Disturbing Behavior (1998)


Directed by: David Nutter

Written by: Scott Rosenberg


.... Steve Clark
... Rachel Wagner
Tobias Mehler .... Andy Effkin
Nick Stahl .... Gavin Strik
Steve Railsback .... Officer Cox
Bruce Greenwood .... Dr. Edgar Caldicott
William Sadler .... Dorian Newberry
A.J. Buckley .... Charles 'Chug' Roman
Derek Hamilton .... Trent Whalen
Katharine Isabelle .... Lindsay Clark
Ethan Embry .... Allen Clark
Terry David Mulligan .... Nathan Clark
Susan Hogan .... Cynthia Clark

Release Dates: Theatrical: July 24, 1998






A new kid in school Steve Clark (James Marsden) doesn't seem to fit in as he encounters an evil group of jocks called Blue Ribbon lead by Andy Effkin (Tobias Miller) but yet befriends with some misfits at the school lead by Gavin Strik (Nick Stahl) who shows him around and the types of crowds.
However, Gavin becomes one of them as well as realising the whole town ends up strange and not quite human caused by Blue Ribbon as him and his other friends try to put a stop to what is happening.


There's a cheesy moment between Andy Effkin and his girlfriend making out in their car at night but good shots on Gavin Strik spying near a hill on the situation and then a shocking moment when Andy murders his girlfriend as well as the police talking to him and then we spot nice close up shots on this guy's eyes turning red and shooting one of the police officers as well as the other one seeming to be in on the whole thing as it makes the moments look truly twisted and mysterious as well.
Nice situations with the freshman Steve Clark at school as well as Gavin showing him around as well as him talking in the cafeteria discussing the types of people there are with nice camera shots on all of this.
Nice moment with a misfit near a forestry area as well as the Blue Ribbon jocks circling around him and about to do an evil deed as this looked good and dark to watch leaving a nice horror impression on what is about to happen here.
Good and strong moment when one of the Blue Ribbon members Chug starts to beat the living crap on a mistfit at a supermarket by throwing him or doing painful stuff to him as he looked out of control and making you wonder if he will stop or go to jail for nearly killing this person.
Nice situation with the Blue Ribbon group inviting Steve over to their table at a diner and introducing themselves which leaves a creepy feel as to what they are. Plus we have Gavin coming in and needing to talk to Steve on a situation with this gang making this person f=to feel unwelcomed which leaves a nice territorial feel to everything.
Nice shot on Gavin entering the school cafeteria looking clean cut as well as one of his friends Rachel Wagner questioning him as well as him revealing that he's a part of the Blue Ribbon which seemed to add a nice twisted moment on everything along with the gang beating up Steve which looked fairly brutal but could've made the scene look a little more intense but a good shocking moment on Gavin making out he's helping him up and then knees him as this is a well done moment on someone taking what he thinks is a friend by surprise.
Another mysterious moment when Steve is at home and one of the lustful girl from the Blue Ribbon gang comes on strong towards him as well as acting crazy as well as what looked like a suicidal threat. Plus shows it off nicely when she acts like a machine not functioning right. All of this looked good and twisted.
Another well set moment is when Chug goes into a boiler room of the school and tries to ask Rachel out and she declines as well as him going into a rage and acting crazy in which this adds more good twisted moments to the story along with the mentally challenged janitor using a device to chase him out which leaves a good clue to what their weaknesses are to stop their evil powers.
The best scene yet is when Steve is in the forest going home and hears the Blue Ribbon gang creepily calling his name as this almost seemed to pay a tribute to the Lost Boys by how this was done in the similar horror type of fashion. Also good and twisted moments is when he arrives home and his parents even start to act strange as well as the neighbors too which almost reminds me of those old fashioned horror flicks like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Done in a fine taste like those one's but not as effective. Good shots when Steve punches someone oput and tries to escape the house and the Blue Ribbon gang corners him alltogether.
Plus a great moment when both Steve and Rachel try to go to the aid of Officer Cox and he gets brutally physical towards them and show]ves them into his car as this offers another good twisted horror moment on the town being taken over by these evil forces.
Nice moments when Steve is trapped in a chair about to be brainwashed with a machine that was done in a Clockwork Orange type fashion and the crazed Dr. Edgar Caldicott tells him on what he will become like the rest of the people on the island as it certainly delivers a cheesy type of mad evil scientist by how we spot all of this.
Great moments on Steve and Dorian Newberry planning a trap for all of these locals even if the special effects on all of this looked pretty phony. But yet lots of great action happening with car chases and stuff like that. Plus great struggling moments between him and Edgar. This looked highly energised and done in good taste.
Bottomline is that the filmmakers tried hard to make a film to attract you by using horror/mystery and sci fi into one and although it was a short and simple story at the same time it's slow in alot of spots. Seemed similar to reading the young adult novels by R.L. Stine since he's one of my favourite authors as well as paying a bit of a tribute to those weird old fashioned black and white films. It can be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it but if you're looking for scares and such you may be disappointed.

The acting isn't too shabby for this piece in which lead actor (Steve Clark) had the hunky jock guy next door looks to play the right one as a new one in town along with showing a nice seriousness to his part of the story. Plus shows a good wise type of attitude as well. Offers good struggling aggressions for when he needs to be this way. Also does well adding alot of adrenaline and good blocking while throwing punches at someone when the terrors start to occur.
Rachel Wagner) struts her stuff pretty good as well as a teenage misfit and almost having a goth type of looks and appeal to what she does here. Also shows some good concerns as well as showing off nice energy whenever she's on the alert of stuff and reacts well to things. Seemed to do well within her characteristics in the flick as well as presenting herself nicely too.
Tobias Mehler (Andy Effkin) does an okay effort by playing the lead of the Blue Ribbon group in which he shows a good coldness to his speaking along with coming off nice and creepy during the dark moments on what is happening. Also does well by acting violent when hitting someone in a cafeteria. He for sure came across as someone whom is untrustworthy.
Nick Stahl (Gavin Strik) had the most effective part in the film as he came off perfectly slick into his role as a pothead and an outsider. For sure was fast talking and quick acting at stuff. Had the right looks and appeal for this too. Plus does a great job with his versatile behavior after changing into someone evil as he nailed it well acting unpredictable towards his fellow actor. He really knew on how to role with the punches.
Steve Railsback (Officer Cox) was yet another one having an effective supporting role as he for sure was perfectly mysterious and evil in which he came across as someone whom is not human at all. Plus was great and forceful and showinh no mercy when the mandess starts to happen. Offers a perfect seriousness to his part of the story. Had the right rough looks to his part and just shows alot of good negativity into what he did.
Bruce Greenwood
(Dr. Edgar Caldicott) had the perfect pizzaz to play a mad scientist type in which he comes across as deceivingly mellow and sane as you can tell he's hiding on what is going on. Plus does a good job when he is forceful and showing off his firm speaking on what's going to happen. Offers great struggling energy near the end of his perofmrnace and really getting into this marvellously.
William Sadler (Dorian Newberry) defientely had the right motive to portray someone eccentric as the school janitor as you can tell he was trying to be mentally challenged but yet it kinda shows that he was really trying to act it out that way. It's tough to be convincing in a role such as his. He does well coming across as creepy and mysterious though as well as showing a good hyped attitude when being aggressive. So he di what he had to do. Plus had the right rough looks to be this way which was a nice plus.
A.J. Buckley (Charles 'Chug' Roman) shows it off with alot of negative spunk as one of the members of Blue Ribbon in which he seemed to play someone who lacks intelligence and comes off as a bit geeky but yet knowing on how to act obnoxious and violent just springing into action and showing it off as a dangerous type. He was for sure a piece of dynamite action into all that he did as well as having the right stocky build for his role. Does well having a tantrum just losing control as he for sure shows off by someone whom is not human at all.
Katharine Isabelle (Lindsay Clark) appears in probably her first horror flick although she had experience in other shows beforehand but different genre's. Does a good job acting as an innocent clean cut type. She shows a nice cautious attitude on what's going on in the town. Certainly breezes in and out of scene's in the film and always presenting herself quite nicely within all of this.

A lustful member of the Blue Ribbon tries to come onto the lead character with her shirt unfully buttoned and her breasts briefly revealed.

The music by was nicely composed by Mark Snow in which he has alot of deep low type of music with the synthesizer and not sounding Z-grade at all as it seems to do the trick for the dark surroundings that's invovled with the picture as well as the odd classical music that's blended in it too. We also hear alot of thumping and banging sounds along with good stick type tapping for the chasing scene's. We also hear some great guitar riffs that's used in some parts of the story too for the adventureous moments which packs a good punch as well.

Dorian Newberry: Evening Officer!
Officer Cox the BIG Rat: What are you doing?
Dorian Newberry: Oh, I'm getting rid of rats!

Randi Sklar - Blue Ribbon: Why don't you make like a tree and leave?
Gavin Strick: Clever girl.

Lorna Longley: Bad wrong, wrong bad, bad wrong, wrong bad.

Chug Roman: Will you go out with me?
Rachel Wagner: No.
Chug Roman: WHY NOT?

[after Steve begs for the family to head back to Chicago, Dr. Caldicott steps inside the Clark house]
Dr. Edgar Caldicott: Steven, you ARE home. Cradle Bay is where you belong, here with your family.
Steve Clark: You signed me up for the program?
Cynthia Clark: We want what's best for you.
Steve Clark: [screaming] WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT?
Dr. Edgar Caldicott: Steven, do you think you're really happy...
Steve Clark: Oh, shut the up! You sold me out.

Rachel Wagner: Listen, the last ferry leaves at eleven thirty. Just tell me you have a razor plan?
Steve: I am making this shit up as I go.

Dorian Newberry: Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.

Steve: Be the ball.