Demonium (2001)


Produced & Directed by: Andreas Schnaas

Written by: Ted Geoghegan & Sonja Schnaas


.... Rasmus Bentley
.... Maria
.... Felix Baumann
.... Sabine Noak
.... Nina Moor
.... Anton Marquardt
.... Helena
Joe Zaso .... Viktor Plushnikov

Release Date: London FrightFest Film Festival: August 25, 2001




An elderly man is murdered in his lavish Italian castle. When his friends and family arrive there for the reading of his will, the murderer has plans to continue his gory killing spre.


The flick offered an amusing artsy scene for the opening credits with the close up shots on two people someone lusting towards each other as well as later on having a stale conversation afterwards in which I didn't know what to come out of all this.
As the story rolls along one of the couple's who happens to be Rasmus Bentley starts to have a meeting which also looked mildly bland and pointless but not overly long thank goodness but then we get into the real nitty gritty when his blind wife Maria is about to take a bath and so fourth finding her way around and spot a brief moment with the killer watching her as well as Rasmus himself trying to rush to get home knowing that something is about to happen which for sure caught my attention and having a feeling that he will be too late for whatever is going to happen. The results seemed clever to watch with her in a death trap when he opens his door offering some nice horror timing as well as to what happens to him after he enters the room offering some nice shocking horror violence.
Then the story takes place one year earlier as we find out that what we saw was a prologue of some kind since this situation looked quite mysterious to watch it as it for sure looked a bit shocking and expect to see more of this while we continue to watch everything that unravels.
In the story there's a moment when someone looks like they're having a seisure of some sort which looked intense as well as many different old fashioned flashback type of sequences throughout the scene's on something twisted which is a nice jumping moment that caught me off guard but in a unique way as one of these sequences involves two mad scientists doing some sort of a deadly experiement in which this almost seemed to pay a tribute to those old monster movies like Frankenstein. It was done in a good fashion and shocking too.
Perfect setting with the Bentley's having their guests coming for dinner at their castle as the moments looked good and natural with nice surroundings that happens there. Plus a good shocking moment with one of the guests feeling itchy and a nice shot on her leg when scratching it as I got a sinking feeling that something worst is going to happen since this was a real attention grabber and boy does it ever which is a great horror feel as well as to what Maria does to this person looking grizzly.
Nice conversation sequence between both Felix Baumann and Sabine Noak outside after their dinner visit which looked nice and natural it kinda made me wonder if those two will have a romance by how it was all set out which is unusual to have a decent plot in an early Schnaas flick. So I give him good credit for having this moment happen. It's nothing too spectacular but if you watched his other flicks you will agree with me that it looked fairly decent.
Then while we watch one of the guests at the castle wakes up and revealing that her body is decaying which isn't a good feeling at all as well as having a deep feeling that both Rasmus and Maria has deadly plans for this person in which none of this looked pretty at all since this guest was weak and helpless. A good psychological moment with this piece. Also a nice setting with this guest helpless tied and gagged up in a room which looked like a satanic sacrifice type of room as well as Rasmus brining out a chainsaw which is a great horror touch knowing as to what he will do to this poor victim as this looked genuinely psychotic to watch. Then another situation with what they do to someone else as this showed a nice tortureous situation since both of these moments had a nice horrifying touch to it all.
What adds a good touch to the story is a sleazy moment with Viktor Plushnikov doing doggystyle to a woman outside near his vehicle and acting perfectly arrogant towards her later on treating her like white trash since it's great to have one of these types in a horror story.
More good shocking situations is that both Rasmus and Maria feed body parts to what looks like a mutant of some sort in a pit which isn't for everyone's taste but if you like these types then this moment was worth checking out. Not overly graphic or anything but still done in a good sickening way.
Another powerful situation with these two being abusive to this mutant type making him cringe and hide in a horror offering more nice horror timing as well as one of them cornering a woman with a pitchfork which made me watch carefully wondering if they will do her in since it was perfectly focused on her pitted against a wall.
In the story we see good old Viktor in bed with Sabine the next morning as he takes advantage of her when she was drunk and just having a sleazy and arrogant attitude towards her which was well put into the plot like his appearances in the other parts of the story.
Nice hypnotic moments with most of the characters entering Rasmus and Maria's death trap which didn't look pretty as well as good struggling moments with Felix trying to escape on what is happening there. As well as an intense moment on what he does to Maria which was strongly done in.
Bottom line is that it's a group of German filmmakers travelling to Italy to make a film of that sort but of course they have to be a native one in order for it to be an italian horror flick. Still they seemed to make some decent effort on this one and a good effort too. It looked like a retro grindhouse type of flick done in a fair style. Not the greatest storyline but still comes across as a shocking horror flick and having the odd well done and drawn in moments. The flashbacks seem vonfusing at first but worked in well and catching you when you least expect it too.

The acting is in decent shape but only certain one's stand out so I will do my best to give this a whirl here.... (Rasmus Bentley) seemed to offer a nice seriouenss to his personality even if he had a strong accent which at times he seemed quite stiff when speaking in english. He was good at acting insane and deadly for when he plans to do someone in as well as his crazed expressions too. Brought this to a nice hype within everything.
(Maria) strutted her stuff quite nicely in which she seemed to do an okay job by acting blind and finding her way around as this didn't seem too acted out or anything like that. Also does well with her wicked and demented speaking as well as when she attacks or slays someone just rolling with the punches marvellously. She knew on how to act like a one mean mutha. Offered a nice intense words when she spoke crazily as well as acting abusive which was realistic.
(Felix Baumann) came across as the guy next door persona offering a nice calmness to when he is speaking as well as showing a good seriousness too. He seemed to come across well onto the camera. Sometimes he was stiff in his performance but still gets the point across to what he was doing in each scene. Had the right clean cut young adult looks which helped his role.
(Sabine Noak) seemed to show some spunk and enthusiasm into her part and being energetic throughout her performance. Seemed to do well being alert when being spoken to which she seemed to act sharp by doing this. Also was great acting hammered and just going over the top which looked impressive too.
Joe Zaso (Viktor Plushnikov) had the most effective supporting role as some one whom is sleazy and arrogant making you want to hate him a great deal with his heartless attitude in which he brought all of this to life a great deal. Does well by being arrogant and cocky as well as being on the ball with a topic. Showed off a nice sleazy and wicked laughter in a certain scene which can be fondly remembered to anyone who watched this flick. He brought out some interesting characteristics.

A woman is taking a shower with her breasts revealed
Victims breasts are revealed in a flashback sequence on a stretcher
Another woman is topless after having intercourse outside near a vehicle

A sharp objects stabs through a womans neck and eyeball pops out later on
Head gets bloodily chopped off
Arm is sliced off
Bubbly moments happens with a womans leg as well as her body decaying and bloodied
Womans face is melted looking skelaetal during a flashback sequence
A piece of a hand is fed to a mutant
Someone back is decaying
Womans body is being cut by a chainsaw and other sorts of deadly devices
Another person's body is snapping off and decaying
People hypnotised are being sliced by a sharp object

The Razors Skyline and Marc Trinkhaus did the scoring for the movie and did a powerful job while doing so in which there's alot of strong classical music that we hear for the suspenseful scenes especially. Plus there's electric shocking and zapping sounds for the brief flashbacks which did catch me by surprise and made me jump a bit too. Also some nice old fashioned haunting organ music in certain spots which also sounded marvellous.

Sabine Noak: Okay, I've fucked some disgusting character before... but you???
Viktor Plushnikov: Hey! Don't get all high and mighty about it! You were the one on top! You could have left any time you wanted to!