Dollface (2014)

Produced, Written, Edited & Directed by: Tommy Faircloth


.... David
.... Shelby
.... Debbie
Gunner Willis .... James McDonald
.... Betsy
.... Paul Donner
.... Reggie
.... Scott Sawyer
.... Janet

Release Dates: Halloweenapalooza Film Festival: October 11, 2014; Fear Fete Film Festival: October 18, 2014; Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest: October 23, 29, 2014; Drunken Zombie Film Fest / Phoenix FearCon: November 1, 2014; Bent Con: November 2, 2014; Days of the Dead Chicago: November 22, 2014; Twisted Tails Horror Film Fest: December 6, 2014; Poison Peach Film Fest: January 3, 2015; Days of the Dead Atlanta: February 7, 2015; Indie Horror Film Festival: March 21, 2015; Mad Monster Party: March 28, 2015; Bangor ComiCon: April 25, 2015; Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest: May 16, 2015; Phoenix ComiCon: May 28, 2015; Days of the Dead Indianapolis: June 26, 2015; MonsterCon: July 25, 2015; San Antonio Horrific Film Fest: August 28, 2015; RIP Horror Film Fest: October 31, 2015




A group of college students goes to the area where a group of teens were murdered 20 years ago and does some research for their project on the legend of Crinoline Head. However they happen to become this killer's next victims since their teacher Paul Donner (Jason Vail) tries to warn them on what happened since he was one of the only survivor of those massacres that took place there and that the killer is still on the loose.


The film offers a prologue on what happened in 1970 as the legend of Dorchester Stewart whom was called Crinoline Head as a child with at first being scolded by his mother and then showing her living side when she shows him the outfits that she made on her new creation of dolls as well as dying of a heart failure which is sad to watch but yet when she has the heart attack it didn't look too convincing at all.
Then after the opening credits the story takes place present day with a family having their vehicle stalled and a child wandering in an area of Dorchesters property and finding a doll showing his family which is a nice sign for a start of a killers belongings and the mother throwing it on the ground before their vehicle is fixed and speeding away. Plus a nice camera shot on the doll and then the killers feet as this is a nice traditional moment on a mysterious slasher flick.
Next up takes place at a university with Paul Donner instructing the class which looked awfully dull to watch but it does grab my attention later on when one of the students discuss the legend of Crinoline Head and wanting to do a project on it as well as Paul discussing as to what happened there twenty years ago in which proves that this is actually a sequel to that film in which is hard to believe as this flick was bad but had better everything compared to the original.
While things seem serious the dry comedy comes rolling in when a few people are driving planning to do some sort of a drag show but it wasn't too funny when these moments tried so hard in order to be so. But there is a nice near chilling moment when the fellow driving the vehicle stops and goes looking around near Dorchesters residing as things were still but then there was supposed to be a moment that was meant to make you jump but however this fails in order to do so.
Things seem to look better but not by much as the group of outcast students are headbanging to some music while driving to the area as well as when they go to the area it looks still and deserted which for sure leaves a nice chilling feeling and necessary for a slasher flick.
Mild impressive situation when the popular students arrive there and making out they're better than them as this seemed to fit well into the story as we all need something like this to keep watching as to what will unravel here.
Everyone camps out but the snobby bitch Janet challenges innocent outcast Debbie by being a bully towards her which caught my attention big time with this stuck up girl getting in her face as I was thinking to myself is Debbie gonna belt her in the face? It will drive anyone thinking towards this moment while watching this matter and was fairly well done.
Debbie goes wandering off and talks to the sketchy owner of the area Betsy at her trailer and shoot the shit out on what had happened which I liked as well since it shows the two of them having an understanding.
This triggers Betsy to dislike Janet and tells her off when she asks if there's a washroom available and makes things difficult for her as I cheered on during this moment.
After this happens Janet finds a place to do her thing and is about to bend down as that's when the killer places a knife sticking up from underneath her in which this is a painful situation to think of but nothing graphic is exposed. Just the thought of it is shocking though.
Things start to get lame again when Debbie and one of the popular kids Reggie plays a pinata game with her blindfolded and then the killer comes in as it starts to look mildly clever as to what this maniac gets her to do blindfolded.
More obvious moments when someone peeks their head out of their tent which is a target for this camper to be decapitated and lame moments like this.
Also when one of the survivors Shelby tries to get away from this killer there's moments when she shoots him but alot of this looked totally contrived and not powerful enough and lacked more intense moments but it doesn't at all. Yet an impressive moment with Paul coming in to save the day. However when he unmasks this killer it's no one that we know so I was like WTF!!!
Bottom line is that this filmmaker really improved a great deal since he did Crinoline Head. Although this is a sequel it's extremely hard to compare the two as it had better everything as I mentioned beforehand. This one has a much more serious theme too. However the story is still quite a bore and uninspirational. I tried to get into it but I just couldn't unfortunately.

The acting seems to stand out in a fair fashion. Some of it is wooden but not by everyone so I will pick and choose here.... (David) had the masculine presence and the clean cut boy next door looks. His acting isn't too shabby as he seems to show some decent energy here and there but at times was a bit stiff. Still he did the best as he possibly could.
(Shelby) seemed to stand out well and showed some good energy in her performance as well as offering a good sharp and bright type of behavior along with being alert on stuff as this shines off well too. However, when she screams or freaks out it is a little too much and a bit over the top.
(Debbie) was fair in her role as an introverted type as well as acting soft spoken but sometimes seemed stiff as well with her lines but she certainly comes across as someone whom is a bit different and moderately shy too.
Gunner Willis (James McDonald
) offered a nice dorky attitude and comes across nicely as someone whom is a total outsider and a fellow who could be tormented easily. Also had the geeky looks which was a plus. He for sure acted like a convincing goofball.
(Betsy) drew across well as someone whom was sketchy and somewhat bad ass like but her southern accent needed some work. She still shows if off nicely within all that she did and also showed off a nice cocky attitude towards an onscreen snob which she delivers marvellously.
(Paul Donner) was the best in the cast offering a great seriousness as I wondered why the original actor didn't reprise this role but who cares as he was alot better showing a nice seriousness with his instructions as well as telling the story well to his onscreen students as to what happened to his friends as he drew this in nicely.
(Scott Sawyer) offered a nice masculine and macho as well as intimidating presence to his role but he was awfully wooden in whatever he did here. He can't seem to get into characteristics too well but seemed to come across nicely onto the camera at the same time.
(Janet) lived to portray a cunt in the flick which makes you want to hit her as she knows on how to be nasty right in your face. Was believeable by acting cocky and arrogant and portrayed a nice bad girl attitude. Two thumbs up for her.

A throat is openly slit
Some violent bloodsheds
Decapitated head is revealed in a crab catching cage with flesh torn off but it looks very fake
Sharp pole is impaled through someone

Kevin MacLeod does a fine job with this piece as he really shows some good creepy high pitched mild screeching sounds especially when the group of students arrive at the country side and it's deserted. This certainly had a great haunting and creepy feel to what he did here. Plus there's also different whooshing and hissing sounds here and there as well as other dark music too which sounds very powerful especially during the terrorising scene's.