Dracula III: Legacy (2005)


Directed by:

Written by: Joel Soisson & Patrick Lussier


.... Father Uffizi
.... Luke
.... Julia Hughes
.... Dracula II
.... Elizabeth Blaine
Rutger Hauer .... Dracula III
.... Bruno

Special Appearance:

.... Cardinal Siqueros

Release Dates: Direct-to-DVD: July 12, 2005; Gerardmer Film Festival: January 26, 2006

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Father Uffizi (Jason Scott Lee) and Luke (Jason London travels to Romania where the place is destroyed by the civil war and vampires as Luke himself is trying to save Elizabeth Blaine (Diane Neal) from the nasty clutches of Dracula (Stephen Billington) but it may be too late for him as they bring an aide to them which is a journalist named Julia Hughes (Alexandra Wescourt) as Uffizi falls in love with her but yet the head Dracula (Rutger Hauer) got a hold of her and he has to fight for his life to rescue her.


An impressive beginning on the movie that involves both Father Uffizi and Luke hunting down a vampiress in a train station as the setting looked perfectly dark as well as Uffizi pinning her down on some railroad tracks while a train is charging their way and Luke trying to warn him as this makes you watch carefully wondering if they will survive while he tries to get some answers from this vicious vampiress.
Perfect discussions between Uffizi and Luke while driving at dusk to a destination which works in well asking about the character Dracula as well as a camera shot on some flames and the vicious image of Dracula himself. Plus good moments when they spot some object impaled on fire which was a nice touch to the story.
Perfect energetic moments with Luke and Uffizi pointing their weapons at a group of people in a wooded area as it shows some nice action on this picture and makes you wonder as if someone will try to do something or not. This scene looked good and solid.
Perfect settings in a burned out ghost town area when they discover dead bodies as well as some carnival that happened there totally abandoned which is a perfect add on to a vampire flick.
A great moment when we spot a child spotting his mom lying in an alleyway and waking up as well as being too hapy towards him along with a good shot on Luke pointing his weapon towards her which is a perfect sign that she is no longer human. Another good pointer in a vampire flick done is good taste as well as a good shot on this woman and what she's going to do to him as you wonder if this child will be safe.
Perfect mellow discussion between Uffizi and Julia Hughes in a graveyard at night with mist as things looked great and perfectly calm. Perfect surroundings on this scene too. Also perfect still moments in the area and suddenly a surprise attack which was supposed to make you jump but this failed to work. Yet done in fine taste. Also nice action moments in the area with some vampire slaying as well as a father feeling sick and his daughter trying to comfort him and then a good surprise on what happens adding a bit of a dark humor from this man and good action battling from Luke and Uffizi with other vampire attacks.
Another perfectly creepy setting when Uffizi, Luke and Julia go on their mission to another wooded area and spot gruesome surroundings on what is impaled around them as this works in well like the rest for a horror flick.

Nice grisly and shocking artsy moment with vampiress' feasting on victims while Luke himself is trying to look for his girlfriend Elizabeth Blaine in this mess as this was oddly interesting.
Things seem mildly entertaining when Dracula III is taunting poor Julia with a torch as this looked like an interesting moment with a sort of mafia leader trying to get dmeanding towards someone else to scare them.
Amusing close up shots and intense battling with Uffizi battling against Dracula III as the moments looked fairly powerful with one against the other.
Nice emotional discussions between Luke with Elizabeth as well as a good shot on the back of his head and Elizabeth hewrself about to bite him on the neck which makes you watch carefully as to whether or not she will actually do that. The moments between them were strongly drawn in and very watchable. Also we have the scene's between Uffizi and Julia tied in showing good timing with them as well.
Bottom line is that the story was happening way too fast and didn't seem to focus on a concentrated plot. It drags alot of the time but there are other moments that looked good. The people that set it the way it was knew their stuff on how to do a vampire flick. This is probably the final chapter of the series as we should hope since it was going nowhere.

The acting is well performed in which (Father Uffizi) came off very powerful within whatever he did by showing his perfect seriousness as a mysterious preacher and knew his craft by being a strong and powerful warrior. Was great with his blocking and battling against the onscreen vampires adding a perfect punch to everything. Also does well with his emotional attitude really bringing this to powerful life. Also great moment when he screams out. Plus shows nice cold expressions which comes off well.
(Luke) shows a total opposite personality as his sidekick by offering a good sarcastic and witty behavior and being alerted to what was surrounding him. Also shows off a perfect aggression in a scene while pointing a weapon and getting demanding toweards someone else. Also shows high energy during his battling sequences in which he had a kanck for his character by doing all of this. Plus shows a good sympathetic behavior towards his onscreen girlfriend after she becomes a vampiress as he does this perfectly.
(Julia Hughes) shows a nice calmness to her role and comes off nice and mellow. Really brought in a nice girl attitude to her discussions especially in a graveyard sequence. Also did well while she brought her attitude to full alert when the terror strikes her as well as reacting to things fearfully too. She was a perfect character actress and had the nice girl looks too which was a nice bonus.
(Elizabeth Blaine) showed a nice powerful performance with her hissy speaking as well as having a good dynamic type of energy as a vampiress and showing good expressions with her hunger for blood as she studied this part quite well. Also does nicely with her emotional behavior near the end of her performance too.
Rutger Hauer (Dracula III) played the perfect head vampire as he shows a good powerful force of nature as well as acting convincingly ruthless. Also knew his craft by taunting someone and acting convincingly cruel. Plus does well with his fast paced blocking during his battling sequences and reacts well to pain at the end of his performance too.
(Bruno) played a perfect scumbag type of criminal working for Dracula as her had the right looks and motive to everything. Has a slick type of creepiness to him and does well with his speaking too. He brings out alot of adrenaline in his supporting role here. A nicely polished character actor.

Many nude victims being feasted by vampiress'

Vampires are stabbed by metal objects.
Heads are torn off by a whip.
Lots of gruesome looking corpses bloodied here and there in various scene's.
Corpses are impales on sharp objects in a forest.
Bloody slayings during battlings.
Tons of bloodsheds.

The music was strong and powerful with the classical score used in it as we hear alot of female chanting sounds along with the deep violin music and trombone playing. Plus we have alot of drum sounds and cymbals clashing for the fast action sequences as this added to the story nicely. Plus there's airy and windy sounds having a good clear type of feeling to everything plus some ghostly screeching sounds as this was marvellous. All of this was terrifically done by Kevin Kliesch and Ceiri Torjussen

Luke: How come you never say his name?
Father Uffizi: He has no name.
Luke: Uh... then what's "Dracula?"
Father Uffizi: A conceit. He keeps returning to it mostly because of the terror it inspires. The creature goes back much further than that.
Luke: How much further?
Father Uffizi: The church has records. Incomplete, obscure. We know he's corrupted every known faith in the world. From Ancient Egypt, Rome, throughout Asia Minor, East Indies, Central Africa. He has as many names as he does faces, all different, but all the same.