It is very different than the original only having some of the same character's playing lieutenants but that's it.
There's good action packed energy with the zombie's running at full speed just like in the remake of Dawn of the Dead but I kinda wonder if this one was a sequel to this one since when you watch this flick they make out that zombie's were never taking over anything and suddenly are appearing due to a virus where people are getting sick and slowly turn into one.
There's lots of vehicle speedings and gun fightings too for all you who love action in their horror flicks.
It's also cool that the army had a zombie who's a vegetarian that helps them out.

The acting is very impressive and well done as the best of them all was by lead actress Mena Survai (Sarah Bowman) as she knew how to portray a young and tough soldier with her words and attitude making her part truly believeable as you couldn't find anyone better to play that role once you see her in full action. She really brought her aggression well by pointing a gun at someone and getting demanding.
Nick Cannon
(Salazar) was another performer who came across very well with his aggressions and humoress attitude while trying to be serious at the same time. Shows terrific energy when pointing a gun at someone.
Michael Welch
(Trevor Bowman) really knew his stuff as a teen not being responsible and really knew how to freak out on camera too.
AnnaLynne McCord
(Nina) who played his girfriend shared very similar intensity too and had awesome energy to her part to top it off.
Matt Rippy
(Doctor Logan) pulls off his part well as a scumbag Doctor trying to make himself out to be supportive but showing his true colors when the terror starts to happen.
Ian McNeice (Paul - DJ) was a true character actor playing a DJ in the film as he brings alot of spunk and charm to his part in the film and you will remember him fondly for his part in the film. Does well acting aggressive towards his two fellow asking if they're one of the zombie's.
Ving Rhames'
(Captain Rhodes) role wasn't too big but he really had a great tough and stern attitude as the captain of the soldiers in the film showing a great strict attitude too. He looked creepy too when he turned into a zombie and was beleiveably menacing.

There's chewed up corpses
Faces bitten off
Arms ripped off
Heads blown off
People eaten alive
Yes folks we get alot of this so you gorehounds won't be disappointed

The soundtrack for this film was not bad at all as we have some dark sharp creepy sounds for the flick when it was necessary for the horrifying moments along with trumpet and violin playing for the adventurous scene's too (Not sure if it was used on a synthesizer though).