Dorothy Mills (2008)


Directed by: Agnès Merlet

Written by: Agnès Merlet & Juliette Sales


.... Jane Van Dopp
Jenn Murray .... Dorothy Mills
.... Colin Garrivan
.... Eileen McMahon
.... Pastor Ross
.... Mrs. McClellan
.... John McCarthy

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 6, 2008 (France); Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: October 8, 2008; Glasgow Film Festival: February 20, 2009; Dublin Film Festival: February 20, 2009; Espoo Film Festival: August 23, 2009; Lund Fantastisk Film Festival: September 22, 2009




A psychiatrist Jane Van Dopp (Carice van Houten) is assigned to work on a case of a disturbed young teenage girl Dorothy Mills (Jen Murray) whom is possessed by many different spirits which also involves her child who died before her eyes and causing her guilt to haunt her.


A well focused moment with Pastor Ross preaching at his church in which this seemed to be a good start off to the story by what he was talking about and the people sitting down and listening to him since this often works in a possessive horror flick.
Nice peaceful moment when two parents comes home telling their daughter Dorothy that they're back but then go up the stairs to her room and doing something awful to their baby which doesn't reveal anything but it gives you a clear idea that it's nothing good and is a good shocking moment that this young teenage kid is possessed.
Another good spot in the story when someone speaks to Jane Van Dopp on a situation and she smokes a cigarette feeling uncomfortable as this moment looked truly mysterious on what these moments are about to occur later on in the story.
A scene that grabbed my attention a great deal is when we see a bunch of wild kids driving side by side challenaging one another and then they drive Jane off the road over a bridge as this looked incredibly suspenseful to watch and wondering what the outcome will be here. Plus a good moment when some people try to fish out anything from the vehicle and Jane comes out of the water which reminds me on a scene from the old black and white flick Carnival of Souls as I was convinced that the makers of this one paid a tribute to that one.
Nice comforting moment afterwards when someone takes her into a bed and breakfast type of joint in which this looked nice and relaxing for what they do for her.
Perfect intense situations when Dorothy acts obnoxious and violent towards her parents as well as using different voices as this is a great key that she is definetely possessed and something is taking over her body while behaving this way. A good solid moment in the scene for sure.
Perfect discussions with Jane talking to Dorothy and she is emotionally upset as this moment was a real attention grabber in which it looked convincing that she is trying to help her get the evil possessions out of her and strongly dramatic too.
I also liked the flowing conversations between Jane and Colin Garrivan at the bed and breakfast joint when they discuss on what went on which was well focused in what they were talking about and good shots on the two of them which was drawn in quite nicely.
Another perfect still setting is when Dorothy is sitting at a table with others around a birthday cake lit with candles and they all try to talk to her in which this is another character taking over he body which is supposedly that persons birthday as the moments looked mildly bizarre but it worked greatly into the story and it makes you wonder if this girl will snap or not.
I enjoyed a moment when Jane is sleeping and is awoken with loud music above her roof as well as what she hears outside and looks out her window and its the wild kids that drove her off the bridge looking at her which looked quite creepy and well done.
In the story things shows a turnaround with Dorothy acting like a little child being full of life towards Jane in which I thought that this looked different and can be a real attention grabber with them walking along a pathway as well as someone herding their own sheep which looked cute. Plus there's a reflection in the mirror and instead of showing Dorothy it shows an actual little girl as this looked mildly twisted.
A good strong confrontation between the two of them as Dorothy claims to be someone else in which there's raging aggressions during this moment which looked powerfully intense as this was a great add into the story. Seemed necessary to put into the plot. Plus a great moment later on when Dorothy becomes this child that haunts Jane on whom she lost as this is a clever moment on giving into her weakness as well as revealing the identity of this kid.
During the showdown looked greatly done when they use Dorothy by finding out some missing clues as to what has happened in different scenerios that no one can resolve which looked greatly done and well written into the story too. The moments looked fairly powerful while we watch some flashback moments from earlier scene's with different stuff that was never revealed.
Bottom line is that this film was quite well done and offers some entertainment as well as some surprises here and there. A decent flick on possessions as well as a different take for a story all shot in Ireland. The unsolved mysteries looked rather cleaver to watch and a straightforward storyline too which isn't hard to follow.

The acting is well performed in which there's a good sharpness with (Jane Van Dopp) as the shrink in which she seemed to show off a nice nervousness during the beginning of her performance while smoking a cigarette trying to hear the other person talk. Also shows a good shocked reaction after coming out if a river which seemed impressive. Seemed to act natural when having a conversation with her other cast members making it all seem natural as well as showing a nice calmness to what she was talking about. Also offered a nice versatality when she gets emotionally upset and revealing her weakness which shines off greatly as well. She was a true character actress.
Jenn Murray (Dorothy Mills) really lived to portray the title role with her convincingly disturbed behavior. She brings out the perfect intensity with her raging aggressions just packing a perfect punch. Plus was great with her sobbing and scared emotions too which was brought to life. Another nice pointer is when she acts like a little girl adding perfect charisma while behaving like this. She for sure knew on how to act possessed and having multiple personalities.
(Colin Garrivan) shows off greatly with his friendly attitude and knew on how to behave understanding as well as showing a good uplifiting personality really getting into what he was doing and showing some nice energy and enthusiasm into everything that he did. Deserves good credit for what he did here.
(Eileen McMahon) had the best supporting role in the story in which she draws in a nice mysterious feel with her presence almost seeming eccentric along with acting like a bit of a basket case. She shows off a good prickly type of behavior and shows off a nice negativity coming across as nearly wicked in some sort within everything that she did here. Had the perfect looks to this part which was a great bonus.
(Pastor Ross) portrayed a great preacher especially during the beginning of his performance as his words were very powerful by what he was talking about. Adds a great seriousness to everything which worked in nicely too. He for sure gave the story a boost by what he did with his presence in the flick.

Animals are butchered in a room
Sheep are devoured

The composing done by Nathaniel Méchaly was neatly put together as we hear hissing sounds as well as windy types of effects which works in nicely for what seems like a possessive type of story using the perfect elements on what goes on in the scene. Also there's some light echoey piano music as it seems a little too overrated since I've heard some of the same in other shows. But some okay high pitched classical violin music and other orchestral sounds too. However this sounded too common as well since it's played constantly in other types of shows too.