Dracula II: The Acsension (2003)


Directed by: Patrick Lussier

Produced & Written by: Joel Soisson


Jason London .... Luke
Craig Sheffer .... Lowell
Stephen Billington .... Dracula II
Diane Neal .... Elizabeth Blaine
John Light .... Eric
Khary Payton .... Kenny
Jason Scott Lee .... Father Uffizi

Special Appearances:

Roy Scheider .... Cardinal Siqueros

Brande Roderick .... Tanya

Release Dates: Direct-to-Video: June 7, 2003 (USA); Gérardmer Fantasticarts Film Festival: January 29, 2004 (France)

*Images courtesy at: www.sbillington.com








A group of researchers resurrect Dracula (Stephen Billington) so they can take samples of his blood for their head researcher named Lowell (Craig Sheffer) to reverse the effects of his crippling disease so he can walk again and regain a good health but the blood seems to have horrific results on becoming a vampire themselves for anyone who injects it in their system.
Meanwhile a powerful vampire slayer who once was a preacher named Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) tries to hunt Dracula down and to try and put an end to him or anyone that was affected by him.


There's great battling scene's with Father Uffizi battling two twin vampiress' attacking him.
We spot a good setting with Luke and Elizabeth Blaine doing research on a corpse of a vampire as well as a good jumping scene when Elizabeth checks out the vampires teeth and some fangs form to poke her as she reacts well.
There's also a nice setting when some people place the corpse into a tub of blood and later on a nice rise attack by Dracula with the others panicking and trying to stop him as well as a good shot on Tanya being pulled in head first into the tub byDracula himself.
There's a nice shot on an officer trembling and holding a gun towards Father Uffizi and stuttering his words to not move as well as a nice jumping action by a woman trying to attack him with great shots on their battles.
Terrific reactions on Dracula suffering in pain when chained up and a light reflecting on him.
Many spooky scene's with Elizabeth approaching Dracula to take blood samples from him and he talks coldly and smooth to her as she shows some frightened expressions which were impressive.
Nice shots on Father Uffizi whipping himself along with a flashback discussion between him and Cardinal Siqueros.

We have perfect close up shots on both Lowell and Dracula eyes looking at one another along with a shot on Lowell himself rolling his wheelchair close to a ledge.
A good angle shot on Lowell speaking evil like towards Elizabeth by a staircase.
Another great battle scene towards Dracula and Lowell in a hallway.
There are good moments with Father Uffizi and Dracula fighting one another as well as Lee breaking open window light to try and stop him.
Bottom line is that this sequel was not as good as I found it hard to understand what was going on as it's mainly scientists doing blood experiments after they resurrect another vampire. There are good action fighting sequences with plenty of blood to please the gorehounds along with some descent performances but this movie is very plain and a little pointless.

The acting is still quite good as Jason London (Luke) really had a different type of a performance in this one than most of his other roles which is a compliment showing great energy and charisma.
Craig Sheffer
(Lowell) is quite impressive as a sick scientist in a weelchair as he makes his voice sound so different and pulls it off well. Shows some nice suffocating reactions and paranoid expressions too while being grabbed by the throat. shows nice aggressive attitude during a battling sequence.
Stephen Billington
(Dracula II) had the perfect looks to play Dracula with his evil features as well as his cold like voice and nasty charm too.
Diane Neal
(Elizabeth Blaine) does well with her intimidations and emotions too proving to be a worthy character actress. Reacts well when she is slowly turning into a vampiress by acting weak.
John Light
(Eric) had a perfect serious attitude as a nasty one in this film along with good still expressions too and came across very unpleasant. Does well by in a certain scene grabbing one of his actors by the hair during a certain scene and acting threatening and aggressive too.
Khary Payton
(Kenny) does well with his wild like attitude in the film coming across very memorable for his part in it. There's a nice reaction on him after he injects himself with a needle of dracula's blood along with him menacingly approaching another cast member and grabs him by the throat.
Jason Scott Lee
(Father Uffizi) had the most energy of all as a warrior priest in the film who portrayed a perfect vampire slayer by doing them in good.

Many decapitated heads
A skinless corpse
A tub filled with blood
An officers neck cut open
A face bitten

Marco Beltrami brings along Kevin Kliesch to compose the music with him athough it's nowhere near as good it still is passable as we have some pounding classical scores along with some sharp sounds and chanting too.

Luke: Where's Kenny?
Eric: Dead! Very dead!
Luke: You killed him?
Eric: Yes.
[Luke aims his spear at Eric]
Eric: No! No, somebody beat me to it. And that same son of a bitch is coming for us!
Luke: Just one guy?
Eric: One guy? One guy?
Luke: Yes!
Eric: Yes, one guy! And here's the kicker... he's a bloody priest!
Luke: A priest?
Eric: Priest from hell!