Dead Seven (2000)

Produced, Written, Directed and Edited by: Garrett Clancy


Joe Myles .... Brownley Dawkins
Matt Emery .... Franky Desisto
Delia Copold .... Venus Equinox
Janet Tracey Kaijser .... Karen
Tanya Dempsey .... Julie
Gina Zachory .... Drusilla Pentigill
Garrett Clancy .... Sheriff Bergnoine

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2000



Two drug dealers named Brownley Dawkins (Joe Myles) and Franky Desisto (Matt Emery) torment and then behead a victim of theirs in the deep woods.
Later on they drop his corpse into a mine shaft.
Two young ladies named Karen (Janet Tracey Kaijser) and Julie (Tanya Demsey) go along in the woods as they follow a mute deaf person named Harley (Brett Chuckerman) and decides to play a little game of hide and seek.
Harley discovers the mine shaft where the thugs stored the slaughtered corpse in and suspects something is wrong.
Dawkins then throws him as well into the mine shaft and tells no one about it.
Harley's mentally disturbed sister Venus (Delia Copold) suspects that something is wrong as she can't find her brother.

She decides to play her own game of hide and seek by talking to her dolls and stuffed toys in order to ressurect her dead brother after a couple months pass.

Suddenly the people responsible for Harley's death are slaughtered one by one.
Could Harley be back from the dead to wreck revenge or is Dawkins driving his girlfriend Julie insane with his paranoia?
All he knows is the body count keeps rising and he's not sure who to trust in this wicked tale of revenge and the occult.


I felt that the filmmakers should've taken a but more time with their work as alot of scenes seemed a little rushed plus the camera was a little jiggly.
A nice maniacal moment on Brownley Dawkins when he constantly brings the axe down as well as a jiggly but good close up on his insane expressions.
A good shot on a wallet falling into a mine shaft.
There was a scene between Drusilla Pentigill and her mute deaf friend Harley in the woods playing hide and seek as it didn't look the least bit convincing as this character looked amateurish.
A good disturbing shot on Harley trying to climb up the mine shaft and struggling after being booted in with a good shot on him looking upset later on.
A good discussion between Drusilla Pentigill towards Venus Equinox while she is hitting a can on a rock and going ballistic.
There are good creepy shots on the mine shaft as you get the feeling that someone will rise out of there and seek revenge.
Many good moments with Venus talking to her dolls and stuffed toys trying to resurrect her brother by playing hide and seek with them. You kinda feel sorry for the poor gal.
There's nice vicious lustful moments between Franky Desisto and Karen on a bed and a good shot on a wallet being thrown into the room through a window with her freaking out. A phony reaction on her when she is about to be attacked with the camera zooming in on her.
There is a good shot zooming in on Franky sleeping on a couch and a hand force feeding him cocaine which looked a bit intense.
A nice camera looking up on Julie acting lustful in a room and later on a good discussion between her and Brownley and his negativ e reactions towards her looking like a convincing type of drug dealer scumbag.
A good moment with Brownley in the woods calling for his girlfriend as well as pinning Venus to the ground and threatening her to explain what is going on.
There was a real creepy moment with Venus talking into the mine shaft with her doll about the hide and seek game.
Nice moment with Venus cackling towards Myles after he got what was coming to him about her hide and seek plan as it leaves a good impression to the story.
Bottom line: A no budgeter but a probably Brain Damage Films best effort as it kept you wondering whatever happened to the mute deaf person Harley after he was pushed into the mine shaft.
It's fun if you're in the mood for it butr otherwise a total drag. It does however remain mysterious till the end of the film as I like unsolved mysteries but it doesn't explain itself at the end as to why the cause of the happenings to this deaf person who was pushed into the mine shaft.

The acting is in poor shape for the most part but it's also due to the budget of this flick as it's hard to tell sometimes with films like this due to poor sound quality and the timing which is defintely what this film was made out of.
Joe Myles (Brownley Dawkins) looks good but performs amateurish as the sleazy and nasty drug smuggler head killer. His taunting in the beginning wasn't too convincing.
A nice manaical reaction on him when he constantly brings the axe down on someone though. Also knew on how to act cold and vicious towards someone with his words by giving them the cold shoulder.
Matt Emery
(Franky Desisto) however as his side kick seemed to do a bit better with his aggressions and freaking out along with his violent attitude.
My favourite one out of them all would be supporting actress Delia Copold (Venus Equinox) as the mentally disturbed one. She really brings her character to life as you can tell that she was playing around with her role.
Does well staggering around the woods trying to look for her mute deaf brother and pounding a stick on the ground as she looked like a real crazy one. Does well cackling too.
Janet Tracey Kaijser
(Karen) as the girlfriend was extremely wooden as a mean girl which wasn't at all passable in the least.
Gina Zachory
(Drusilla Pentigill) tried way too hard as the nice and sympathetic one in the flick but there were odd moments that I liked her.

Janet Tracey Keijser's role as Karen appears topless while making out with Matt Emery's character Franky.

A guy's head is decapitated but it looks very phony.
Karen's guts are torn out.
Franky's face is bloodied from an overdose.
Julie's throat is cut open.
Brownley's ears are cut off.
The side of Harleys face is torn off as he returned from the dead.

The music seems to fit well for this Zgrade flick composed by Jon Greathouse as he shows a great opening score and through the film some good guitar riffs and some odd piano sounds with the cold synthesizer playing.
There's also a heavy metal song performed during the closing credits of this film which sounds quite good too.

Brownley Dawkins: Have I got a surprise for you little girl... Can you say Lizzie Borden?

Venus Equinox: No way to hear no way to scream you're it you're it!!!!