Demons 2: The Nightmare Returns (1986)


Directed by: Lamberto Bava

Written by: Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Dardano Sacchetti & Franco Ferrini


David Edwin Knight .... George
Nancy Brilli .... Hannah
Bobby Rhoades .... Hank
.... Tommy
Asia Argento .... Ingrid Haller
.... Ingrid's Father
.... Helga Haller
Virginia Bryant .... Mary
Coralina Cataldi Tassoni .... Sally Day

Release Dates: Theatrical: October 9, 1986 (Italy); February, 1987 (USA)






At an apartment building a TV special is being aired of a group of teens who investigate the legendary forbidden zone, in which once took place a Demon infestation which was a true incident in their town and what could happen if this incident occurs again as many of the residents are watching the show.
One of the residents named Sally Day (Coralina Cataldi Tassoni) is celebrating her birthday and having a party at her apartment but is very unhappy about her party especially when her ex-boyfriend is about to come and join.
She locks herself in her room and watches the TV show.
While she watches the show the teens on the screen finds a lifeless corpse of a demon, one of the teens causes the resurrects it when her blood caused by a cut drips on the corpse. Then the demon notices Sally watching the TV screen as it comes out of the TV and attacks her.
She kills all her friends by clawing them to death as their blood starts to ooze out of the ceilings and walls causing a power outage and going into other peoples rooms causing them to turn into demons as well.
Then the demons starts to invade the building attacking others. They try to escape the building but suddenly they are all locked in as they all try to survive from being turned into demons themselves.


Nice cheesy low budget opening credits perfect for an 80's horror flick and then we hear a brief narration on what happened in the previous film which seemed rather effective since it assures the viewers that this is a sequel since we watch the story and seemed like a retelling.
Then we have some teaser camera shots on what we may think is blood and someone picking up a knife only to find out a baker is decorating a birthday cake which looked clever to watch.
Also we have a moment with the birthday girl Sally Day just being upset on not knowing what to wear which looked slightly campy to watch as well as her friend trying to encourage her that she's fine with what she will wear. It does stick out in the story.
Also a perfect moment when Sally gets upset cause one of her friends invites her ex to come to the party acting like the birthday brat by locking herself in her bedroom which is another attention grabber and effective in the story too.
A good moment with a TV showing a narration on a true incident on demons which makes you think of what happened in the previous film except it shows teens driving along and doing some research near some abandoned sanitarium as this looked amusing to watch but some of it seemed to be a bit of a drag too. Also we have residents at the building watching this show which looked like a total bore by their discussions on it as well as a little boy watching carefully with the show as well as a phone ringing and corny liners on him saying that he's home alone in which looked obivously written in knowing a kid alone should never say that since you never know who's calling. Cheesy at it's best.
There's many pointless discussions with other residents including a pregnant Hannah doing some exercises which looks like a time waster.
A perfect moment with Sally watching the TV program on what goes on in the story which looked exciting more so than what we see with what the residents are doing but the suspense piles up as same incidents are happening in her living room as to what's on the screen along with the terrors happening when a demon awakens and then the demons stares outwards on the TV towards her as this for sure looked creepy to watch and drawing you in wondering if this beast is seeing her or not. Looked pretty clever and intimidating for sure. Nice special effects by what we spot here.
Perfect dark shot with the birthday cake and Sally walking out of her room to blow them out as well as neat special effects on her changing with looked terrifying while spotting all of this. However when she attacks her guests it looked a little too campy and not intense as it was supposed to have been.
Nice gruseome shots on blood dripping down from a residents roof to the ground and spotting the burns on the carpet as well as it oozing in a gymnasu-ium of the building and landing on someone in a steam room as this leaves off an impression that something horrifying is going to turn out here making you cringe a bit.
Nice effective moments with the power going out including both George and his neighbor trapped in an elevator as things looked good and still which adds some chills to the story. Yet things do seem a bit slow with the plot while we continue to keep watching.
Perfect shot on a residents dog spotting the drops of blood splashing on the carpet as well as this animal growling hysterically along with good creepy close up shots on this pet changing and then the owner trying to get away which keeps you in suspnse while watching her trying to get away but being unsuccessful. This was another attention grabber in the story.
Great shots on the demonic zombies running in the halls and attacking as well as great action on the people from the gym lead by the coach Hank to save themselves in a parking lot as there's some fair intensity that happens here. Plus some really violent moments with others struggling against these beasts while being outnumbered as this looked disturbing to watch along with a child's Mother starting to change and having to see her get killed. Also perfect close up shots on the demon zombies swarming over a vehicle towards a little girl trapped inside of it as this was well done.
Interesting and mysterious moments with the little boy looking in the silent hallway and trying to hide when we spot the now demonic Sally trying to see if there's anyone around to cause terror as this looked good and dark.
Perfect struggling shot on George trying to climb up the cables of the levator and a great shot on the now demonic neighbor of his trying to leap up to attack him and him trying to dodge her while she climbs up after him as this looked effective.
Also a good moment on Hannah being terrorised by a little demonic creature that burst out of someone's body but this object looked too cute to be terrifying which kinda makes you laugh a bit while watching all of this.
The best happens when George and Hannah try to escape the building as well as seeing residents joining them but then a nice surprising moment on them turning into demons when you least expect it offering alot of intensity into the picture and their struggles. Also a great moment when they plan to climb down the building and a classic memorable shot on the demonic Sally running and trying to attack while we see the dawn breaking which is a perfect horror feel to the story.
Perfect moment with the two of them in a TV studio that's taping them and abandoned as this looked eerie as well as what they spot on the screen with the madness almost coming back to them if they don't put an end to it that involves the demonic Sally which looked greatly done and makes you cringe.
Bottom line is that this was nowhere near to be as good like the first one. This one seems like a real average remake on the first one but this time taking place in an apartment building and what a bore it is. The demonic effects are the films drawing card.

The acting overdubbed by American actors but it seems to be in synch with the cast most of the time. David Edwin Knight (George) seemed to come across nicely onto the camera as the ideal husband by having a nice charming appeal to whatever he does here. Had the right looks too. Also shows alot of great struggling energy and freaked out attitude when he faces the terrors surrounding him. Had alot of energy into what he did in his role.
Nancy Brilli (Hannah) as his wife I totally couldn't get into but she shows a nice calmness to her role in the beginning of the story and a gentle type of person. Seemed to spring into action getting scared and freaking out when she is battling a little demon really getting into her scared attitude. Showed off nice energy when she tries to escape from the madness too. Also does well reacting in pain when she's in labour. Plus shows a nice happy behavior while spotting her baby.
We get to see Bobby Rhoades (Hank) again, our favourite pimp from the first film, but this time is a gym instructor with the same voice over actor as he stands out well in this one like he did in the first one. Shows off a good macho type of attitude making his performance look powerful and portraying a great leader while commanding everyone on what to do in order to surviving the terror. Rolls with the punches nicely here.
But the voice acting for (Tommy) who played the little boy in the film sounds obviously fake having an older actor doing the voice for him. Yet we see his personality just fine with his eyes glued to the TV showing good surprised expressions on his face. Also does well acting frightened and crying too which makes you feel sorry for him.
Asia Argento (Ingrid Haller) seemed to show her part off nicely too as a young girl showing an impressive expression on her face while watching what's on TV and getting into this nicely. She also does well acting upset and showing a good emotional attitude by what she spots. Shows off some nice energy.
Virginia Bryant (Mary) came across not too shabby as a prostitute but not a typical looking one as she shows off a giggly type of flirtatious personality. Also shows off a good hyped and wired up attitude when she's trapped in an elevator as well as showing a nice freaked out sobbing type of behavior too when she spots the terrors.
Coralina Cataldi Tassoni (Sally Day) had the most effective role in the film and the key role too in which she made her part quite worthy here. Does well with her insecure attitude as well as showing a good whiney type of behavior and emotional attitude. Also does well with her scared reactions when she spots on what's happening on her TV screen. Also does a nice job acting expressionless while blowing out candles on her cake as well as reacting well in pain when she starts to change. Plus does a great job running around when she tries to attack someone with her demonic features. She certainly showed a great terrorising energy within all of this.

Nowhere as gory as the first one.
People at a party are slashed to death by demonic claws flesh torn open.
A demon pops out of a boys chest
Some gooey bits here and there with some gun shots and axe killings but that's about it.

Simon Boswells music score is well composed but nowhere as good as Simonetti's score in the original one. He composes an excellent rockin tune for the opening credits which is totally bitchin having some guitar riffs as well as some ghostly keyboard and beat sounds too. Typically an 80's type of score for a low budgeter such as this one which is what I like. Also there's cheesy low sounds for the creepy moments happening in the halls of the apartment building as well as odd cheesy piano music too.

We do have excellent songtracks by The Smiths, The Cult , Art of Noise, Peter Murphy and Dead Can Dance

[Sally is frantically putting on her makeup]
Ulla, partygoer with camera: You look great, Sally. Honest.
Sally Day: Not true! My hair stinks! This dress stinks. Look! This whole thing is disgusting! These sleeves on this go back and fourth! What am I gonna do?
Ulla, partygoer with camera: We came to celebrate you, not your dress.

Guy #1 in 'Forbidden Zone': [exploring the spooky "Forbidden Zone"] Do you see anything?
Guy #2 in 'Forbidden Zone': Nothing! Nothing in particular!

Guy #1 in 'Forbidden Zone': [to his friends, upon finding a hideous, lethal supernatural creature lying dormant in a dark spooky alley] There's no danger!