Devon Mikolas: The man behind the lust, terror and horrifying creations!!! by Greg Tiderington

Devon Mikolas is a local New York based actor performing a couple of supporting roles in independent horror flicks with moan queen Tina Krause for Cinema Image Productions with the films 'Machines of Love and Hate' and 'And Then They Were Dead' which is available in America on DVD.
His parents were also entertainers as his mother is an actress and his father pursued photography so ever since he was little wanted to be involved in some way with the arts.
He has performed in many stage productions to top off his credit in off-Broadway productions along with acting in many TV commercials too.
His other crafts is writing and directing in which he's doing a horror short very soon but that will be mentioned later on this interview. He also has written many other screenplays hoping to get picked up and greenlit.
Devon was very kind to take time accepting this interview since he has a promising career in independent horror flicks.

  How old were you when you wanted to be an entertainer?

I was 8 years old in the third grade. We were doing a school play and I started just going off on stage. Doing all these things that were not in the script. I looked up and the little girl on stage with me was looking at me terrified. I knew right there.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

No not at all, I kind of just stumbled into it actually.

What was your first horror gig?

 "Machines of Love and Hate".

How did you come by being in
'Machines of Love and Hate'?

I auditioned for it and got the role. Then when they sent me the separate contract for the sex scene, I recognized another name, lead actor, David Runco, who I had taken an acting class with about a year before. I called him and asked if he was in. He was and I signed up right there!

What was the experience like working on the set as it seemed like a British horror?

That might be the most fun I've had as an actor. We rented a big house in the middle of nowhere where to shoot. We filmed all day and partied and hung out all night. Out in the woods! Fun!

What scene did you enjoy doing the most?

I don't think it was a scene. I think it was one night hanging out with Tina Krause watching some other actors their scene. We were kind of making fun of them but getting really into it. To this day I laugh when I think about it. "Mind control"!!! Kind of an inside joke.

What was the most challenging scene?

The most challenging scene was the sex scene. And only because I was naked and on top of Tina and my head was buried in her neck a shoulder area and I was trying not to laugh because the director was saying things like, "Yeah, more tit action". It was very hard to pull that scene off without cracking up!

Did the part as a member of a dysfunctional family remind you of anything in your life?

No, the family in that film was way more Twilight Zone then anything in my real family. Thank God!

Did you ever get feedbacks from viewers with your role as Kelvin Marks?

I didn't actually.

Where did it play at?

I think there was a European release and a DVD release here in the States but I could be wrong, don't quote me on that.

What was your next horror gig after this one?

"And Then They Were Dead".

What was it like doing 'And then They Were Dead'?

Another fun shoot. Usually when Tina is around it's a fun shoot.

Tell us every detail on what it was like doing the scene with Tina Krause searching through the mansion in the dark with flashlights as well as exploring the cellar there? Do tell us every detail.

It's funny, I remember the times when the cameras are not rolling more to tell you the truth. We were all just always laughing on that set.

Did doing that scene seem creepy as it did on screen?

No, I think we were cracking up right up until the moment they yelled, "Action"! I know it's terrible to say to the horror fans.

I'd love to hear your part as the Alley Rat Man in
'Mullberry Street'. What did you do in that film and what was it about?

Good question, the writer and lead of that film, Nick Damici, is a dear friend of mine. They wrapped the movie, did the edit and decided they needed one more intense action scene so they asked me. I got in rat zombie make up, we went to some dark abandoned alley and literally beat the shit out of each other all night long. At one point someone actually called the cops on us! They pulled up, jumped out of their car and laughed when they saw my make up. Someone had called in an assault so we must have been doing a good job!

On a side note, Nick and the director, Jim Mickle have just wrapped a post apocalyptic vampire film, Nick wrote called, "Stakeland". It looks awesome so look out for it soon! It's gonna be huge!

What kind of an experience was it like for you as I understand it was a small part?

I walked home that night and said to myself, "I wish every night was that fun"!

Do you have any other horror projects lined up?

Funny you should ask! I do, I am directing a half hour horror film I wrote called, "Salvation By Blood". It stars the up and coming, Gerald Bunsen and the lovely Tina Krause! Very high production values and I am looking to really make a splash and hit the audience right in the face! I have some feature projects I've written in development but while I wait for the money to role in for those, we are shooting this.

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror films?

The Orphanage, which I believe is flawless,
Ringu, cause it scared the crap out of me,
and The Devil's Rejects cause I just love so much about the film.
The first Texas Chainsaw Massacre never hurts either. YOU HEAR THAT STUDIOS????? YOU DON'T NEED 10 MILLION DOLLARS AND LOTS OF CGI TO MAKE A SCARY MOVIE!!!!

If you were a scream king for a day whether he'd be alive or dead. Who would he be?

Bruce Campbell. Who wouldn't want to be Bruce Campbell for a day?

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Honestly, working on a film set that's fun and being creative and expressive with your art. Good people around you is important too.

What are your ambitions in life?  

To make my mark on the film industry. To reach people with a message I might carry.