The Descent: Part 2 (2009)

Edited & Directed by: Jon Harris

Written by: James McCarthy, J Blakeson & James Watkins


Shawna Macdonald .... Sarah
.... Susanne Small
Douglas Hodge .... Dan
Josh Dallas .... Greg
.... Cath
.... Vaines
Michael J. Reynolds .... Ed Oswald

Release Dates: Fantasy Filmfest: August 24, 2009 (Germany); Frightfest: August 31, 2009 (UK); Grimm Up North! Horror Film Festival: October 29, 2009; Night Visions Film Festival: October 30, 2009 (Finland); Cinemare Film Festival: November 6, 2009 (Finland) Limited Theatrical: December 2, 2009 (UK)

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Sarah (Shawna MacDonald) survived the hellish incident from the cave dwelling creatures that killed her friends but the authorities don't believe her story so she has to return to the cave with them to find the remaning bodies as well as these creatures awaiting to feast on them.


A nicely still and focused moment with Sarah inside an institution and being questioned by Susanne Small on the incidents that happened in the previous film which works in well for a sequel as well as good camera shots on the two of them in a room which was perfectly focused in. The moments were well dramatised.
Great situation with someone letting a dog loose to check something out and then hearing it making some upsetting noises as you get a sinking feeling that something awful will happen later on and boy does it make you jump when things are silent and still. Then suddenly BAM!
Many good moments on the gang going hiking inside the cave which was perfectly lit on the people looking like miners as well as the nicely looks inside the cave with sharp rock objects and other areas looking magical like too.

Also a good shot on the dead corpses of Sarah's friends and then turning on the video camera of the footage on what happened in the last flick as this brings your attention a great deal while spotting on what's going on as well as Sarah using the camera to spot anything unusual.
A perfect attack by a creature towards one of the guys as there's great close up camera shots on this beasts biting away at him as this doesn't look pleasant at all offering some decent horror violence here along with fast action painful situations on this victim too.
A perfect moment with Vaines looking around in a cave cautiously which keeps you in suspense that things are too still and quiet and then a great jumping moment by a creature appearing which is pretty scary when all of this was brought together.
Nice shot on both Sarah and Susanne falling into a mucky type of pit with grerat inensity on them struggling against one of the creatures but however when we find out what it's used for is utterly disgusting and I really found that something like this was unnecessary to use in the film.
Nicely focused shot on both of them trying to stand still in an area without the creatures hearing their move and trying to keep it this way but then we spot a rat walking by as one of them does the unwise move on freaking out which makes you shake your head knowing that their lives are at stake with these beings. Defientely keeps you in suspense while watching this situation though.
Perfect shots on them trying to get away by ducking underwater through narrow alleyways of the caves which looked smoothly done.
Nice intense moment on Cath attacking them and then Sarah trying to talk sense into her as this makes you watch carefully wondering if she will snap out of it like from what happened in the first movie. Yet it still doesn't explain as to how a certain person in the cave went crazy which is my criticism on both of these flicks.
Perfect jumping situation when a cliff crumbles with both Sarah and Vaines are handcuffed to a cliff and Cath has a hard toime pulling both of them up and has to make a decision which is a good psytchological moment as well as an element that we spot which is gruseome and painful in the same vein as watching one of the Saw flicks. Plus a great dark camera shot looking down on the creatures quickly climing up from a distance towards them as this was clevely and suspensefully shot too.
A perfect emotional moment between Sarah and Cath on a devastating moment between one of them which looked good, dramatic and strongly put into the story making you feel sad while we spot on what goes on here as well as a moment on what Sarah does to try and save Susanne from these beasts which is well focused by what we see here.
Bottom line is that this shows more action than in the original flick but at the same time a mediocre flick regardless. There's some good dramatic moments along with forceful situations between certain nasty types which wasn't revealed in the original so I will cut this sequel some slack for that. Opens a door for another sequel but that's unlikely to happen if we haven't seen one by now. The story seems to go around in circles a bit. Has good effects and nice gruseome moments too.

The acting is still well performed in which we have a good reprising role by Shawna Macdonald (Sarah) as she does well by acting silent and disturbed as well as being in shock by what all had happened during the beginning of her perofmrnace here. Studied these moments quite well here. Also does well with her tough attitude as well as her wisdom on stuff and was good with her online speaking too. Plus does well with her energetic and anxious attitude. Plus near the end shows off a great upsetting and emotional attitude too.
(Susanne Small) drew in well as a police officer and shows a nice focus and seriousness when questioning someone as she shows off perfectly onto the camera when she does this which she stutided this scene nicely. Also does well acting freaked out or scared when the terror strikes her offering a perfect hyped up type of behavior in which she shows a nice versatality. Plus was great with her emotional attitude near the end of her performance.
(Cath) seemed to breeze through well in her supporting role with her tough as nails type of persnoa and draws this across convincingly. Also does well with her speaking too. Does a nice job acting wild and crazy in a scene when she's about to attack someone which adds a great hype to what she does. Plus does a good job when she reacts weak and dying in pain near the end of her performance.
(Vaines) however had the most effective role in the film as someone whom is gruff and obnoxious which he had a great powerful charisma by doing this along with showing off a perfect crontrolling type of attitude too. Plus he had the brawny types of looks and appeal towards all of this to top it all off. I enjoyed his performance as he definetely makes you want to hate him for sure and a true character actor.

Creatures bite and chew the flesh off of people including their necks and other parts of the bodies.
Body parts are revealed as well as bloodies corpses.
A person's wrist is being chopped off by an axe.
Creatures are being slayed.

Perfectly strong banging and clanging sounds as well as the booming effects to make you jump for when the scene's occur as it works marvellously. Also nice low trombone playing and great echoey classical orchestral music too which really comes across great onto the screen. Alot of fine smooth and peaceful as well as sad violin playing along with drum banging and poundings too.