Disturbed (1990)


Directed by: Charles Winkler

Written by:
Emerson Bixby & Charles Winkler


Malcolm McDowell .... Dr. Derrek Russell
Geoffrey Lewis .... Michael Kahn
Priscilla Pointer .... Nurse Francine
Pamela Gidley .... Sandy Ramirez
Irwin Keyes .... Pat Tuel
Clint Howard .... Brian
Peter Murnik .... Brad
Lydell M. Cheshier .... Lidell
Adam Rifkin .... Gary
Deep Roy .... Marty
Carrie Lynn .... Tina
Kim McGuire .... Selina

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November 16, 1990



An evil Dr. Derrik Russell (Malcolm McDowell) at his asylum rapes one of his patient and she commits suicide shortly after by jumping off the roof in which he covers up saying it was by heavy depressions.
Then a new patient Sandy Ramirez comes along whom is secretly the daughter of that woman in which Derrik doesn't realise and apparently murders her. Yet afterwards her body isn't found and he is someone being haunted to lose his sanity alltogether while she seeks revenge on him.


The story starts off as a prologue on a disturbed mental patient as she jumps off the stop of a sanitarium building with disturbing reactions to those who have witnessed it all in which this for sure looked intense to watch all of this outcome.
Then the story takes place present day with the mental patients playing softball and it looked quite comedic to watch as I didn't know as what to expect out of this since it seemed a bit corny to watch all of this.
A new mental patient arrives in which there's intense reactions come from this one who's name is Sandy as this looked impressive as to how she talks to both Dr. Derrek Russell and Nurse Francine. This for sure looked powerful to watch the outcome of this and I was thinking it serves them right since these two people were very wicked by how they treat their patients.
Then group therapy occurs which there's bizarre moments with the patients being sarcastic or mocking another which was set nicely in a psych ward since we expect all of this to unravel and it looked well done.
An attention setting that was interesting to watch was Sandy approaching Derrek talking symopathetically towards him as well as coming on strong towards to him as I wondered as to whether or not we will give in or not which looked genuinely twisted to watch.
Then when night hits there's some great intensity with what he plans to do with her as this looked perfectly evil and making me think that this ward is very dysfunctional to watch. Good intense close up shots on all of this.
Then the terrors happen to drive Derrek insane as there's suggestive hauntings which adds a good psychological feel to all that happens during the rest of the story.
One of the patients named Pat gets sent to the quiet room as he slaps Francine in the face which drew a smile while watching this getting what's coming to this wicked nurse and she violently responds as the story is more and more turning dysfunctional by what's happening so far.
During another situation with Derrek, he is in his bed and a woman is lusting towards him with a good camera shot rising up on the body of this woman with a shocking moment as this was good to add into a horror story.
Near the end of the movie there's a confrontation with Sandy towards Derrek on the top roof of the sanitarium as this was done in fair shape but nothing too exciting or overly suspenseful like it was intended to be.
Bottom line is that this seems more of a mystery than a horror flick but it would just pass as a psychological horror. The story is quite slow with the odd entertaining pieces. Not a bad film at all but it needed to pick up the pace a bit. The budget is as low as a TV movie.

The acting is a bit dated but in fair shape nevertheless in which Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Derrek Russell) does a splendid job as the head doctor at the ward in which he seems to do a nice job by acting evil as well as losing his sanity in which he shows off a great intense attitude while acting like this alltogether. He was a great choice indeed.
Geoffrey Lewis (Michael Kahn) really brought his charm onto the screen as a high in functioning mental patient as he really comes across as wise and nearly sane. He brings out some good energy and enthusiasm onto the screen as well as having the right looks and appeal to this role.
Priscilla Pointer (Nurse Francine) I found to be the best in the cast as she lived to play an evil worker in the sanitarium. Has a nice wicked motive as well as having a believeable controlling and cold attitude towards the people at the sanitarium. She really makes you want to hate her for what she does.
Pamela Gidley (Sandy Ramirez) has a perfect arrogant attitude and does well by not taking crap from anyone. She has a great sneering attitude within everything that she does here and has the perfect motives for all of this. She was proven to be a one tough bitch in the flick. Two thumbs up for this actress.
Irwin Keyes (Pat Tuel) shows it off nicely at a dimwitted patient of the bunch. He was great acting dumb minded with his actions but however, he seemed a bit too comedic and should've been more convincing with his actions but he still did a nice job in the story.
Clint Howard (Brian) seemed to do well with his hyped behavior as another mental patient in which does a fine job by acting crazy or bizarre and even was convincing by acting gross to top it all off. He for sure seemed to study his role convincingly.
Adam Rifkin (Gary) was another fine one that grabbed my attention as a patient in which he brings his hyped up attitude big time and was convincing manic or not safe to be around cause he is so crazy but whatever he does here. He for sure brought his character to life by making him a truly disturbed type of the bunch.

A butt and breast shot on a woman on top of a guy is revealed.

A headless body is revealed.

Steven Scott Colley does quite well with his composing for this piece in which he has alot of dark sounds and other spooky composing for the creepy moments. At times he uses his synthesizer for classical sounds which sounded a little outdated but it wasn't terrible. Alot of the times he seriously makes the scene's for what he does sounds very effective.