Demonic Toys (1992)


Directed by: Peter Manoogian

Written by: David S. Goyer


.... Judith Gray
.... Mark Wayne
.... Lincoln
.... Anne
.... The Kid
.... Charnetski

.... Matt Cable
.... Andy
Larry Cedar .... Peterson
.... Mrs. Michaels

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: March 12, 1992






A pregnant undercover cop Judith Gray (Tracy Scoggins) is after criminals that killed her sidekick whom was also her lover as they are trapped in a toy factory and realises the place is haunted with killer toys as well as a deadly plan for her.


In the beginning there's well focused moments involving a mother sitting in a chair looking dazed as well as two cildren playing cards on the floor with many clocks tick tocking leaving it look strange and mysterious as to what is going on here.
Then the story starts to roll as we have Judith Gray talking to her partner in crime about her being pregnant which looked effective as their discussions looked good and natural. Also some good moments when they have discussions with some criminals and then a devastating moment happens to Judith's partner which looked effective as well as a gun chase with all of these people which the action pace looked highly energetic and fun to watch.
Some campy moments with Mark Wayne delivering fried chicken at his work to a toy factory for the security guard Charnetski which he got demanding ordering it as it left an impression that he won't be a happy camper but then they both hang out and have a drink which was a nice turnaround as things looked fun to watch with all of this happening.
Nice dark shot on one of the criminals injured and we see a light shining on him and then he goes to check out a jack in the box that's about to open as this was supposed to lure you in and make you jump out of terror but this fails in order to do so but yet some toys come to attack and kill him which looked a bit obvious to watch yet some effective attacks including a robot shooting out some lasers as this was well done with the special effects.
Mildly effective moment with Charnetski walking in the hallways of the toy factory which leaves an impression that something deadly is about to happen which works very well in most horror flicks. However things fall flat a bit when there's an evil talking doll offending him by his weight and so fourth which looked way too corny to watch. These situations needed improvement big time. Yet some nice mildly intense killings on him as well as good close up shots on the toys attacking him.
Nice shot on the criminal Lincoln handcuffed and then there's the special effects on him turning into the Kid talking to Judith as this was a perfect moment for the story and what will unravel in which this kid talks to her in some sort of a dollhouse with good hallucinations as well as this kid forming into a zombie and other beings such as this offering nice effects.
Along with these moments there's a flashback sequence with a woman going into labour and out comes a demonic baby which looked cheesy to watch as well as later on while kids are trick or treating and the history of this demonic being along with what these kids plan to do which doesn't look too shabby.
Good action moment with Mark and Anne trying to escape from the demonic toys as well as struggling against them including the robot shooting lasers at them which looked effective as well as slimy effects when they try to snuff these toys too which is a great horror touch.
Strong moments with both Judith and Mark struggling against Lincoln going wild as well as showing that he is possessed when they try to shoot him down as this was neat to watch.
Then while they battle away toys things really get rolling as there's a nice shot on a gigantic monstrous one trying to get at them and they try to find ways of escaping from this beast which offered terrific horror timing especially when the monstrous hands of this things crashes through a door trying to get at them.
More fun horror touches with Judith tied down to a pentagram and her dead partner looking demonic hvering over her ready to do a cult ceremony as well as we spot a toy soldier coming to life as the child from the beginning of the flick revealing himself and battling against the Kid which was alot of action packed fun. Plus this solider telling Judith as who he is which was a nice way to end the story but I won't give this moment away as you'll have to see for yourselves.
Bottom line is that this flick had some bland and corny scene's but many fun horror touches too in which I wondered if the makers watched Child's Play and wanted to make something out of that idea and invent a story of their own. It works in well for what it is but some of the voice overs seem a little too much. An okay flick for what it is and somewhat a cult favourite for fans of Full Moon Pictures.

The acting is in average shape and some of it a little too over the the top. (Judith Gray) was the best in the cast as she delivered a solid performance as a tough as nails undercover cop. Really knew on how to show a no bullshit attitude as well as being perfectly forceful without over doing it. I liked what she did. Sometimes she needed to pick up the pace with her fearful attitude and screaming but she wasn't terrible by any means. Offers a good natured attitude near the beginning of her performance by getting into a nice conversation.
(Mark Wayne) on the other hand was a bit too much. He does seem okay at first when he's troubled about his job but after that when he freaks out and gets aggressive is mellodramatic. He needed some lessons and seemed to be low on energy trying to get it right but he just couldn't do it. Not much of a worthy character actor.
(Lincoln) yet showed a dazzling performance as a crazy criminal in which he knew on how to act wild and crazy as well as springing into action a great deal. He rolled with the punches pretty well into whatever he did here. Plus seemed to do well acting somehwat intimidating as well as insane in a certain spot which was memorable in his role. Had the right bad ass looks too.
(Anne) however is a mediocre performer as someone whom is a bit strange and comes across that in an okay fashion but seemed a little stiff with her lines in which she came across as eccentric but needed more energy by what she was talking about. Had the decent looks for the role but needed a bit of a push like most of the cast in this flick.
(The Kid) had his voice overdubbed but yet drew well onto the camera and was a real attention grabber in which he shows nice features by what he did here. Seemed to get into what he did as you could tell here and my guess is he won the casting directors to have him in Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest.
(Charnetski) seemed to breeze through fashionably in his supporting role even if it wasn't too big of a role showing a good sarcastic arrogant type which he was often good at portraying in other shows. Plus shows off a convincingly good hearted behavior too. Had a nice presence for what he did and often does for what I've seen him in too. Bless his soul.

A nude breasted model is on a pig page of a magazine as well as appearing later on in the middle of the story portraying a hallucination breasts revealed once more.

Bloody cheek bites
Fingers chopped off
Bloody neck bites
Stabbings with hooks and other objects
Eyeballs plucked out
Woman with one eye revealed

Richard Band does a fashionable job with his music in which there seems to be light clarniet playing along with the synthesizer music in which this all sounded unique to listen to as well as the odd chiming sounds. It's a little different than the typical classical scoring. Plus there's some nice peaceful sounds near the end of the film for an uplifting situation involving a child. Yes all in all this was a nice score.