Delivery (2006)

Written, Scored, Cinematrography & Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella


Matthew Nelson .... Montgomery Goth
Tara Cardinal .... Bibi
Kevin James O'Neill .... Mr. Hand
Greg Testa .... Jim
Luis Miranda .... Belinda
Melissa Gruver .... Junkyard Lady
Threa Danae .... Analyst / Therapist
Vinny DeMauro .... Monty's Father
Petra Bukalo .... Monty's Mother

Release Date: Screamfest: October 14, 2006 (Florida)






A disturbed burly pizza delivery man and loner named Monty (Matthew Nelson) is being mistreated by his customers due to his weight as well as being dissed by his employer named Mr. Hand (Kevin James O'Neill) as he isn't satified with his job.
Plus Monty continues to have nightmares and flashback memories on his childhood life as his father was once a pizza delivery man himself which caused him to go berserk by killing his wife and customers as well as killing himself.
His therapist (Threa Danae) gives him new medication and new jobs to keep him occupied.
Also, a caring young lady named Bibi (Tara Cardinal) briefly falls in love with him which makes things worst as her brother phones up Mr. Hand and tells him that he molested her which gets Monty fired.
This causes him to snap and he seeks revenge on the people who picked on him and made his life miserable by killing them in many gruesome deaths as he continues to do his father's deadly deeds.


There's alot of stale moments with the lead character Montgomery Goth delivering pizza to customers and them treating him like shit with one liners saying the pizza is cold or late as well as real cruel remarks like a child mocking his weight and saying he probably eats a bunch of pizza's which isn't a pretty site for this poor fellow taking all this crap as well as showing on how cruel kids are along with him swearing at him and then later on the Mom coming out and getting aggressive with him as this leaves a perfect sinking feeling that his employer is going to hear about all of this. Defientely has a psychological feel reminding you of one of those shitty jobs you had in the past.
Alot of the scene's were a bit slow though as there's a scene that didn't do well for me at all when he goes to a door to deliver a pizza towards a sleazy party of bimbo's which was awfully silly and not in a good way at all.
Perfect campy but intense situation with Mr. Hand calling Montgomery in along with him discussing complaints which isn't a pretty site for any boss you remember talking to you about some of the negative moments with your working skills as things really packed an intense punch with this asshole insulting him as well as smoking a cigar as this almost looked like a mafia boss talking down on one of his men. Certainly this moment makes you cringe for sure and making you hope that when the killing spree happens that this dickhead is the first one to go.
Interesting nightmare sequences involving Mont's past of his dysfunctional family but at times some of it was off when it was supposed to look intense. Yet there's moments on his Dad's suicide which seemed to show fair timing as well as good shots on him waking up from his nightmare.
More effective moments when Mont delivers to an old woman and tries to help her along with her getting nasty and him losing his cool and then she smacks him and tells him she's going to talk to his supervisor in a nasty tone as this leaves you the chills knowing that he's gonna look for a downfall.
Perfect situations with Mont trying to help as a janitor at a film studio and knocking stuff over along with the director being pissed off which leaves another sinking impression on getting nervous trying not to do that when it's dark. This moment looked a bit campy but at the same time effective by getting scared on being fired while you're new at the job.
Nicely concentrated moment when Mont is having a lunch meeting with Belinda with him stuffing his face eating a burger and this drag queen commenting on his hunger which adds that he's a big eater as well as this person commenting that he's a vegetarian. The situation here looked very effective to watch.
Disturbing moments with a tow truck driver taking away Mont's car as well as him trying to reason with this driver but yet it doesn't work which doesn't look like a pretty site and very stressful to watch too.
Also corny but well shot moments with Mont going to the junnkyard being chased by a dog and then him going in the office to talk to the junkyard lady on getting his vehicle back with her getting vulgar, sarcastic and offensive towards him and the price to get his car back as well as being hopeless with him as this was nicely put in causing more psychological stress in the situation.
Perfect nice moment with Bibi insisting on giving Mont a ride as well as a romance with him which works in well along with another effective moment on him having a nightmare and then waking up with her sleeping next to him.
Intense moments on Bibi's brother Jim has a heated discussion with her on having a relationship with Mont in which the setting makes you wonder if he will beat her by acting so dominant. Another good and strong moment used here.
We spot the bimbo party going on again which was another moment I didn't like as it looked skanky and unnatural as usual and then we spot the frat boy's coming in obnoxious and getting ready to beat Mont up by dragging him outside which makes you cringe while watching their nasty plans with him.
Carefully shot moments at Belinda's pool party which is a gay enviornment by what is happening there which looked nautral as well as him coming out of the pool as we spot good close up shots on him with his wet bikini which gives away that he's a guy along with sketchy moments surrounding Mont as this draws in nicely.
Great serious and dramatic moments when Mont sees as to what happened to Bibi and talks seriously to her about it all as this was one of the best scene's that was shot and performed.
Although there's moments that looked well done so far the story was a bit slow but then the fun stuff starts to happen when Mont snaps and starts to lose control by seeking revenge on the people who wornged him as he pays a visit to Mr. Hand himself in which there's a perfect d=night shot with a thunderstorm happening and is standing towards him and this asshole gets nasty with him as we really watch as to what is going to happen next thinking he's gonna get it now. Definetely a scene worth watching. Then we see Mont making a pizza and boy he doesn't use the normal ingredients which is gross to watch and making you wonder as to what his plans are for all of this.
Perfect shots on him going to the sleazy bimbo party with rain washing down in a thunderstorm as well as him bolting the house shut as this looked horrifying to watch along with perfect moments on the party running outside and neat special effects on his deadly trap as there's perfect close up shots on this.
The best slashing moments is when he pays an unexpected visit to the junkyard lady with a drill in his hand since this works in well for any slasher film along with good close up graphic shots on all of this. Slasher fans will love this piece of work.
Then there's the moment when Mont is gonna go in for the kill with Jim and Bibi tries to find a weapon before it's too late which makes you wonder if it will be too late as well as perfect emotional intensity between her and Mont along with a sad moment at the end of this scene which can almost make you cry.
Then we have the ending scene that takes 5 years later as it looked corny and campy by how it was all done.
Bottom line: In the beginning you think to yourself where is this film going but you know something is going to happen when you keep watching it as it does. It begins as a psychological drama with some corny twists but then it gets really dark and terrifying. It's a good look at a person who doesn't belong in a society and makes you want to get even for the people who made your life miserable.

The acting is sometimes off by the cast who have small roles in the film playing customers.
However, the lead and supporting character's do very well and can go places. Matt Nelson (Montgomery Goth) is wonderful as a loner and being disturbed by his past but tries to keep his sanity as he makes all of that come to life and you really want to help the guy. Does well trying to be patient without showing his upsetting behavior whenpeople mock him as well as coming across as believeable when he acts uncomfortable. Plus does a good job when he loses it acting firm or gruff. Does nicely acting stressed about stuff especially with his expressions. Also knew on how to get anxious whenever something wrong happens. Reacts perfectly when waking up from a nightmare panting. Also does a good job being upfront and serious showing his concerns to someone else which looked very believeable. Brought out his insanity terrifically when going in for the kills having an angered expressionless look on his face. Also was great losing it and getting aggressive near the end of his perormance. He really steals the show and can get work in future horror films.
Tara Cardinal (Bibi) is wonderful as a caring person who falls in love with this character. She shows a nice down to earth type of behavior along with coming across by being insistent on certain topics which was very lifelike. Also does a good job by acting charming and romantic too. Plus does a great job not taking crap with her onscreen borther which looked good and smooth. Also does a nice job freaking out as well as crying emotinally on a situation showing perfect energy here. It was well dramatic too.
Supporting actor Kevin James O'Neill (Mr. Hand) is terrific as an asshole employer who reminds you of a terrible job you've had that you don't want to go back to. He comes across nicely as a Mafia boss of some sort while smoking his cigar. At times he's a bit over the top with his obnoxious behavior but it fits into the story at the same time. Shows a perfect offensive type of personality with his evil and cruel sarcasm and having a convincing no mercy type of atttiude as well. Had the perfect appeal throughout his whole performance here.
Greg Testa (Jim) has a perfect slick and clear speaking in his part of the film as a nasty assistant employer in which he does a nice job with his dominant attiude and really pulls it off as if he will take a swing at you for when he gets demanding in certain scene's. He for sure pulls off some decent energy into his part of the role.
Luis Miranda (Belinda) almost looks convincing at being a woman but of course he reveals who he really is. He does well acting interested in what he sees and really knew on how to come on strongly as well as having a perfect mysterious speaking in his voice. He for sure comes across as someone whom is too friendly in his part. Brought alot of this charisma to life a great deal.
Melissa Gruver (Junkyard Lady) is a bit off with her role as a skanky looking junkyard owner but she does convince you to slap her with her foul mouthed attitude. She does have a perfect strong personaolity just knowin on how to talk fast and verbally. Seems like a stand up comedian by what she does in her part and has a ton of over the top energy into what she does here.
Threa Danae (Analyst / Therapist) plays a perfect therapist.
She has the cute looks in her part. Also shows alot of spunk into her speaking by having a happy go lucky type of behavior. She just rolls in with the punches quite nicely and comes across perfectly onto the screen a great deal here.
Vinny DeMauro (Monty's Father) seemed to do well with his unhappy and disturbed behavior jusr losing it and acting depressed. Does a good job by getting aggressive as well as acting crazy too in which his supporting role seemed to show off a mysterious horror type of personality. Plus shows nice blocking and reactions when he is about to take his life.
Petra Bukalo (Monty's Mother) however seemed to lack a bit as an abusive and troubled type of family woman. At times though seems effective with her wicked speaking though but that's nothing to brag about either. She had the right looks for a role as a basket case though.

There are many topless young female party goers in a house during a few scenes at different times of the plot as they take the top off their bikini's and breasts are fully exposed.

A throat is slit during almost the beginning of the film.
During a hallucination someone is chopping fingers.
A woman's head is bloodily shot during a nightmare sequence
A man is decapitated and his guts are used to make a pizza
Party goers are electrocuted and their skin fries
A drill goes through a woman's head and blood splurts out
A woman is bloodily slaughtered in a living room

Jose Zambrano Cassella has cheesy and trashy synthesizer music for the film sounding typical Z-grade like and doesn't suit the plotline at all. There's also some stale light tapping piano music for a romantic scene that we haven't heard before. However, there's some effective hissing and metal scraping effects too which work in well. Also some low thumping sounds for when the murders start to happen seems to make things more effective too.

We have songtracks by groups (Mainly hardcore one's) that seems to suit the storylines like:

The Phoenix Collection - "Big Dreams from a Small Town" , "War of our Minds"
Wes Smith - "Captain of the Sky" , "Circus Funk"
Jessie Lee Miller & The Two Timin' - "Cryin' Alone"
Signature Escape - "The Game"
Mark Landry - "Georgia"
Jessie Lee Miller - "Lonely World"
Boombazi - "In Front of your Mom" , "Mindset"
Lab Seven - "Here We Go Again"
The Hypest Crew - "Roll Call"
Super Villians - "Uno Momento"
The Hardcore Jollies - "Neutral"
The Supervillians - "Mary Jane and Jagermeister" , "Blood Fart", "Robots in Heaven"