Dead Snow (2009)

Directed by: Tommy Wirkola

Written by: Stig Frode Henriksen & Tommy Wirkola


Vegar Hoel .... Martin
Stig Frode Henriksen .... Roy
Charlotte Frogner .... Hanna
Lasse Valdal .... Vegard
Evy Kasseth Røsten .... Liv
Jeppe Beck Laursen .... Erlend
Jenny Skavlan .... Chris

Release Dates: European Film Market: February 5, 2009; Berlin Fantasy Filmfest Nights: March 7, 2009; CPHPIX Festival: April 17, 2009 (Denmark); Limited Theatrical: May 7, 2009; Seattle International Film Festival: May 23, 2009; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival: July 4, 2009; Fantasia International Film Festival: July 11, 2009; Toronto After Dark Film Festival: August 16, 2009; Athens Film Festival: September 18. 2009; Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival: September 19, 2009; Limited Theatrical: September 25, 2009 (Canada); Bangkok International Film Festival: September 28, 2009; Calgary Film Festival: September 30, 2009; Night Visions Film Festival: October 28, 2009 (Finland); Cinemare Film Festival: November 6, 2009









A group of medical students go out on a vacation up to the snowy mountains to have some fun and enjoyment. They discover an eccentric wanderer telling them about some NAZI's that once resided there and that the land is cursed. Then later on find a bunch of gold coins at the cabin and are full of life but suddenly a bunch of NAZI zombie's rise up from the snow and are killing and eating these vacationers off and the rest try to find some way in order to survive since their vehicles are far away from the cabin and preventing them from leaving.


I saw this for rent at the local store I worked at as the cover looked pretty cool and someone told me it was a great movie a comedy and horror blended into one. I checked it out and it was exciting seeing a young woman running away in the dark woods from shadowlike objects which was nice of these horror characters not revealing themselves just yet since it would spoil the story. Then when she is caught the opening credits suddenly appear near some snowy mountains as this worked quite well that I found.
It was fun watching some other people driving up to the mountains as well as hiking up there discussing horror movies that take place at a cabin like Friday the 13th or Evil Dead in which I thought that was a nice paying tribute to the story adding some humor but yet I wouldn't categorise it was a comedy just yet. There's also nice fun moments like them tube sledding down a hill and so much fun seeming that nothing horrifying is going to happen to them at all. Yet, this is a nice touch to the story as it will take you by surprise to what happens later on since this seems way too peaceful. There's even moments with them playing a game of twister which is supposed to offer some laughs but I found this to be a bit stale.

The story gets spooky when one of the people named Liv is going to an outhouse and hears strange sounds which can leave a chill down your spine since everything is still and dark. This was well written in for the story.
Another nice scary moment is when an older eccentric traveller steps up to their cabin asking for some coffee and tells everyone the tale of the NAZI's that resided in the cabin which seemed to be a good start off to the futurisitc terrors about to unravel along with him acting cold and aggressive at times. It worked well since in alot of horror films this seems to be a tradition of an old coot warning others that is if you've watched other types of movies like Friday the 13th etc.
There's more jumping moments with the wanderer leaving his tent after hearing a sound and bringing his flashlight to see who has approached in a distance which seemed spooky and almost reminded me as to one of those Blair Witch style creepiness that this one had along with some quick action attack sequences that will psych you out as to what the hell happened here?
There's a moment when one of the characters Erlend goes into an outhouse to do his thing and then Chris comes in to try and seduce him which I thought that was a gross way to have sex. Of course the terror happens to Chris much later with a glmpse of the Nazi zombies spying on her. When she tries to run to the cabin and crying for help of course the people inside are listening to loud music which seems to be the main common thing in horror movies before someone is about to be killed.
Then we have the traditional zombie break in sequence with them trying to crash through a window and grab someone but yet after the results of this person they grabbed shows alot of shocking graphic gore in it which isn't for anyone who has a strong stomach to say the least.
I found where most of the comedy comes in is when both the characters Martin and Roy argue about how to flush out these zombies but I wouldn't categorise this in the same comedy-horror vein like in Evil Dead 2 or Shaun of the Dead. It seems a little different. The humor was also a bit stale as the horror is by far alot better.
There's also great battling moments with the character Roy against the NAZI zombie's which looked fun to watch and how he is tortured when they bite into him. You kinda wonder if he will perish or even turn into a zombie himself. He's also clinging near a cliff which seems pretty suspenseful making you wonder if he will fall for his death.
Another spooky moment is when a character named Hanna trying to run away and hide in a tree with some of the NAZI zombie's looking around to find her as it's packed with suspense wondering if she will remain quiet so she won;t get caught but of course she is distracted by a crow in the tree in which she kills it along with showing some utter brief sobbing. That would totally do it in order to find out where she is. There's also a moment where she's at a cliff jumping on some frozen snow to see if it will break with the zombies right near her. Was she trying to commit suicide or something? Wow that's just plain insane. Yet it worked well.
Then the comedy comes in again to the story but this time it works well as both characters Martin and Roy go in for the kill with a chainsaw and sledge hammer against the zombie's which looked very fun and exciting to watch. It was a major bloodbath and can please horror fans big time like me. Then there's a moment where Martin is scared he's gonna turn and cuts off his arm with a chainsaw seeming to pay a tribute to Evil Dead 2 in a great way. Man it couldn't get any more entertaining than this and imagining just doing that to yourself. YIKES!
There's even a real touching and sad moment when Martin accidentally kills his girlfriend showing great emotions which can be hard to watch but it goes to show you shouldn't apporach someone while they were on a killing spree to save everyone else from this madness stupid part on this woman indeed.
Then there's a real shocking surprise when the head NAZI zombie has a more frightening plan along with an ending opening a door to a sequel.
Bottom line is the film was nicely made with good make up effects on the zombies along with great graphic horror violence effects too. This flick seemed to pay a homage to the Sam Raimi Evil Dead flicks especially part 2 and Army of Darkness. But yet not as funny but just as bloody. It seems to be a very original zombie flick. Instead of crawling from the ground they crawl out of a snowy mountain as well as living like normal people except they're evil.

The acting is spoken in a different language so I will give this a whirl and see what I can dig up as it looked pretty good.
Lead actor
Vegar Hoel (Martin) really brought out a ton of good energy and aggressions with his role. He knew on how to act very vengeful and bringing a good horror character using a chainsaw and really bringing out his energy to life with this. Plus he also shows a nice emotional attitude in certain spots which he seemed very believeable by doing all of this.
Stig Frode Henriksen (Roy) seemed to be a bit of a ham in his role in which he came across as a bit goofy with what he did in planning to kill these NAZI zombies. He shows some interesting characteristics with his performance which isn't a bad thing at all. Shows a great frusterated attitude when he is stuck by some tree branches and energetically tells someone to keep running which was impressively done. He was a nice key role to the story and an attention grabber.
Charlotte Frogner (Hanna) brings out alot it seems when she is trying to save herself from the terror making her role come to life and acting believeably scared along with showing good aggressions too. Does well running away in the woods as well as having a good panting reaction. She shows great energy trying to climb up a tree to try and hide as well as her trying not to sob or freak out in which she seemed believeably intense while doing all of this. She also does a great job by jumping up and down near a cliff trying to break some snow and showing great angered and frusterated emotions too. She was very quickly paced in everything that she did with her role.
Lasse Valdal (Vergard) has a nice seriousness into his role along with showing a good sarcastic attitude and fit the part nicely with the type of personality that he had. Does a good job walking through the snow and calling out which looked quite energetic. He shows alot of great energy while trying to battle off the zombies along with his perfect expressions too. Good painful reactions on him while the side of his neck is being sewed.
Jeppe Beck Laursen (Erlend) showed off a good charming type of behavior in his role as someone who likes to have a good time and acting full of life. He was another good key role to the story and came across perfectly onto the screen. He definetely can be well remembered to the fans of the moive and bringing alot of witty characteristics into his part.
Bjørn Sundquist (The Wanderer) didn't have a big role in the film but yet I thought I should mention him since he made the story effective with his performance as he came across nicely as someone who seems intimidating with his gruff speaking and at times acting very aggressive too. He really came across as someone who was eccentric and did this incredibly well. He was good with a spooked reaction as well as doing a good job after his throat his slashed choking out and wobbing back to his tent which looked energised and suspensefully performed at a good high pace.

A throat is bloodily slit
A decapitated head is discovered
A guy is torn apart with his head torn open and brain splattered out
NAZI zombiue hand is cut off
Many Nazi zombies heads are splattered or arms torn off bodies cut up
A fellow sews his neck from bleeding
A person's body is torn to pieces
An axe is whacked against the side of a woman's head
A person chops his arm off by a chainsaw
A fellows intestines are garbbed against a tree branch
Tons of violent bloodsheds this is definetely a gorefest folks

Alot of deep strong classical music was performed here as well as low keyboard music too which really works for the film. Plus there's lots of cymbals clashing and banging with some heavy drum beats too. There's of course the loud heavy banging sound effects for the surprise attacks which will make you jump. All of this was put together by Christin Wibe.

Martin: Where have you been?
Roy: Where the fuck did you get a machine gun from?
Vegard: Well... I've been busy.

Roy: We should have gone to the beach like I told you.