Dead Silence (2007)


Directed by: James Wan

Written by: Leigh Whannell

Story by: James Wan & Leigh Whannell


Ryan Kwanten .... Jamie Ashen
Donnie Wahlberg.... Ron Grady
Michael Fairman .... Henry Walker
Joan Heney .... Marion Walker
Amber Valletta .... Ella Ashen
Bob Gunton .... Edward Ashen
Laura Regan .... Lisa Ashen

Release Date: Theatrical: March 16, 2007




A wooden dummy is dropped off unexpectantly at a house to a married couple named Jamie (Ryan Kwanten) and Lisa (Laura Regan).
Lisa finds the dummy cute and decides to keep it in their bedroom but one night the dummy seems to kill her and Jamie goes to the aid of a homicide officer named Ron Grady (Donnie Wahlberg) about the murder case. However, Ron thinks that Jamie is a prime suspect.
Jamie does some reserching as there was an old legend of the dummy that causes bad things to happen to people and goes to a small town to find out from others about it.
To Jamie's surprise the doll was used for comedy shows by an elderly woman named Mary Shaw (Judith Roberts) as she passed on and the town people say that her name is not to be revealed from her grave plus a child who taunted her performance back then was reported missing as well so Jamie tries to put the puzzle together on this missing case.


During the beginning of the film it looked like it would be a little stale but really it gets very suspenseful and exciting with lots of unsolved twisted mysteries. There's some nice uplifting discussions between the couple Jamie and Ella which looked believeable by what they were talking about as well as when they get the doll and acting witty about it which works in well while we continue to watch.
There's also some perfect still and silent moments with things going on in the suite as well as creepy moments surrounding Ella spotting things that go bump in the night. Plus a good moment when she slowly walks towards a bed with the sheets covered around the doll and carefully approaches which gives you a creepy feeling that something will happen as this for sure will scare you out of your seat. It was in a perfect horror taste.
A nice moment when we spot on what happened to Ella which had nice effects done on her as well as a perfect shot on Jamie looking shocked and spotting him in other parts of the scene's. There's also a nice brief silent shot on a funeral too which looked catchy to the picture revealing fog and situations like that as it leaves a nice old fashioned horror feel to it all.
A nice smooth and slick moment with Ron Grady questioning Jamie Ashden about the case of his wife which draws in very well on him acting arrogant towards him to make him a possible suspenct as this seemed realistic to watch with those cocky type detectives trying to make an innocent one guilty.
Many great effective scene's with Jamie sleeping at his hotel and everything is still by spotting the things going on in the building as well as a red light from the outside window flashing with the head of the doll moving along with creepy moments happening which was a great touch and looked twisted to watch as well. Definetely will entertain any of you horror fans.
There's also a nice shot in the woods that involves Jamie and a disturbed elderly woman Marion Walker speaking forcefully to him as this adds some perfect mysterious touches to the scene and looked fairly strong. All of this really helped making the story seem truly mysterious.
A perfect moment with Henry talking to Jamie and telling the historical moments on the doll and the past life when we spot on what happens during a stage performance with a woman and the talking doll in which things looked good and still when she does her entertaining and then Henry as a child being disturbed later on with all that's happening in the show. Plus later on in a flashback segments spotting the terrors that unveil which looked exciting to watch as well. A good add in to the story explaining on how this came to be.
A perfect moment when Henry spots the doll and gets mad at his wife Marion which looked effective as well as later on trying to look for her underneath the ground of their home and then suddenly we spot great special effects of what has happened to his wife along with the terrors that's unleashed. All of this was terrific to watch.
Then quarter way looked impressive when Jamie is facing the final terrors spotting a glass container full of dolls as well as him going in for the battle that includes some dark secrets reavealing his father and what happened to him which looked greatly done as well as great colurful happenings on all of this. Many neat special effects on what we spot throughout everything.
Bottom line: If you like hauntings or mysterious terrors you should check this one out as it has a Twilight Zone type of feel to it.
If you also enjoy movies like The Omen or The Exorcist you'll appreciate this one too by the same makers who brought you the Saw legacy but a totally different horror genre.

The acting is in fair taste and not awful at all. Lead actor Ryan Kwanten (Jamie Ashden) I never found too superb in his role like you'd expect an actor to play in a film like this but he wasn't terrible just a little rusty. He does however show some okay energy when the action piles up and getting into the terror when it happens to him big time.
Surprise surprise we also have former New Kids on the Block bubblegum teenybopper Donnie Wahlberg (Ron Grady) as a homicide detective who does a passable job delivering his lines and character too but is not as successful as his younger brother Marky Mark but he's still impressive surprisingly. He does a nice job pulling power trips with his fellow actor and acting convincingly slick and cocky with his arrogant behavior. Certainly leaves you an impression that he should be a victim in the story.
Michael Fairman
(Henry Walker) knew his craft by portraying someone whom is serious and has a no nonsense type of behavior. Does a fine job acting stern whenever he needed to be this way. Also has a good disturbed behavior when he tells a historical story which shines off too. Plus does a nice job acting anxious in certain spots as well as acting well alerted in other areas.
Joan Heney (Marion Walker) is the best out of them all as the disturbed and crazed old lady who is terrified about the curse of Mary Shaw with her crazed voice and paranoid expressions. She does a nice job in her hideout area talking to her doll and acting convincingly obsessive. She brings everything to a punch within what we all spot here.
Amber Valletta (Ella Ashen) certainly drew her role perfectly mysterious as someone whom seems very warm and friendly in which she draws in as someone whom like to socialise and get aquainted. Seemed to study her scene's fairly well by what we spot her doing. Also near the end of her performance shows off a perfectly wicked behavior which shines off perfectly as well. She was a true character actress.
Bob Gunton (Edward Ashen) was a nice type of mysterious horror character having a somewhat expressionless attitude as well as his speaking and drawing in a great seriousness too. I found that he stood out the most out of all the cast and can be fondly remembered for his role here and makes you wonder as to what we will find out about him. He really worked hard on his role as you could tell.

A woman spits up blood.
Many people's corpses are used for a dummy revealing some of their insides.

Charlie Clouser leaves an impression with his sharp music during the opening sequence and does a well performance as a composer. There's perfect chiming sounds which is clear while watching the movie as well as airy sounds sounding quite powerful. Alot of great smooth unique harmonising too as well as good deep sounds which also blends in well with the creepiness into the story. Also alot of great smooth classical music too which adds alot to the adventureous moments we see here as well as light tapping piano music too. Plus we hear the odd bumpings which works nicely.