Demon Seed (1977)

Directed by: Donald Cammel

Written by:
Robert Jaffe & Roger O. Hirson
Dean R Koontz (Novel)


Julie Christie .... Dr. Susan Harris
Fritz Weaver .... Alex Harris
Gerrit Graham .... Walter Gabler
Berry Kroeger .... Petrosian

Release Date: Theatrical: April 15, 1977




A scientist named Dr. Alex Harris (Fritz Weaver) developed a computerised brain based on the workings of a human brain that wanted more control of everything and took over his wife and house refusing to do his work for them and terrorises holding her hostage as his whole idea is to be reborn.
He wanted his child to feel the sun on their face.
He was desperate enough that he would kill their friends in order to be reborn and would stop at nothing.


We spot some interesting moments that involves Alex Harris with his workers and figuring out some experiments which draws your attention in which the stuff looked very furuistic by what we spot here with the robotic surroundings and everything else.
We see a mediocre moment between both Susan and Alex having an argument about their dead child which draws your attention in a little bit but however it looked like their voices were overdubbed due to audio issues while filming this piece.
A real nice intense moment with a child Amy freaking out and Joan trying to control her and help her which made you wonder if something terrible will haqppen after the forceful situations this little girl does and a real grabber in the story too.
Perfect dark moment with the computer Petrosian talking to Alex on how long he is staying in this box in which this gives you the chills that this computer has a mind of it's own leading you to watch for more as to what will happen when the story unfolds.
Perfect eerie moments when Susan tries to leave her home and the house locks her in as well as the voice of Petrosian telling her what his plans are as well as her trying to find some way on escaping and spotting a robotic hand grabbing her and other intense moments which looked powerfully done as well as her being strapped to an object and needles being put into her head as there's good close up shots on this. Plus a perfect moment on Walter Gabler entering her house as well as the computer showing a hallucination on her telling him to leave in which she wanted him to rescue him as this adds a psychological feel to all of this on her being kidnapped by this computer which isn't pleasant to watch at all.
Perfect moment when this computer serves her breakfast the next day and trying to act reasonable with her and she goes wild and trying any way to distract this object for controlling her which leaves a chill down your spine by having the feeling that she will face some deadly consequences if she doesn't obey.
Nice tortureous moment on her lying on a table as well as her room being heated up along with the floor sizzling which is a perfect peer pressuring moment on her not to have a choice but to obey this computer's needs.
A perfect effective moment with a creation being made in the laboratory of the home spotting a giant cube like object which is one of the memorable moments that we spot in the film.
Another perfect peer pressuring moment when she is forced to look happy and pleasant when Alex comes into the home else he will be killed which makes you wonder if she will shape up. Plus a good moment when she insists she leaves and never wants to see him again as you know she needs him to help her save him as this scene really draws you in greatl wondering as to what will happen next.
The action steams up when Alex tries to fight the evil computer with the lasers trying to attack him as well as a famous scene with the cube spinning and heading towards him which looked perrfectly deadly to watch and keeping you in suspense by wondering if he will survive this or not.
Perfect shots looking down on Susan when the plan for her to give life to this computer being as there's alot of interesting effects happening when this is all happening which has an artistic look to everything and quite colourful too.
Things look intense when there is a struggling matter between Alex trying to make sure this computer gave birth to being a human being and Susan trying to stop him as things looked genuinely insane and making you watch for more of this happening along with nice close up shots on a metallic hand and head appearing ;ater on which looked nicely done.
Bottom line is that this film was a very eerie, twisted but well done tale. I had a difficult time understanding the plot but I soon learned about it more and more. However the story is quite slow and doesn't follow a huge storyline. The story is definetely evil but it had great effects in it too. Watch the ending of this film it is sooo weird.

The acting is very dated but still nicely performed. We have a good starring role by Julie Christie (Dr. Susan Harris) as she knows how to portray her part when she realises that she is trapped in her house under the power of a computer. She shows some perfect intense emotions along with acting perfectly insane. Does well showing off her aggressive atttiude along with rolling in with the punches greatly by getting forceful with stuff and acting truly reckless in which she offers a nice powerful attitude within this. During the beginning of her performance does a nice job acting caring and trying to act patient with someone as she offers a nice versatality into whatever she does here.
Fritz Weaver (Alex Harris) seemed a bit stiff and wooden in his role but drew across a nice seriousness to his presence. He seemed to show some decent energy though when he was struggling against his onscreen wife near the end of his performance drawing great tension by what he had to do offering alot of high paced adrenaline.
Gerrit Graham (Walter Gabler) had an okay supporting role as one of those intelligent types whom is believeably genuine. He does well showing his concerned expressions and reactions to stuff as well by trying to dig out information to someone else which also came off perfectly as well as showing nice nervousness to stuff too. He showed some nice blocking while trying to dodge lasers or any terrors that tried to strike him and showed off great energy within all of this.
We also have a terrific voice over performance by Barry Kroeger (Petrosian) who makes his voice sound very cold and demonic which is the many reasons why this film is very eerie.
He adds a great darkness to everything as well as doing well by sounding reasonable and patient too. Yes his voice work was marvellous and stands out perfectly into this film in general.

Julie Christie has a brief breast shot when she crawls out of bed and after she takes a shower but by any means this is NOT a T&A film.

A guys head is chopped off. Otherwise not a goreflick.

The music composed by Jerry Fielding is terrific with its screechy sound effects and other creepy tones. Some of it almost sounds similar to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes. Alot of good violin music as well as trumpter and drum playing throughout alot of the scene's as well as good dark tones for the eerie situations which makes the moments worth while to watxh since this composer took his time to concentrate alot on these moments pice by piece..