Devil's Due (2014)

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Allison Miller .... Samantha McCall
Zach Gilford .... Zach McCall
Sam Anderson .... Father Thomas

Release Date: Theatrical: January 17, 2014

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A couple named Samantha (Allison Miller) and Zach (Zach McCall) end up getting married and spend their honeymoon out in Mexico as they videotape their adventures together encountering a strange psychic telling Samantha a deadly fortune as well as a mysterious cab driver taking them to an underground lounge where there's a strange lost document on their honeymoon as she ends up becoming mysteriously pregnant and her moods start to change and making her becoming totally powerful and insane using demonic powers too as her unborn child is apparently the next antichrist to be reborn.


An impressive beginning of the film showing the found footage of a basket case husband which is Zach being questioned in a police headquarters office on the day the baby was due which leads to a mysterious moment. A nice touch here. Then we spot him taking place months before filming some people inside a house partying which leaves things a perfect mystery as well as him climbing up to a window and catching up towards Samantha by surprise after taking a shower in the bathroom which makes you wonder as to what will happen here and a nice jumping moment with her dog barking at him.
Some nice uplifting moments with them at their wedding as well as their party with music playing which really draws you in to fool you that nothing will go wrong in this story until halfway through the flick.
Nice scenery on their honeymoon acting full of life and cracking jokes which all of this looked realistic on the two of them just being married and enjoying life.
We spot a nicely concentrated moment when Samantha goes in to get her palm read as this leaves you a feeling that something good won't be told about her fortune as we spot this psychic getting aggressive and forceful with her about what is to happen to her. Although this was supposed to be suspenseful and intense it does work that way but at the same time seemed a bit cheesy too.
We then spot a fun and mysterious moment with a foreign cab driver taking them to an underground lounge during their honeymoon holiday in which it looked fun tio watch with people dancing and drinking just everything going wild. Suddenly there's a teaser here later on as the camera goes to some cult ceremony which looks like Samantha lying on a ground as this for sure boggles you and wondering what the hell is going on here. This was a nice key to what will unravel later on in the plot.
More enjoyable moments that looked natural when Samantha finds out that she's pregnant as well as other family members coming over and celebrating. This all looked believeable.
Also a perfect attention grabber is when Zach is videotaping Samantha while sleeping and suddenly her eyes are wide open expressionless and she grabs his arm hard as you really wonder as to what gives with this. For sure looked creepy.
Another mysterious moment is when Samantha is shopping for food and opens up a package of meat caught on the surveillance camera and she gorges out big time which also looked freaky to watch.
Plus we have a conversation between Samantha and Zach near a parking lot as well as a van backing up almost hitting Samantha with perfect intense moments on her freaking out and smashing their windows as this was a total psychological feel to a pregnant woman getting upset with idiots not watching as to what they're doing. A perfectly peowerful scene indeed.
Another perfect moment that keeps you in suspense is when a doctor injects a large needle into Samantha's stomach and she acts violent demanding them to take it out as you wonder if something reckless will happen here that it's so drawn in.
A good camera shot with Zach discussing to a friend about Samantha's behavior in which this was drawn in very seriously and showing concerns on her mental health which works in well for a horror story and about suggestive possessions.
There's a good moment on a party happening with a child taking the camera to go and find Samantha as well as the new baby cradle in which she calls for her and things look perfectly dark and silent which for sure gives you the chills big time as well as her looking at a rocking cradle and a surprise shot on Samantha's actions towards her as this was brought to the extreme looking perfectly spooky and horrifying.
Things look good and cute when a child of the family does their catholic ceremony with Zach video taping her smiling as well as Father Thomas standing next to Samantha talking but coughing heavily which also grabs your attention that something is wrong when this is happening and makes you want to watch for more later on in the sotry when he is doing his ceremony and boy do things look crazy and devastating when this moment happens looking a bit gruesome with nose bleeds etc and kids screaming. A nice tie in to the story.
Later on there's a good moment with Zach filming him in the hospital and questioning him on what happened and about his wife and boy do things look unpredictable on this preacher and will make you jump big time too adding more intensity to the story which looked cool.
A perfect moment with Zach coming into a dark room with Sammantha kneeling down and humming to herself and him trying to talk to her which makes you cringe big time wondering if she will freak out and attack.
Nice moments with teenagers out in the woods filming and having a good time and then suddenly spotting a slaughtered deer and then them coming up towards Samantha with her back turned eating another deer as well as them trying to catch her attnetion and we spot intense supernatural powers that you don't often see in a found footage horror film which can make you jump big time and looking deadly as well.
Perfect creepy moments with a caretaker coming into the room where Samantha is while we spot her cutting up a pentagram on the floor with a knife which doesn't look pretty and more creepy stuff about to happen.
Great intense moments with a special effects shot on a door blowing open when he tries to go and see Samantha. on him driving in a storm and almost hitting a vehicle which really makes you watch for more.
We also have a perfect scary moment when Zach is hiding in his home while people involved by a cult is coming in as you wonder if he will get caught or not.
Then we spot some intense supernatural powers against Zach with Samantha acting crazy as well as later on a good shot on Zach being held down by a couple of guys and then the real moments about to occur in the story which looked very strange.
Bottom line is that this looked intense like any found footage horror flicks turning out happy and then terrifying with many jumps and disturbing moments but it has been done to death like in The Last Exorcism, Paranormal Activity and even Blair Witch Project. The makers tried to make it look as original as possible but didn't go too far. Still it's not a bad film regardless. Worth checking out if you are a fan of these types. However using special horror effects in a found footage flick doesn't seem to work in too well.

The acting stands out nicely as Allison Miller (Samantha McCall) is a perfect versatile actress showing no boundries in which she shows off a great lifelike attitude and enjoying her wedding and honeymoon offering a perfect bubbliness to her character and acts natural while being in a party mood too. Did a good job feeling frightetened and uncomfortable after having her pakm read and knowing how to be belieeably spooked by all that was happening around her. She also does a nice job feeling sick acting like she was in a hangover with how she was reacting to stuff. Does well acting obsessive along with driving a perfect insanity with her violent reactions to stuff which shows a perfect change in her personality as well as her freaking out a great deal and acting believeably insane too. Plus does a great growly voice with her screaming and offering great vicious expressions within this. She offered a perfect horror characteristics thoughout all of this. Also does well acting in pain or attacking someone showing perfect blocking to the extreme while we watch making you jump at times.
Zach Gilford (Zach McCall) also adds a great charming attitude into his part of the film as a happy go lucky type plus knew on how to be a perfect flirt and tease too. Was great with his cheerful speaking and acting full of life too. Also acts overly excited when he finds out that he's going to have a baby which comes acorss as very believeable. Also does well with his concerned behavior along with acting perfectly worried about stuff. Plus was believeable when he acts frusterated when something is lost showing out a terrific negative energy within this. Does a nice job panicking too when the terror starts to strike which he brought to the extreme.
Sam Anderson
(Father Thomas) brought your attention onto the screen as a mellow and caring type of preacher and studying this part nicely. Also does a good job while coughing and having a hard time controlling it which looked believeable as well as him breaking down and suffering as he brought out alot of intensity into all of this. Plus does a good job speaking silently in a hospital and acting disturbed which offers a great new twist on his characteristics plus knew on how to act intense and freaking out offering a great energy to his extreme which worked terrifically. He for sure had a perfect drive for this role.

Guts are torn out of a couple of dead deer in the forest.
A preahcer has a gruesome nosebleed and coughs out blood.
The odd violent bloodshed here and there.

Well not much to mention on the soundtrack here since it was a found footage film but there's some good heavy breathing and rumbling sounds. Also alot of crashing noises to add to the terror and jumps into the story for sure.