The Demon (1981)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Percival Rubens


Jennifer Holmes .... Mary
Cameron Mitchell .... Col. Bill Carson
Craig Gardner .... Dean Turner
Zoli Marki .... Jo
Peter J. Elliott .... Mr. Parker
Moira Winslow .... Joan Parker

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: March 1, 1981



A psychic detective named Bill Carson (Cameron Mitchell) with ESP looks for an abducted girl her parents named the Parkers hired him to do.
He scents out everything in her room to find out any information on her and then finds out that she was killed by a mass murderer who's face wasn't revealed as the killer happens to be a deformed malevolent man who terrorises people bringing their worst fears to life.
The girls father Mr. Parker (Peter J. Elliott) insists on tracking down the killer but ends up being murdered himself.
Meanwhile, this killer is watching this young pre-school teacher named Mary (Jennifer Holmes) Meanwhile, this killer is watching this young pre-school teacher wherever she goes and starts to get paranoid since she may be his next victim since her biggest fear is being in her apartment alone at night.


The beginning of the film is terribly rushed as we spot an ocean as well as other stuff as it's hard to tell on what's what since the picture is terribly dark and you can't see anything at all. Also we somewhat see a clawlike hand while hitchhiking in which we see someone picking this killer up as well as the driver talking to this person and him not saying anything which leaves a clue that this driver is going to be done in and we spot a moment with him putting a plastic bag over his head which isn't too clever for the killer to do this while his victim is driving on the road but again this piece was badly written and does this killing scene sound familiar to a Christmas horror flick we all remembered watching???
We do spot a fairly strong discussion with Col. Bill Carson talking to a married couple on the murder of their daughter which shows some effective emotional and aggressive moments as this scene looked fairly catchy to watch.
We spot a situation with Bill inspecting the room of their daughter as this was very slow to watch and I was thinking to myself "Get to the point already!!!" However there's a moment when he psychs out and there's cheesy camera effects with him seeing blurry images which seems to catch your attention but at the same time nothing too thrilling either.
Nice natural setting involving the innocent preschool teacher Mary singing along with the children which is a memorable scene to anyone who saw this flick as well as her spotting the masked killer outside the window staring at her which was badly editied together as you could tell there's different shots since there's briefly a take when he's not standing there as if he disappeared and reappeared. Very unorganised. Does this scene also remind you of another slasher flick that we all know taking place during another season???? C'mon guys you aren't convincing with any of this.
Good slick romantic discussion between Dean Turner and Jo as there's a good uplifting charm between the two of them which looked impressive to watch.
We spot an alleyway as there's a girl walking home alone which is of course hard to watch but we get a bit of a clearer shot on her staring on what's approaching her but not too well as well as the attacking scene's which you can't tell on what's going on here. Plus we spot bikers zooming by and explosions. Here you don't know on what's going on either. This was badly put together.
However there's a perfect silent moment on Mr. Parker cautiously looking around the hallway of a home which looked good and silent and then a nice jumping moment on the killer putting a plastic bag over his head so there's a fair pointer on this scene but not enough to save this clunker from bombing it by any means.
Of course we have to have caressing moments involving Mary with her lover as well as Jo with hers which shows them having a discussion in bed or the other skinny dipping in their pool which is a perfect target for the killer to do some of these people in later on in the story. In other words pure trash.
We spot a sharp discussion between Bill and Joan Parker with her getting prickly towards him as well as spotting on what she's gonna do next which makes you wonder if she will carry on doing this. This makes you wonder if she's behind the madness in the story.
The final actions seems to start out not too badly involving Mary running a bath as well as the shadow of the killer stalking her and she starts to get suspicious on stuff as well as trying to get away from the killer like creeping up in the attic and other situations. There's a terribly edited shot on the killer tearing up her bathrobe.
Bottom line: Ugh! How bad and plotless can you get?!. This story didn't make much sense whatsoever as it doesn't explain to why the events are happening. The budget is real bad too and it's not the least bit scary either.
Also you can't really see anything as there wasn't any lighting expecially in the dark scene's. It seems that a bunch of friends were trying to make a movie with what they got. Plus to my surprise, this was a direct to video release as rental stores were just becoming familiar during this time period. My guess was that this was one of the first one's going right to video since every movie no matter hoe bad it look got at least a limited release. But the picture quality is way too bad for it to be seen on the big screen. The writers tried to combine both Black Christmas and Halloween together in this one with the killings and the killer stalking the innocent one but instead it turned into a total bland ripoff and there was no reason behind to why the killer was going after the lead character whatsoever.

The acting is not too badly done for an awful flick such as this. Jennifer Holmes (Mary) seems to carry off her role not too badly in which she somewhat is convincing as the innocent one in a horror story in a Jamie Lee Curtis fashion but not the virgin type like you'd expect. Studied her scene's well like being a pre-school teacher really getting into her singing with the children. Also shows nice concerned and worrysome expressions too which shines off nicely here. Also does a nice job getting into a conversation too. Plus does well with her energy by acting fearsome when the terror strikes her along with showing good timing by screaming.
The late Cameron Mitchell (Col. Bill Carson) who gained a reputation in bad horror movies seems to focus on his character well.
Draws in a decent seriousness when doing some research or trying to talk to someone on a case. Plus does nicely when he reacts intensely or hallucinating as well as acting disturved to top it off. Shows good shocked expressions too. He was a passable character.
Craig Gardner
(Dean Turner) had an effective supporting role as he shows off a good charming attitude along with really getting into his romantic side. Shows a good trustworthy guy next door type of charisma and had the right looks for this too. Shows off some nice spunk and energy into what he does and studying his part pretty well. Also shows a perfect shocked reaction when he is attacked.
Zoli Marki (Jo) showed a nice hot and sexy girl type of personality onto the camera along with showing a good outgoing type of appeal too. She really showed it off with her discussions as one of those sharp types. Seemed to get into everything that she did in this flick and had the right looks too. She was a decent character actress and can be well remembered to anyone who saw this flick.
Peter J. Elliott
(Mr. Parker) drew across fairly powerful in his part by acting disturbed and genuinely upset by a deadly tragedy showing off some perfect aggressions into all that he did here. Also showed off good aggressive expressions too as if you wouldn't want to cross him at all. Plus does well by acting cautious when he looks around an area as well as a great shocked reaction while he's attacked.
Moira Winslow (Joan Parker) seemed to be a bit more convincing with her sobbing on a tragedy but she wasn't over the top terrible. Just needed to be a bit more energised into what she had to do. She does do well near the end of her performance with her firm and stern behavior within her cold speaking as she does okay as a possible suspect just losing it.

Jennifer Holmes goes into a dressing room and a mirror reflects on her changing into an outfit with a brief breast shot.
Zoli Marki
is in a towel from her waist revealing her breasts and then takes off her towel and her butt is also revealed.
Jennifer Holmes
is wearing nothing but panties escaping from the killer total breasts too.

The killer is stabbed in the neck with scissors.

The most music composed by Nick Labuschagne is the screeching violin music but that is nothing special as we've heard it before in many other horror films. There's some clear clarinet playing which sounds okay as well as some low ehoey drum rolling. Plus at the closing credits we hear a female chanting which is a bit catchy. The music is better than the watching the movie itself surprisingly.

During a dance club scene the disco hit "Funky Town" by Lips Inc. which was supposed to entertain you but that's nothing to brag about.

[Explaining his ESP]
Col. Bill Carson: Sometimes I get these... feelings. Vibes, as the kids would say.

Mary: (Picks up the phone after it rings) Hello?! .... I see the showers not working. Need a tranquilizer?

Joan Parker: Did your extrasensory perception prepare you for this?
[shoots Carson in the head]