Demonwarp (1988)

Directed by: Emmett Alston

Written by: Emmett Alston & Bruce Akiyama

Story by: John Carl Buechler


David Michael O'Neill .... Jack Bergman
Pamela Gilbert .... Carrie Austin
Colleen McDermott .... Cindy Ossman
Hank Stratton .... Fred Proctor
Billy Jacoby .... Tom Phillips
George Kennedy .... Bill Crafton
Michelle Bauer .... Betsy

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: September, 1988




A father named Bill Crafton (George Kennedy) spends time with his daughter Julie (Jill Marin) in an isolated cabin out in the woods and are terrorised by what seems to be a Bigfoot type of alien creature who takes Julie away.
Some days have passed and a group of young friends go to the cabin for some fun and relaxation which is owned by an uncle of one of the friends named Jack Bergman (David Michael O'Neill) but is warned by Jack about the dangers the goes on there.
Everyone ignores Bill's warning but however due to a prank with one of the friends named Fred Proctor (Hank Stratton), he disguises himself in a Bigfoot mask to scare one of the girls named Cindy Ossman (Colleen McDermott) after taking a shower and is taken away by this monster along with killing another one in their group named Tom Phillips (Billy Jacoby) so the remaning survivors plan to stick together and go out in the woods to try and find help. But this monster seems to be on their tail as once it kills a person they turns into zombie's or one of the monster's people for their crashed spaceship to perform gruesome sacrifices.


The film was fairly slow during the beginning as well as moments that were supposed to make you jump out of your seat which is a complete failure but yet it does pick up a bit and while watching it all the way through can be fun and entertaining.
Alot of the one liners seemed awfully cheesy and the direction as well as the odd performances were a bit unconvincing too.
A corny beginning with a Minister preaching while reading a bible walking his horse near a deserted area as well as a close up on his expressions after he spots a spaceship crash landing.
There's a corny discussion with Bill Crafton and his daughter playing a trivia game in their cabin which doesn't look convincing and too planned out.
There's a cheesy camera shot with Bill by a doorway of the cabin and the alien monster smashing through and grabbing his daughter. A good close up shot on Bill lying there looking shocked and passing out. There is a nice shot on the alien dragging his daughter away unconcious with scratches on her face.
We spot alot of campy discussions with the teenage characters driving along and having fun which looked fun to watch.
There's a good stern and serious moment with Bill getting demanding towards the kids about the dangers of the area and telling them to leave with a good shot on Jack Bergman pointing a gun at his head and getting very firm with him.
There's a corny discussion between Fred Proctor and Tom Phillips by trying to fool one of the girls about a monster coming to get them.
Nice shot on Fred Proctor outside peeking in a window wearing a monster mask with a good camera shot on the window with Cindy Ossman coming out of a shower and a good shot on her running away with Tom catching her and calming her down telling her it was a joke and to take a breath. This moment looked well done with a boyfriend to his girlfriend.
There's a shot on Fred spotting something outside and pounding on the door that something is out there which seemed way too obvious and unconvincing in which the makers tried to give this moment a good horror feel to it but failed.
There's many cheesy shots onthe alien's hand trying to pull a door open with his hands and Jack trying to shot this beast as well as a shot on him holding back by pointing a gun along with amateursih screams of the two main teenage girls. There's also a cheesy shot on the alien grabbing Tom in the air as well as close up shots on this monster trying to break his neck which really lacked.
There's a good serious discussion with all three of the characters Jack talking to Carrie Austin and Cindy
on what to do to try and get help as they try to act brave without losing it which seemed fairly well done and convincing.
There's many great shots on the three of them trying to be cautious as they track down beartraps without being caught in them which looked convincing that they were trying to survive this madness.
Cheesy discussion between supporting characters Betsy and Tara drinking beer and riding in their jeep having a good time in which seemed a bit wooden.
There's a nice shot on the alien peeking through some bushes while there's a shot on Betsy and Tara having a discussion realising their garden has been dried up along with a good shot on Betsy taking off her top while she's getting ready to sunbathe.
There's a good shot on Betsy lying down and looking up with her screaming along with a good close up shot on the alien grabbing Tara's head as well as a shot looking up on the alien grabbing her. There's also a good distance shot on Betsy running away topless carrying her shirt.
A good serious discussion with Bill talking about what killed his daughter along with a good shot on Jack pointing a gun towards him and getting firm and aggressive ordering him to come with him and his friends which looked fairly strong.
There's a good shot on a hiker being trying to run away with shots looking down on his feet running away as well as the alien's bigfoot feet chasing after him. There's also a good shot looking up on the alien looking down monstrous and then a nice shot on this hiker being crushed and killed with a good shot on his eyes going wide and paranoid.
There's a good shot with the alien smashing through a tent and grabbing Cindy with a good close up shot on her stabbing him and acting vicious. There's also a good shot on the alien going towards Betsy and knocking her unconcious.
There's good close up shot's on the alien's monstrous face as well as Bill's as he bashes his head against a rock several times but yet the blocking on this didn't look brutal at all like it was supposed to be.
There's a good shot on Jack waking up trying to gain concious and looking around realising he's by himself with a good shot looking a bit back to view the damaged tent and everything else.
There's a nice shot on him spotting Cindy wobbling and walking away with him calling to her as well as trying to catch up to her with a good close up shot on her head turning with good gruesome results which looked good and creepy.
There's a good moment with Jack shooting the bigfoot monster and then a nice effects shot on the creature turning into a person which reveals a friend with him laughing and crying telling him he didn't mean to hurt him which showed some nice strong emotions.
There's many good camera takes and strong lines with the Minster preparing to do a sacrifice while holding up a dagger as well as a nice camera shot rolling in on his victim which happens to be Betsy.
There's a great moment with Jack shooting everyone in the room while trying to rescue Carrie with a shot on her lying tied down.
There's a great discussion with Jack telling Fred to come with him and he insists Jack to leave him in a good aggressive tone showing his arm to them growing hair which showed a great solid impression on all of this. There's also a great close up shot on Fred by showing painful expressions while turning like he was becoming a werewolf.
All in all mentioned with some of the corniness discussed there's something about this film that makes it impressive. Let's see here.
Ahh yes, a Bigfoot type of monstrous alien which kills anything there and turning them into zombie's which is a nice highlight. We all hear about the legends of Bigfoot in the forest wondering if they are true or not and some think that Bigfoot could be an alien from another world which it very well shows on here. But this character is NOT something you'd want to encounter at all. The outfit on this creature looked not too bad but sometimes you can tell it's a costume as it only looked half scary.
There's great prosthetics however on the actors who are resurrected as zombie's in which they looked gruesomely creepy and had almost a George A. Romero zombie feel to everything surrounding this. So another good pointer here.
There's also lots of skin in this film to anyone who'd love to get aroused while being scared which it lacks but the nudity didn't seem to cover the cheesy plot as some of the plot was well done too in certain spots of it.
Plus the film didn't look totally made for video even if that's where it went and reminded me of one of those made for cable flicks in which I always had fun watching those types.
There's some nice sacrifices inside an alien ship stuck inside some sort of a cave which looked exciting but then again with the squishy looking aliens and zombie's seemed a bit too much at times. Yet there's alot of powerful heroic moments with the lead character trying to sacrifice his life while trying to rescue his girlfriend or any other survivors held here.
There's also an interesting ending showing the two main character's having nightmares after the incident and then telling the audience it's not over yet along with this character waking up again. It makes you think "It's just another dream. No!!!! It's really happening!"
Bottom line is this is a film that's so bad it's good and seems to be almost like a tribute to those old fashioned horror/sci fi alien monster movies but with updated gore for the time it was released. It's not really scary except for the zombie's and sometimes with the Bigfoot alien.

The acting is fairly average but some of these cast members tried their best even of most of them remained virtual unknowns. Lead actor David Michael O'Neill (Jack Bergman) showed a good serious attitude towards his character and knew how to pull alot off with his performance. He does well acting firm and aggressive too when necessary during the horror moments that occur. He's definetely suitable to be the leader of his friends on the trip they all went to.
Hank Stratton
(Fred Proctor) seemed at times cheesy as a goofy type who likes to pull pranks but yet he stood out very well with what he had to do in it. He was also perfect with his performance close to the end of the film by acting very out of it which he makes it impressive that something is very wrong with him as well as showing great energy towards the end of his performance. So although he seemed a bit cheesy at first with his role in it he proved himself to be a worthy character actor during the end of it all.
Colleen McDermott
(Cindy Ossman) seemed quite phony with her screaming and crying but yet looked good for her role in it and knew how to behave very serious and tense later on in which I was convonced she can do the odd good job with certain parts of her role in it and worked very hard while doing this so I give her good credit alltogether.
A poor reaction on with her screaming which looked a bit amateurish when she gets out of a shower was a perfect example of her lack of efforts. There is a sobbing result on her after her onscreen boyfriend is killed which was not believeable at all.
Billy Jacoby
(Tom Phillips) brought great spunk to his part in the film as one of those jokesters too along with a perfect charm too bringing some nice wit and humor too. I've always enjoyed his work in shows since I spotted him in the cult classic comedy film Just One of the Guys and his semi regular role in the trashy sitcom Silver Spoons. He does great towards the end of his performance here resurrected as a zombie by being goofily scary. However some parts of his performance lacked like
his cheesy results on him screaming and trying to struggle from the onscreen alien monster.
George Kennedy
(Bill Crafton) was credited as the first cast member in the film because he's a household name but his role was really just a supporting one. He does his best with his cheesy lines and pulls it off well with his disturbed attitude by what went on. Plus knew how to act brave when necessary and heroic too. Tries his best in a scene to try and grab and axe to get someone's attention but he looked cheesy doing this with the takes that he does. He truly deserves to get better work and was in alot of bad films during this time period unlike he did during the beginning of his stardom.
Of course we get about a 15 or 20 minute performance by sex pot and trashy cult b-film scream queen Michelle Bauer (Betsy) whom comes off as a bit phony in which I was certain she tried to pull off a southern accent during the beginning of her performance which wasn't convincing at all. She seemed to have fairly good lung power with her screaming in which this time she doesn't portray an evil one like she has so often in other low budget horror films. She also does an okay job during an emotional time by getting spooked out of her head. Does okay almost losing control of sobbing which seemed almost energetically performed but it needed a bit more. I never found her to be a good actress though and was chosen due to her looks. This is one of her better film's since the rest were pretty bad and full of skin covering a bad plot and budget. She started her career doing soft core pornography which explains everything mentioned that was negative about her.

Pamela Gilbert is bare breasted in bed having a sexual orientation with her onscreen boyfriend.
Colleen McDermott
is bare breasted as well after taking a shower as well as a back window shot on her exposing her butt.
Michelle Bauer
takes off her top full breasts exposed to sunbathe and of course runs away topless carrying her shirt after she spots the bigfoot monster killing her friend. Later on she is lying fully topless in a spaceship when a sacrifice on her is about to occur.
Gilbert is barebreasted once again too in the spaceship when a sacrifice is about to happen.

Woman's head is torn off by the bigfoot type monster.
Piece of a hand is thrown onto the ground in a wooded area.
Zombie's mangled face is exposed.
Hiker is stabbed by the bigfoot monster with his body starting to cut open.
Woman's side of a face is half torn exposing her mangled eye after being resurrected as a zombie.
Heart is torn out of a woman in a spaceship when a sacrifice starts to happen.

The music sounds cheesy made for TV like but I enjoyed it as there's light synthesizer outerspace sci-fi sounds here and there around the cabin and the forest. Plus there's some light romantic piano playing for a certain lustful scene. During when this beast attack there's the typical made for video synthesizer violin suspenseful sounds with some drum beats and the odd screeching sounds with some low cheesy gloomy music too which seemed to work well on what was going on. which was all done by Dan Slider. Two years later, he composed music for the reality TV series America's Funniest Home Video's.