Don't Go In the Woods (1982)

Produced & Directed by: James Bryan

Written by: Garth Eliassen


Jack McClelland .... Peter
Mary Gail Artz .... Ingrid
James P. Hayden .... Craig
Angie Brown .... Joanie
Ken Carter .... Sheriff
Tom Drury .... Maniac

Release Date: Theatrical: August, 1982


A group of teenagers decide to camp out and go hiking in the woods of Utah and decides to camp out there.
The leader of the pack named Peter (Jack McClelland) tells the rest of the hikers some safety tips of never going in the woods alone and to always stick together.
But suddenly they realise that they are stalked by a vicious blood thirsty killer that stores his dead bodies in bags and in his shack as he tries to kill all of them as well as others residing there.


This film can almost guarantee you to be put to sleep if you are having sleepless nights. Just rent this at your video store and watch it as you'll see what I mean. However, the camera work does show some nice scenery in the forest and the mountains around Utah.
Then we have a campfire tale by Peter which doesn't look convincingly at all and it looks extremely hokey.
Then there's a scene by a painter who gets slayed and it sounds like she is having an orgy than sounding like she's being hacked to death.
However, there is a good scene and camera shot on a fisherman at a creek when a bear trap is slams into his face and then the Maniac moves in for the kill while Peter himself is running for his life before he gets killed which is one of the only scene's worth watching.
We have Craig goofing around and tying Joanie in her sleeping bag and tying her to a tree which should look well done but its as if these characters were forced to do this.
We do have a good killing scene involving Joanie inside the shack of the Maniac looking menacing so a good point on the filmmakers work with that scene.
There is also a good revenge scene at the end involving Peter and Ingrid against the Maniac but that's all folks

Bottom line is when you see the box you probably think "Oh boy a cheezy looking but interesting looking film I gotta check it out" but surprise! A boring weak plotted film. This film was made for no good reason which is really sad! Instead of titling it "Don't Go in the Woods" which was a lame title anyways, they should've called it "Don't Watch this Lame Film" which suits the film itself! It's also a total ripoff to Just Before Dawn and easily forgettable too.

The acting is terrible and full of virtual unknowns as they show no characterisation to their roles and just read their lines.

The graphic slayings are the main plot of this film.
A mother is brutally slayed while painting a picture and it leads a violent bloodshed
A guy's face is caught in a bear trap
A teen is bloodied while being slayed
A guy in a wheelchair has his head decapitated
Bodies in bags .
A hiker is stabbed by a sharp stick
A bloodied boy is hung from a tree
A teen is bloodily stabbed by a large knife
The killer is bloodily stabbed a bunch of times

H. Kingsley Thurher's composing is bloody annoying and terrible. I would NEVER hire this person.