Deadgirl (2008)

Directed by: Marcel Sarmiento & Gadi Harel

Written by: Trent Haaga


Shiloh Fernandez .... Marti
Noah Segan .... J.T.
Michael Bowen .... Clint
Candice Accola .... JoAnn
Andrew DiPalma .... Johnny
Eric Podner .... Wheeler
Nolan Gerard Funk .... Dwyer

Release Dates: Toronto International Film Festival: September 6, 2008; Fantastic Fest, Austin: September 19, 2008; Sitges Film Festival: October 4, 2008; Gérardmer Film Festival: January 31, 2009; Glasgow Film Festival: February 20, 2009; Hong Kong International Film Festival: March 25, 2009; Imagine Film Festival: April 19, 2009 (Netherlands); Seattle International Film Festival: May 28, 2009; May 28, 2009; Limited Theatrical: July 24, 2009; Fantasia Film Festival: September, 2009; MOTELx Lisbon International Horror Film Festival: September 5, 2009

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A couple of teenage friends named Marti (Shiloh Fernandez) and J.T. (Noah Segan) hang out at a playground and then spot an abandoned asylum which they decide to check out and while they're there they spot a naked girl chained up with a pastic bag over her head who doesn't seem human anymore as Marti seems to have fun with her by molesting her with his friends coming there too.
Suddenly, Marti seems to want to be around her as a collection of his in which he reacts evil and nasty towards others who go to this area. Also this zombie seems to be hungry for blood and bites anyone who tries to touch her as they end up sick and dying a gruesome death later on.
J.T. doesn't like Marti's evil deeds with what he does with this living dead girl but he may have to do something about this even if it means sacrificing anyone who is trying to molest this zombie girl.


Nice shots on both characters Marti and J.T. walking in the corrdors of the abandoned asylum and then there's a good shot looking down on a dog growling with them running away and trying to escape showing some descent energy.
There's a good moment when they spotthe Deadgirl lying there with as well as shots on her stomach doing funny things which psychs you out a bit. There's also a good moment with Marti taunting her as well as trying to do sleazy things to her with a good close up shot on the Deadgirl slowly opening her eyes and then J.T. just trying to get him to stop. There's a good shot on Marti punching J.T.
A good discussion with J.T. and his father discussing what happened to him as well as J.T. himself showing attitude towards him in which it looked like a real dysfunctional scene.
There's a good shot on J.T. lying down having deep thoughts with a nice shot on JoAnn staring at the camera grinning and then a flash shot on J.T. showing a creepy evil expression which looked quite spooky.
There's some good shots on the Deadgirl lying in the abandoned asylum showing good nasty expressions with both Marti and Wheeler smoking up and taunting her.
There's a great close up shot on both J.T. and the Deadgirl with him whispering to her and telling her he wants to help her as well as shots on her fingers twitching and then grabbing his arm which looked very suspenseful.
There's a great moment with both Johnny and Dwyer bullying both J.T. and Wheeler at a school ground which looked realistic as bullying jocks against two outsiders. However there's scene's of punching which looked a bit fake. There's also a nice anxious reaction by JoAnn trying to get Johnny to stop it. There's also a nice shot on Wheeler crying out bloodied intensely telling them off and what they've found which looked powerfully done.
There's a good moment with Johnny and Dwyer pushing Wheeler and J.T. in a room of the asylum and then spotting Marti acting wicked and talking to all of them with the Deadgirl lying there as well as her going berserk and outrageous which looked truly intense. Plus there's many good camera takes on both the Deadgirl lying there with a shot looking up on Johnny getting ready to pull down his pants and have fun. There's also a great moment with with
Marti getting crazy and aggressive to everyone when some of them suggest to call the police after someone was bitten by the Deadgirl which was well done giving it a I Know What You Did Last Summer type of feel to it. There's many great quick camera shots on all of the intense moments that occured in this film which looked terrific.
Good camera shot on Johnny looking sick while in a classroom and then running out going to the washroom with a nice close up shot on him in the washroom lifting up his shirt and then tripping out looking shocking and intense.
There's a nice close up shot on Marti placing lipstick on the Deadgirl's mouth which looked weird and twisted as well as a shot on the dog standing there and then jumping on her with good shots on blood splatttering on the wall and then a nice close up shot on the Deadgirl smiling with a bloodied mouth.
There's a great moment with Dwyer suddenly yelling at Marti about what happened to his friend and acting all tense up with him just acting evil towards him as well a great attack by the Deadgirl with Dwyer screaming in pain.
There's a good scene with J.T. storming towards the abandoned asylum holding a machette in his hand. Plus there's good camera shots circling around him with Marti and Wheeler talking to him. There's a great shot with JoAnn tied up next to the Deadgirl with her crying. All the setting looked quite horrifying as well as the intensity that comes out of this scene. There's nice quick shots on the Deadgirl leaping in action trying to attack with both JoAnn and J.T. trying to run away up a staircase.
Bottom line is that this was quite a weird film if I say so myself as you wonder who this living dead girl is and what she will do. It looked disturbing with these mean kids taking advantage of her by trying to fornicate with this zombie. It's really cool to find out what happens to them when they even try.
This story stood out on it's own and the plotlines were very simple in the film. You also see some psychological moments with the lead character Marti being very possessive around this living corpse and dominating anyone who goes to the abandoned asylum.
There's also an odd corny moment with a girl beating up on Marti with his friend which makes you wonder what that was all about when they try to hurt her by whacking her in the head with a crowbar as if she were invincible which doesn't explain itself.
There's a good showdown in the film too close to the end of the flick in which it looked a bit spooky with the dead girl about to attack anyone in the room with a couple of survivors trying to escpae the abandoned area.
All in all the film was very dark and disturbing with the odd corny moments in the flick which I thought could've been left out. However, the film still seems to be entertaining if you're in the mood for it and it's mysterious too.

The acting looked pretty good as lead actor Shiloh Fernandez (Marti) really brought it out with his sleazy attitude as well as bringing a good insane reaction to everything that had to do at the abandoned asylum proving he was worthy for the role and bringing out the horror in him quite well too along with a good violent and dominating behavior to top it all off.
Noah Segan
(J.T.) was high on energy with his role by having a sort of insecure attitude to his role and really bringing out alot of strong emotions to top it all off. He put everything he had into his character and deserves a good pat on the back for making his part truly convincing. A great reaction on him freaking out at someone after being punched.
Eric Podner (Wheeler) got on my nerves as a whiny type of outsider in the film but yet drives his intensity quite well by bringing his energy to full speed. He wasn't a terrible actor since his role was meant to be this way and can do the trick.
Andrew DiPalma
(Johnny) really knew how to portray a bullying jock in the film with his violent actions and words that he had to do in the film. He truly reminded me of those types in school and seemed to really study those types with his performance in the film. Reacted very well after being bitten by screaming intensely and freaking out. I found him to be the best supporting actor in this film and if you've seen him perform in this one I'm sure you'd agree with me as well. He had that nice boy looks too which helps a movie too.

Jenny Spain is fully nude top to bottom throughout her role scene as a zombie girl in the film. The nudity is quite graphic too.

Lots of bloodshed spitting out on walls etc.
Some graphic bites.
A persons insides falls out in a washroom.
A guy's hand is chopped off by a machette

There's great low windy sound effects and gloomy music too with lots of banging sound effects. There's a nice drum rhythm beating in the music as well as some touches of light echoey piano playing too which was brought together by Joseph Bauer.