Demon Possessed (1993)

Produced & Directed by: Christopher Webster

Written by: Julian Weaver


Dawn Laurrie .... Jeannie
Aaron Kjenaas .... Tom
David Fields .... Chris
Eve Montgomery .... Lissa
Connie Snyder .... Karen
Jim Cagle .... Ron

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: July 28, 1993



A group of students go to a resort for snowmobile riding and partying. However, two of them named Ron (Jim Cagle) and Tom (Aaron Kjenaas) decide to race one another and then Tom gets into an accident by hitting a tree and knocked unconcious with severe injuries while a snowstorm happens and they are trapped on a lake but spot a closed down cabin at a campsite to keep sheltered for a while.
Tom's girlfriend Jeannie (Dawn Laurrie) is having faith that he will survive as he is slowly moving and talking.
Then they find a some sort of Ouija board and decide to summon up some spirits although Jeannie is against it decides to host it.
Suddenly things starts to act strangely as Tom seems to heal very fast and acts very strange plus some demonic force is killing their friends as they find out that the camp was once used by a satanic cult for its rituals, and is still infested by demons.


We spot a voice over narration on the lead character Jeannie but it sounds like a man speaking which doesn't work at all as this was her older self telling the tale of the hellish moments that happened to her and her friends.
There's a situation at a pub by the snowy resort in which we have n aggressive moment with a drunken man about to get into a brawl with his actions which doesn't look convincing at all and sloppily done too. In other words very amateurish.
We have the odd interesting discussion with the group of friends talking at their table in the pub and daring to go snowmobiling as this looked fun to watch as well as the bar waitress giving them advice and directions as this looked entertaining to watch.
Good fast shots on the gang snowmobiling and then discussing stuff with the snow covered lake. Alot of this looked exciting enough to join in with them on the fun.
Nice shocking situations with everyone when Tom crashes into a tree as the fun stops which looked effective to watch all of the going on's and what to do even if some of the reactions looked a little over the top.
Perfect disturbing shots on Tom when they reveal his injuries as this doesn't look pretty at all along with wondering whether or not he will survive this.
Good concentrated conversations with the gang looking at a picture of a summer camp as well as wondering on what a certain saying really meant. Plus good looks on them with newspaper clippings on a threat of a satanic cult attacking the camp which was a perfect touch to this horror story and getting the feeling that the group of friends are in for terror later on in the story.
Perfect focus on the group of friends discovering some sort of a pentagram and setting it up explaining on what it is which draws in your attention nicely here.
Plus we do have a focus on them doing the ceremony with the oject and a nice shot looking down on this pentagram spinning wildly as well as a nice shot looking up on Jeannie with her eyes closed almost losing control as well as a passed out Tom trembling while this is all happening but it gets to be a little much.
Effective moment with Tom talkin and acting unpredictable which almost comes across as a bit intimidating and making you wonder if he is not the same person anymore. It draws your attention more so wondering if he is possessed since the friends did the pentagram along with realising that he is healed by his injuries. Certainly makes things more mysterious in a trashy fashion what was set out here.
Cheesy shots on some of the friends like Karen looking around as well as opening the door to the cabin and spot the shadow of what looked like a grim reaper figure but this doesn't look creepy like it was intended to be. Plus there's deadly situations involving her and Lissa which looked too trashy to seem intense or scary.
Interested but at times dull moments with Jeannie looking around for her friends but neat shots on them dead which makes up for that but still not a good film by any means regardless.
There's neat hallucination shots involving Karen and Lissa with lighting effects and ghoulish moments on them as this looked entertaining in a trashy low budgeter such as this one.
Things seem mildly suspenseful when she asks the pentagram on what to do with these situations as it leaves a chill wondering if she will get away especially when she tries to start up a snowmobile and the killer is on her tail. Plus things psych you out when we spot a moment when we see Tom lying there as when they first found him after the accident as if none of the situations at the cabin never happened and then a creepy moment involving him starts to happen as this I must say worked in well to a twisted horror flick such as this one.
Bottom line is that the film at first looked like a fun direct to video horror flick so bad it's good but the story is stale alot of the times and very slow. It's kind of a ripoff to those Amityville types of flicks. Some fun touches but at the same time nothing too entertaining as it's terribly rusty with all that we spot here. Films like this have been done before many times.

The acting is terrible and full of nothing but virtual unknowns. However, lead actress Dawn Laurrie (Jeannie) seems to do fairly okay in her part but not too fantastic by any means. She had the right innocent looks and was fairly pretty so her part looked convincing for the surving type. However when she gets upset or acts emotional she is too over the top with it all or when she summons up a spirit with the object she seems too much. Seemed to show some decent energy though whenever she tries to escape from the terror as there's some good adrenaline.
aron Kjenaas (Tom) tries to do well by behaving evil and possessed but he is a little too much. Shows some nice energy acting full of life challenging his onscreen friend to got out on a race in a snowmobile in which he comes off perfectly while his shows off his actions within this. He also does well reacting shaily as if he's having a seizure when the possessions strike him. Plus does a convincing job when acting arrogant about stuff as he's convincing as someone whom is unpleasant. Showed perfect evil expressions and seemed to really try his best by springing into action while about toattack someone.
David Fields (Chris) had the okay jock boy types of looks and tried his best to portray someone who's outgoing and a woman's man but however he seemed to try a little too hard. He wasn't all too convincing by portraying a character actor at all. He did try his best and seemed to show off some energy and reacting to stuff alright. Except for his death scene trembling from what happened to him which seemed a little over the top.
Eve Montgomery (Lissa) seemed to show some decent pizzaz and spunk into her role and was sharp by her reactions on stuff and acted convincingly cool too. She also had the right looks and appeal to this character too which she deserved alot of credit for as well. However when she reacts scared ro freaking out at the end of her performance she is very off and lacks the intense energy that she needed for all of this.
Connie Snyder (Karen) was probably the best out of the cast as she shows a no nonsense type of behavior and showing perfecty attitude and bluntness too whenever she needed to behave this way. She showed off some good enhtusiasm into her speaking as well as what to plan out on certain things. You can tell she really stuided her role but however when she struggles near the end of her perofmance when she is caught in a trap she lacks like the rest of the cast and surprisingly couldn't relate to her situation.
Jim Cagle (Ron) was terribly stiff and wooden in his role in which he's probably the worst out of the main cast in this film as he was supposed to come across as one of those masculine and macho jocks types but seemed to be just a line reader and was off on his blocking too. He didn't seem to have much going for him all that much. He wasn't over the top terrible but lacked in his acting skills.

There is a brief butt shot on Dawn Laurrie during a lustful scene.

A guys bones are sticking out of his hand
Chunks of blood is sprayed on some walls
A guys eye is stabbed by an iceberg

John Tatgenhorst has some terrible synthesizing music throughout most of the film but however, there's some effective organ playing during a lustful scene as well as some interesting cheesy guitar and keyboard riffs during a snowmobile chase. Also the neat woodwinds too. We hear a toned out quiverring 3 blind mice during a scene when the lead character looks around and discovers her friends are missing which got on my nerves big time.