The Ogre (1988)

Directed by: Lamberto Bava

Written by: Lamberto Bava & Dardano Sacchetti


Paola Malco .... Tom
Virginia Bryant .... Cheryl
Sabrina Ferilli .... Anna
Stefania Montorsi .... Maria
Patrizio Vinci .... Bobby

Release Date: Made-for-TV: 1988





A horror novel writer named Cheryl (Virginia Bryant) is disturbed about her childhood past and her wild imagination on her fears of a wine cellar she always had nightmares about so her and her husband Tom (Paola Malco) and their son Bobby (Patrizio Vinci) travels to a villa in rural Italy for a vacation and for Cheryl to work on her latest book.
But Cheryl continues to have nightmares stalked by an ugly ogre in the basement and thinks that the villa has a curse on it especially when the wine cellar there resembles hers as a child. What's even scarier for her is that she spotted her teddybear there that she left behind at her old house.
Cheryl continues to write about her fears into the novel she's going to publish next but suddenly her writing comes to life and she must face her fears with this ogre once and for all.


A nice cheesy beginning of the film which involved a little girl getting spooked while walking into a wine cellar showing good scared expressions as well as a good shot on a demons hand tearing out of a cocoon.
A good discussion between Tom and Cheryl when she explains about her teddybear and her childhood experience.
There is a nice shot on Cheryl looking at a painting and someone acting creepy towards her about his painting.
There's nice dark shots on Cheryl in the dark trying to get to her husband as well as spotting a corpse and screaming then a good shot on a beast attacking in front of the camera as you almost jump.
There's a good shot on Tom looking in his pocket finding worms, dirt and a teddy bear stuffed.
We have some decent stern and quarreling moments between Cheryl and Tom when she tries to tell him about a handprint in some flour and the two of them go at it. But however they smack one another which looks a bit phony.
There's a nice decent scene with Maria and Bobby playing hide and seek and then a good creepy moment with Maria down in the wine cellar with the beast attacking and her screaming.
We also spot a good shot on Anna in bed andthe beast grabbing her.
Bottom line: This one that was supposedly titled Demons 3 seriously beared no resemblamce at all and was a completely different story alltogether. It was quite boring showing very little frights and a little confusing too. In closing don't be fooled that this is another Demons flick cause it's far from it and has no class at all to top it all off especially having three Italian actors playing Americans as they don't pull it off at all.

The acting is quite bad with most of the actors but try their best. Virginia Bryant (Cheryl) tries to show her character as a woman trying to write a horror story to overcome her childhood fears but she doesn't quite succeed but she shows good fearful expressions. However in a certain scene there's great fearful expressions on her face while walking down to a wine cellar and spotting her teddy bear on a floor with a shocked reaction. She seemed very phony towards the onscreen telling this monster that she's not afraid anymore.
Paola Malco
(Tom) is incredibly stiff with his part in the film but knew how to act stern when necessary.
Sabrina Ferilli (Anna) brings on a nice charm as a neighbor in the film who was one of the only people that seemed to pull it off but mainly because her voice wasn't overdubbed proving her true italian accent.

There's a brief breast shot on Virginia Bryant taking a bubble bath

We have some ghostly music along with some chiming and tuned out piano music for the film as some of it sounds effective and the rest is a little plain and at times annoying.