Deadly Intruder (1985)

Directed & Composed by: John McCauley

Written by:
Tony Crupi


Chris Holder .... Bob
Molly Cheek .... Jessie
Tony Crupi .... Drifter
Danny Bonaduce .... John
Laura Melton .... Amy
Stuart Whitman .... Captain Pritchett

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: 1985

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A drifter (Tony Crupi) who has escaped from a mental hospital killing residents along his journey. Along his way he stalks a beautiful woman named Jessie (Molly Cheek) who is preparing a dinner party. He watches her every minute on what she's doing.
He knocks on her door asking for food and then hides out around her property until her guests leave. One of her guests named Bob (Chris Holder) asks her out the next day and she accepts.

After Bob leaves this maniac suddenly kidnaps her and traps her in her house holding her hostage cutting off her phone line. She has tried to escape but he continues to catch her and wants to keep her forever.

Bob continues to try calling Jessie but her line is constantly busy as his friend named John (Danny Bonaduce) teases him that she is seeing someone else which makes him very suspicious himself and overly jealous.


We spot some odd dark scene's with a mental patient on the loose and the detectives trying to get after him which there's some suggested killings but things seem awfully rushed while watching all of this.
Then we have cheesy camera shots on the killers feet walking in a garden of a home as well as shots on a woman in her morning robe doing dishes as well as this killers feet coming into the room and ready to kill her as this was supposed to look disturbing by how this was all happening but instead it looked incredibly trashy and laughable but in a bad way.
We spot some badly done slapstick conversations at a police headquarters of what had happened as this was supposed to make some of the moments uplifting and funny but even this scene fails by a longshot.
A near impressive moment with the lead character Jessie answering her door and spotting a drifter at the front asking for food as this for sure leaves a creepy impression as well as it looking dark at night. Plus we spot him chopping wood for her which leaves an impression on how good he is since this leaves you a feeling that he's the killer by how we watch what he does.
Then we spot moments like someone's car stalled in the middle of the road with trashy discussions which didn't look impressive at all which is a target for the killer to do these people in and boy does this look corny by how it was all set out.
Also another corny moment on a telephone repair man spotting this and by what he spots on the dead people which really doesn't look impreeive any more than what we've previously seen so far but yet we spot a neat cheesy shot on the killers hand with a sharp weapon plunging down on this man which can please the slasher fans in a mediocre fashion.
Also have corny discussions with a couple making a cake whom are John and Amy which was supposed to look witty but gets carried away in the wrioting aspect of it as well as them supposedly making out behind a counter as this looked rushed and not carefully done to make the scene looking believeably romantic.
However there's a decent scene with everyone getting together for dinner and having a pleasant conversation which is one of the better scene's that we spot in this film as it seems to be carefully concentrated spotting their humor and some suggestive romantic moments involving both Bob and Jessie.
Of course we have a scene with Jessie taking a bath afterwards while other stuff is happening outside as this is overly long and seems too common in slasher films that offers lots of skin.
Nice dark cheesy but creepy shot on Jessie going to bed and spotting the drifter next to her as this looked effective surprisingly.
We do spot an effective suspenseful scene when she unties herself and the drifter falls asleep as you wonder if she will get away in time without getting caught as this for sure makes you watch very carefully.
We spot other scene's when she tries to escape and he catches her but yet this looked sloppily done and not intense enough which it should've been.
An interesting moment when the drifter has her tied up and they are eating outdoors and she tells him he doesn't want to die and his response to it as well as the odd moments he snaps at her too.
Then the writing was supposed to look clever when Bob wonders if Jessie is seeing someone else which leaves a clue on him being a maniac too as well as what happens between John and Amy as this looked a little too unorganised and extremely cheesy by what happens to all that happens here in which this was supposed to look like a powerful scene involving two victims and the powerful killer like you'd spot in Halloween or Friday the 13th.
Then we get the battling scene between Bob and the drifter which boggles you wondering if Jessie will be safe from neither of them as this is supposed to make you think a heroic battle but yet you don't know who to trust. However all of this was still done in a trashy style.
Bottom line is that this low budget clunker really goes nowhere as it's mainly about people at a dinner party, then a lunatic kidnaps her in her own house and then another crazy person crashes in. It's confusing wondering who really killed these victims as it's supposed to tease you thinking it's whom we see that's crazy but it really doesn't explain itself like a slasher film really should've but then in time you figure it out. This was all due to bad writing. Thge film is a total bore and not fun for any slasher fan at all. Made on a bad budget too for it's time but I've seen worst made films in today's standards.

The acting is very average and uninspired for this trashy flick. Chris Holder (Bob) seems to do okay playing the deceiving clean cut heartthrob next door type of fellow as he has the perfect looks along showing a nice romantic type of charm which shines off fairly well along with him getting a little stern and a bit obsessive in other areas which look okay too but when he gets crazy or violent he is a little too over the top but I've seen worst in performers regardless.
However, lead actress Molly Cheek (Jessie) isn't too bad with her performance as an innocent and beautiful victim as she seems to have the looks and character. Does a nice job with her nervous reactions while spotting someone at her door and getting into this nicely as well as having a good kind behavior too. She really knew how to scream as well which is another good pointer for her. Seemed to show alot of good energy with her sobbing and upetting emotions. She for sure portrayed the perfect role like you'd see someone like Jamie Lee Curtis does in a slasher flick.
Tony Crupi
(Drifter) who also wrote this piece seems to know how to pull off his role as as someone demented with his creepy looks and gruff speaking too just acting still within all of this. At times he's a bitr off and tries too hard like when he yells. However at times his blocking is dead on when acting obnoxious. He shows some decent energy as I will give him credit for that.
We also have former child star Danny Bonaduce (John) from the Partridge Family playing a kookie character as usual and knew how to get on your nerves too with his sarcasm. He was okay but not award winning by any means. Seemed to come across okay with his charming attitude but yet it gets a little too over the top at the same time. He should be ashamed for his work in this one but his career wasn't doing well during this time period as well as having a drug problem back then and was probably finding any way to receive a paycheque.
Laura Melton (Amy
) does an okay job playing his wife as she seemed to act some spunk into her part of the film but when she gets into a romantic mode doesn't seem to come across as believeable while doing so. She is mediocre by freaking out and struggling during one of her last performances however some of it seemed to work when she is gagging.
Stuart Whitman (Captain Pritchett) I could never understand why he would accept work in this one as he has a huge following but again he was a supporting role in this one and not a huge role. Did his job nicely as a tough type of officer of the law and studied it very well. Of course he was often playing these types of roles in other shows too.

A lady's robe is open as her breasts are revealed while a killer drowns her
Molly Cheek
undresses while taking a bath as her butt and breasts are revealed as well as a brief vagina shot. Yet her face isn't shown during this moment as you wonder if it's a body double.

Axe is stabbed in someone's back.
An eyeball is stabbed out but the picture is very dark.

The music was cheesy in a good and fun way with some dark synthesizer and keyboard playing by John McCauley as he also had some adventureous music too to add to the score as this sounded fast action 80's pop like as I enjoy that type of style in the film. Yet, doesn't deserve a bat for the score since the story was still a drag. There's echoey metal screeching and clanging sounds too which is pretty catchy for the story in the dark scene's. Alot of this sounded like it was ripped off of John Carpenter's composing for films like Halloween III: Season of the Witch and Christine.

Drifter: This is nice
Jessie: If you really want me I wont fight you (In an uttered sob) I just don't want to die
Driter: Why? Dying's not so bad