The Dead Matter (2010)


Produced, Composed & Directed by: Edward Douglas

Written by: Tony Demci & Edward Douglas


Sean Serino .... Gretchen
Tom Nagel .... Mike
CB Ferrari .... Jill
Christopher Robichaud .... Frank
Andrew Divoff .... Vellich
Jason Carter .... McCallister

Special Appearances:

Tom Savini .... Sebed
Richard Dyszel .... The Narrator

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: July 30, 2010;
Full Moon Independent Horror Film Festival: May 14, 2011



A vampire relic Vellich (Andrew Divoff) has special powers as he falls into the hands of a teenager Gretchen (Sean Serino) who manages to have powers of her own including raising the dead in order for resurrect her brother in which there's a non stop battle between the two of them.


The story looked mildly impressive when it displays zombies taking over a small town and as to what happens later on.
Then things roll big time in a wooded area with a vampire battle as the moments looked fast paced as well as some strong horror violence as to what happens here.
After the opening credits a group of your typical teenagers go hiking in the woods and then one of them decides to do a ritual in which I didn't know what to think about it at first but when they decided to do it there's some fancy special effects that happens in the story which can seem quite amusing to watch.
When they head out after this boy does something look surprising and will make you jump and making out that it was a bad dream or was it? This was cleverly well done.
Then our vampire Vellich pays a visit with a mobster and what he does to a security guard was greatly fast paced and should please you fans that likes horror violence in which this was all well shot.
Then when he enters there's great discussions between him and the mob boss Sebed which the conversations looked still, dark and flowed very well for what was going on between the two of them.
Gretchen is being stalked by a zombie in a library which you don't spot in an every day horror flick making these moments original plus it was another great brain teaser wondering if she's dreaming again or hallucinating.
When the teenage friends spot their lost friend returning from the dead there's moments of this zombie eating or drinking with them at places like the bar as this all seemed a bit corny to watch and was thinking to myself if this was a comedy flick apart from being a horror but these situations eventually unfold.
Gretchen tries to communicate with this zombie as there's some stunning answers from this figure as I for sure got psyched out while spotting this moment offering great horror timing on all of this.
When Gretchen spots her brother looking alive and well it suddenly gets spooky big time by what happens as it drew me in big time by what happens here.
The story is slow for a while but picks up a bit when we spot whom we think is a nurse at a hospital only to be a vampiress with her big black eyes which looked spooky to watch controlling one of the teens Mike as it made me wonder if he will do evil deeds for her or not.
Then they saved the best for last when there's battles against everyone which had alot of high action paced moments out in the wooded area. Plus we see Gretchen acting possessed and what she does which looked strongly effective with great special effects especially with the dead rising from the ground as this will please zombie fans big time.
Bottom line is that the story seemed mediocre at first but then the last moments really looked enjoyable to watch which just became above average while watching the outcome of all of this. A decently made low budget indie horror that the makers worked hard as you could tell while watching the whole outcome out of all this.

The acting is in average shape in which Sean Serino (Gretchen) seemed a bit off in her performance when she was supposed to be soft spoken or when she seemed possessed trying too hard. She is okay in other spots like when she tries to find information about her dead brother as she brought some emotions pretty well here. She was quite strong near the end of her performance even if her voice was overdubbed.
Tom Nagel (Mike) seemed to add some pizzaz into his role as someone sarcastic and seemed to put alot of spunk and energy into whatever he did throughout his performance. Seemed stiff by being under a spell too but needed a little push within these moments but he wasn't terrible.
Christopher Robichaud
(Frank) seemed to act slick and smart allecky as he wasn't too shabby while behaving like this and had the macho looks and appeal to this role. He for sure seemed to do alright by being a character actor indeed.
Andrew Divoff (Vellich) was the best out of the cast as he was terrific in his role as a vampire leader showing a nice powerful motive with his deadly deeds. He really knew how to act evil and ruthless. Studied this role inside out for sure. A true character actor indeed.
Tom Savini (SeBed) was a class act indeed as a mobster in which he acts perfectly tough by what he says as well as acting unfearfull. He was a true force of nature and comes across as someone that you won't want to mess with. Had the perfect looks for this role.

A stake is driven through someone's chest.
Jaw is ripped off.
Body is chewed up.
Decapitated head is being held but it looks fake.
Head is twisted and ripped off.

The music composed by director Edward Douglas as well as Midnight Syndicate sounded marvellous as there's alot of effective screeching sounds especially for the unexpected moments making you jump. Also nice dark sounds and metal scrapings here and there. Clear sounding classical music too as well as nice vocal harmonising for the necessary moments.