Doctor Sleep (2019)

Written, Edited, Cinematographed & Directed by: Mike Flanagan


.... Dan Torrance

.... Rose The Hat
.... Abra Stone
Cliff Curtis .... Billy Freeman
.... Crow Daddy
.... Snakebite Andi
.... Apron Annie
.... Barry the Chunk
.... Grampa Flick
.... Silent Sarey
.... David Stone
.... Lucy Stone

Special Appearances:

.... Dr. John
.... Bradley Trevor
Henry Thomas .... Jack Torrance
.... Deenie
.... Elderly Patient

Release Date: Theatrical: November 8, 2019




Decades after the terrible event of 'The Shining', Danny Torrance (Ewan MacGregor) is running away from his past but is in communication with a young girl Abra Stone () who has similar powers and tries to put a stop to an evil cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.


The story is exciting when there's a prologue taking place in 1980 the same year as when The Shining happened with an innocent little girl going camping with her mother and she wanders around to get flowers with a good moment on a mysterious some sort of a gypsy lady whom we later discover that is Rose the Hat acting creepily charming towards this child as this left me an impression that this lady is dangerous and the moments are fairly effective later on in this scene.
Afterwards there's what we may think is a flashback sequence with Danny Torrance peddling on his toy bike in the hotel but we could tell it's a different actor. However this is a scene that is new when he discovers that room which he's supposed to stay away from sort of explaining itself as this was fairly clever to watch that haunts him shortly after him and his Mom fled from the hotel as this was also necessary to put into the story.
Then Danny goes outside and spots Dick Hallorann as I was thinking to myself "Wasn't he killed???" It really drew onto a mysterious feel while first watching this moment unravel but after the end of the scene it explains itself pretty well. The conversations between these two really flowed and worked well into this moment.
The chemistry of course used a Stephen King type of a touch showing the story now taking place in 2011 with Danny full grown and a total basket case being around coked up people as well as roughnecks giving him a hard time which grabbed my attention.
Meanwhile Rose and her cult are in a movie theatre and spots some sort of a crazed girl Snakebite Andi doing something to what seems to be her napping boyfriend which looked twisted as well as situations on her being kidnapped by this cult which for sure looked energised. Plus a good moment on a ceremony with her involved in this mess and Rose brings out an object that takes some sort of a soul which explains situations that we didn't see in the first film.
Things roll around to present day eventually as Danny has an attic to rent with a little help from a caring local while he is a drifter which seems necessary for someone running away from his past as well as Abra Stone making communication with him through telepathy on a blackboard as this seemed interesting to watch all of this unravel.
A good moment with a child walking home after a baseball game and Rose as well as Snakebite Andi offering him a ride home which looked obviously sketchy with their charming attitude but left me a deep feeling that this wasn't a good idea at all if this child accepted.
Great intense moments with this child being tortured to death with Rose using that object to take his soul or somehow seems that way as this looked disturbing to watch especially due to that innocent child.
At the same time we spot our innocent Abra Stone screaming and waking from a nightmare on this situation as this looked incredibly well done as well as her parents coming in and she explained a murderous incident. This looked well set out.
When this happens a nice shot on Danny looking at the wall and the writing REDRUM is revealed as this was an awesome touch. Also during these situations explains that Tony was never an imaginary friend of Danny's explaining it was someone he communicated with like with the little girl he is right now. This brought my attention big time.
More effective moments when Danny makes a speech about his childhood and how he lost his father and other moments like that as well as admitting he too was an alcoholic as this was well put into the scene.
Great discussions when Danny is talking to some elderly people and an attention grabber when a cat is on their lap which makes you wonder if this animal is a death curse on them since I got a sinking feeling that they are in their death bed but how this was all set out.
Rose the Hat is in a supermarket and looks at a fridge with cold drinks as well as Abra seeming to do telepathy and let's out an aggression in which a suspenseful situation happens almost making you jump out of your seat but just not quite.
Also some nice special effects when a death scene happens here and there in which her cult is the victim along with a nice chase through the country as both Danny and Abra try to put a stop to them as the moments tease you big time since they use their special powers to try and fool them as this looked pretty clever and full of action with all of this unravelling.
While there's tragic situations that happens here and there Danny tells Abra as to where they're heading off to next in Colorado I was thinking OH YES!!!! This will please the fans of the Shining for sure and even shows off footage from the opening sequences which was a great touch as well as when they arrive there with some good light humor when Danny arrives there talking to the evil spirits. Plus we see footage from what happened as it still remained there especially the broken door that marked REDRUM. This was a classic moment for sure. Plus there's flashback memories too proving that this is for sure a sequel to the 1980 classic!
Some of the same one liners from the same ghosts that haunt the place present day and I was like WHOA!!!
To anyone who wondered as to what happened to Jack Torrance we are just about to find out but I don't want to spoil that for you. It's a nice surprise for sure.
The two twin girls appear as well as many of the other ghostly guests attacking Danny which added great class to the film along with him starting to act demented using an axe and being possessed like his Dad was in which this time explains situations better as to how he behaves like this.
Then with Rose the Hat and her cult trying to get to these two more clever moments with Abra in that garden of maze to try and trick them as this offered neat special effects and quite entertaining to watch.
Bottom line is that this sequel to The Shining looked a bit contrived but again most sequels do. However I was super happy that they made this one as it was enjoyable to watch. Nowhere near as dark or scray but very necessary and it doesn't make you wonder as to what happened to the other original characters from the 1980 flick. This is a real treat for the fans for sure and of course Stephen King did write the novel to this one too which should be a good one to read.

The acting is terrific and brought to life greatly in which (Dan Torrance) does his part with terrific style in which the original actor didn't reprise this role yet he didn't want to pursue an acting career since he was so young and this role would be very challenging so I could see as to why they went with someone else. He knew on how to act troubled as well as a basket case running away from his past. He shows good energy and brings on a kind and caring attitude too. Also adds a nice versatality when acting in a rage and being psychotic quarter way through his performance. Two thumbs up for him as he's probably the best in the cast.
(Rose The Hat) certainly brought on a perfectly wicked charm to her role as an evil leader of her cult and does a nice job with her icy words as well as her forceful attitude too. Had the perfect looks and appeal too for all of this as if she was a gypsy of some sort. Reats to things perfectly well in each scene and proves to be a convincing character actress.
(Abra Stone) was full of life and energy within what she did and had a ton of spunk throughout her performance. Shows off well as a mature and intelligent kid. Plus does a nice job with her screaming or other types of emotional behavior too. Also had a slick attitude too and knew her craft superbly when going into action.
Cliff Curtis (Billy Freeman) had an effective supporting role as a caring and helpful type making this look truly believeable. He also knew on how to act calm and patient within all he did here. Plus had the perfect looks for this type of role. He brought my attention greatly with how he came across onto the camera.
(Crow Daddy) brought it on as a bad ass mutha in which he had the tough looks as well as vringing on a somewhat smart type of behavior when discussing on what to do within a situation. He really got into his battling mode and doing other types of dirty deeds with nice style towards all of this alltogether.
(Snakebite Andi) had a good emotionless and expressionless type of personality and was solid by what she did. Comes across believeably as someone not to be trusted and having a good wicked behavior too. She deserves good credit for everything that she did here.
) was one of the best in the cast as I spotted whom he was although the original cast member passed away I knew exactly who this person was as he had the same soulful sounding voice and presence. He was a perfect choice for one of the cast members.

Two nude bodies are lying on an run down bed.
A nude battered old lady is revealed in certain parts of the story.

A hand is bloodily mangled.
Many bodies decay and melt.

The Newton Brothers did a fantastic job with the music for this one as it's not a let down. Uses almost similar dark elements like you'd hear in the original but yet having a different type of vibe in which he really brings it out in every scene with deep heartbeat noises along with suspenseful and scary classical composing especially hearing some intense violin music. Uses The Shining theme song but in a different type of tone when the two main characters plan driving up to the hotel as to where it all took place and deserves a good pat on the back for that moment indeed.