The Devil's Moon (2004)

Directed by: David DeFino

Written by: Richard Steiner


Philippe Kane .... Cody
Erika Doering .... Allison Cartwright
Larnell Stovall .... Marcus
Tiffany Shepis .... Zelda
Trent Haaga .... Cletus
Timothy Muskatell .... Samuel Parks
Rainbow Underhill .... Gretal

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2004

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Cody (Philippe Kane) is not having a great day as he lost his wife plus was fired by his supervisor Allison (Erika Doering) as she's having a rough day herself being stood up by her friend from a staff party whom was murdered by a rapist named Samuel Parks (Timothy Muskatell) and next her car broke down as Samuel wants her for his next sacrifice in a wooded area to make him imortal by the devil but she escapes and Cody happens to be there when she jumps out of this killers car.
They are forced to help one another as the two of them are stranded in the woods from this killer plus are encountered other gothic people performing rituals and are in for a terror.


The film was quite amateurish but did show a good psychotic moment in the very beginning with Samuel Parks getting aggressive with a woman tied onto a bed but he hits her as it looked extremely phony.
There's good shots between Cody getting obnoxious with Allison Cartwright in an office area which looked dysfunctional.
We spot good camera takes on both Cody and Marcus smoking up and shooting the shit with one another as it looked pretty natural.
We have a close up shot on Samuel doing a ritual in the woods but it looked very amateurish and humiliating.
There's a good aggression with Samuel in his vehicle towards Allison with her acting creeped out but at the same time it was a little too much. Plus with the camera takes you can tell the car is parked when really in the story the vehicle was supposed to be driving.
There's a scene where Samuel is chasing after both Cody and Allison in the woods which was lacking on energy big time.
We spot many bland argumentations between both Cody and Allison lost in the woods and trying to find help.
There's a battling moment between Cody and Samuel which looked very sloppy but there is a nice shot on Cody whacking him brutally with a stick.
We spot crappy moments on people performing a ceremony in the woods showing no spunk at all on what they were doing even if the performances on these people tried to make it look good.
We do spot a nice tense shot on a woman going in labor and screaming hysterically with a nice effects shot on a baby tearing out of her in an Alien type of ripoff fashion.
The filmmakers tried to make the camera shots look dark on the baby attacking but still you could tell it was a doll and very phony looking.
We have some interesting 3D type of shots with the camera zooming in on people and attacking in the woods.
The best moment was towards the end of the film with good shots on a couple of the character's as resurrected zombie's in the woods limping towards the survivors trying to get away. There's good takes on three people preparing a ceremony in the woods on how to stop the evil form happening. But this is about it folks since the filmmakers doesn't deserve any award whatsoever.
Bottom line is that the film looked like it would be fun by the title of it and so did the plotline but the story was pure trash and when I mean trash I mean a film with a boring plotline that took forever to get to the point and the only interesting moments was close to the end when the dead arises but again there was no budget for any special effects or anything like that but there is the odd computer effects if you dare want to find out by watching this no budgeter. We have kooky characters in the film that were not amusing at all and some hillbilly's which were fresh from an amateur comedy workshop with the character names Cooter and Cletus. Sound familiar? It would if you used to watch Dukes of Hazzard. Alltogether this was a whole disappointment and you're better off watching real indie horror flicks like Evil Dead. Most of the plot was about two people trying to run away from a killer.

The actors seem like they were friends of the filmmakers since they didn't seem to have any experience at all. Lead actor Philippe Kane (Cody) seemed to be the best out of all the cast members showing a good bad ass attitude with his aggressions and sarcastic remarks too. I will give him credit for doing the best he could with this film.
Erika Doering
(Allison Cartwright) who played a self centered businesswoman did the best she could and sometimes was passable with her screaming and anxious reactions but at the same time she overdoes it just a little bit. She tries to make up for it in other spots but I didn't find her much of a character actress.
Timothy Muskatell
(Samuel Parks) brought out his anger and aggressions as a serial killer and rapist but he gets carried away in many situations with the flick.
This is about it folks as we don't seem to have much inspiration with the acting for this film sad to say.

Amanda Christine Parker is tied in bed gagged as well with her breasts fully exposed
A woman lifts up her top showing both of her breasts

Some fake looking bloody slit throats
A fake decapitated head
A fake cut off hand

The music wasn't anything special and barely ever used for the story lines but we hear some toned out electric guitar riffs here and there by Steve Hitselberger.