Drag Me to Hell (2009)


Written & Directed by: Sam Raimi

Written by: Sam & Ivan Raimi


Alison Lohman .... Christine Brown
Justin Long .... Clay Dalton
Lorna Raver .... Mrs. Ganush
Dileep Rao .... Rham Jas
David Paymer .... Mr. Jacks
Adriana Barraza .... Shaun San Dena

Chelcie Ross .... Leonard Dalton
Reggie Lee .... Stu Rubin

Release Date: Theatrical: May 29, 2009

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Christine Brown has everything going for her by having a full time job at a bank who hopes to be an assistant manager, a great house with an adorable kitten to keep her company as well as a sympathetic and caring boyfriend named Clay Dalton (Justin Long) who loves her even if his family disapproves of her.

Christine's boss Mr. Jacks (David Paymer) pressures her to convince him that she can do the job being an assistant manager to make tough decisions when she needs to so one day an elderly gypsy lady named Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) asks for a third extension on her mortgage because she is struggling with economic problems due to an illness. To prove herself to Mr. Jacks, Christine, against her better judgment, denies Mrs. Ganush the extension. In desperation, Mrs. Ganush prostrates herself before Christine, begging and kissing the hem of her skirt. Christine panics and shoves the woman away, shaming her in public. As security guards escort Mrs. Ganush out, Mr. Jacks compliments Christine on how she handled the situation and implies that if she can close another big loan, the assistant manager position will be hers.

It seemed that Mrs. Ganush hid in the backseat of Christine's car and attacks her in a struggle as Mrs. Ganush tears a button from Christine's coat and uses it to place a curse on her. Then she disappears.
Christine has a long talk with Clay on what happened at a coffee shop and then later on they spot a fortune telling shop and insists going there as the teller named Rham Jas (Dileep Rao)
tells Christine that she has a dark spirit upon her.

Christine is tormented in her home with supernatural forces which appears as the silhouette of a goat's head. The spirit breaks some windows, cuts the power, and throws Christine across the room, causing minor injuries. Clay assumes that Mrs. Ganush followed them and attacked Christine again. She continues to be tormented by nightmares of Mrs. Ganush attacking her and this force won't leave her alone and tried to talk to Mrs. Ganush about the curse she left on her only to find out that she died.
So she goes to the aid of Rham and he tells her there's a demon called the Lamia that is tormenting her and in order to perform an exorcism she has to come up 10,000 dollars.
She also finds out she's not getting the job she wanted at her bank so Christine sells all her valueable things and goes to the aid of a lady named Shaun San Dena (Adriana Barraza) who tells her the history on what happened to her son in 1969 when they tried to perfom one for him which backfired. They go on with the ceremony only to have Shaun killed by this demon and it's up to Christine to stop this evil force herself which is to dig up Mrs. Ganushe's grave as well as other activities firsthand to put an end to her curse that was left on her.

We spot a terrific beginning that involves a bunch of Spanish people performing a ceremony with many suspenseful shots on them flying around the room with evil spirits around as well as a good shot on a young one with a floor breaking up looking like a firey hell and a good close up shot on another one watching in terror.
We have a good close up camera shot on Mrs. Ganush tapping her fingers on a desk at a bank with the camera looking up at her. We then spot a good discussion scene between Christine Brown and Mrs. Ganush in a bank trying to sort something out with her acting gross in which we spot close up shots on what she's doing.
There's a good tense moment with Mrs. Ganush trying to kneel down and plead to her on keeping her house and getting crazy bout it with Christine freaking out. Then we spot good raging actions on her trying to attack her with a security taking her out of the bank while going in such a maniacal aggression.
We have a good quiet moment with Christine in a parking lots trying to get to her car looking a little nervous that someone is watching her.
We have a good moment with her in her car and it's too silent but then a handkerchief hits her window along with a good shot on Mrs. Ganush in the backseat with her evil glance and trying to strangle her as we have a good shot on Christine herself trying to drive the car and crashing into a vehicle showing great suspenseful shots on their struggle as well as Mrs. Ganush tearing a button on her coat and holding it in the air.
There's a nice moment when Christine is at her home and then hears sounds in her home with a bunch of noisy things in her home and good quick shots on the things surrounding her house looking like a poltergeist happening as it makes you cringe big time with a good ghostly shadow effects too.
We have a nice shot on Christine staring at a fortune telling shop as if something is telling her to go there and have a good silent moment between her and the fortune teller trying to tell her fortune and then a good jump shot on a ferocious spirit lumping and then he is nervously telling her he can't help her and will refund her money which looked believeably done too.
There's a nice shot on Christine sleeping with a fly circling around her and going through her nose and in her mouth which looked creepy along with a good shot on maggots circling around her with Mrs. Ganush terrorising her which looked grossly done but in a good way.
There's a good shot on Christine sneezing with blood gushing out of her nose and hitting her employer who reacts well by being grossed out.
We have a good moment with Christine knocking on a door and the elderly lady's granddaughter showing a good stand offish attitude when she tries to plead to her to see her grandma. We spot good shots on family members dining looking like they're having a party and then she falls onto a corpse with gross results.
We have a good close up shot on Christine reading a book about sacrifices to do away evil spirits and then a cute shot on her kitten pawing at her.
We have some good shadowy effects with her trying to hide in her room with a nice shot under the door showing goats feet making the picture look really spooky.
There's a good shot on her holding up a knife calling for her kitty as it was strongly done but didn't like what was going to happen.
There's a good scene with her acting full of life towards her boyfriend thinking that her troubles are over. A good touch to that moment.
There's a good discussion with a parent towards Christine at a dinner table acting a bit prissy towards her and then showing like they are having a good conversation. Next we have a creepy but comedic moment with Christine herself spotting her cake possessed and then she goes off ranting and screaming. Raimi knew how to turn the tables during this moment.
There's good shots on her putting stuff in boxes and then behaving aggressively in a shack to look for other stuff along with a nice jumping moment on a haunting of Mrs. Ganush putting her hand in her mouth with many good shots on her about to pull a rope that's tied to an anvil ready to set it off.
We have a good conversation between Mr. Jacks and Christine when she tries to ask about a job as assitant manager and he tells her some upsetting news which was really believeable to others about employment with a good close up shot on her getting teary.
We've got a great setting with Christine and Rham Jas approaching Shaun San Dena on performing an exorcism and have good shots on them performing a ceremony with the chants and Shaun singing a chant too. We spot many possessions with attackings etc. which Raimi seems to pay his tribute to his Evil Dead years.
There's many good takes on Christine at a diner drinking coffee or eating something as well as acting aggressive towards a waitress.
We spot some good shots on Christine digging up a grave with a camera shooting up her and it's raining heavily and she gets aggressive towards the dead corpse stuffing the button in the dead bodies mouth and having a bitchy attitude. Then we spot numerous suspenseful shots on her trying to climb out of the grave and slipping and sliding which makes you wonder if she will get buried alive under the mud.
A perfect shocking ending at a railway station with Christine and her boyfriend but won't give that away folks. It leaves a door open to a sequel that's for sure.
Bottom line is that I loved this film as it's full of scares and thrills and one of the best horror movies during this year to top it all off.
We have some gross outs with the evil old lady as well as some shocks and sacrifices which made me think if anything graphic happens I'm leaving the theatre and thankfully that never happened but there is a sacrifice of a kitter killed offscreen and it bothered me as it was a cute little tabby but I can understand the black humor to those who don't like cats and of course it's only a movie and no animals were harmed. This is the only part I would criticise and felt like saying to Sam Raimi how could he do that? If you like films that are silent and then something noisy happens that will make you jump then this is the film for you showing plenty of supernatural and psychological moments on what can happen to you if you do a deed someone doesn't like which is of course karma.Also it is disturbing on someone selling everything they've got to pay someone to perform an exorcism which is hard to watch too.

The acting is very well done as lead actress Allison Lohman (Christine Brown) seemed a little too plain like those typical Hollywood pretty faces but proved her stuff well enough with her stressful attitude and her aggressions too making herself quite energetic. She showed a nice bitchiness to her part as well. Plus in a scene screams well in surprise while in her car by what she spots.
Justin Long
(Clay Dalton) has the right looks as the young man next door type of appeal and proves his stuff as the sympathetic boyfriend in the film. He stresses his character well enough too.
Does well screaming to get a corpse off of her in a certain scene of a funeral ceremony.
Lorna Raver
(Mrs. Ganush) was the best out of the whole cast as an eccentric old woman in the film and knew how to act outrageously insane and aggressive showing perfect terror with her facial expressions and knew how to act believeably violent and demonicly ghostly too.
Dileep Rao
(Rham Jas) knew how to come across a bit humoress at first and very quietlike and serious about his work as the fortune teller in the film expressing his words clear in an indian accent which was well done.
David Paymer
(Mr. Jacks) played a good bank manager making his part very real and expressing on what he has to say in a good fashion.
Adriana Barraza
(Shaun San Dena) made a perfect witch doctor of some sort expressing her behavior terrifically and showing nice energy to her supporting role with a good voice. Even if she didn't have a huge role in the movie she will be well remembered.
Reggie Lee
(Stu Rubin) knows his stuff as an arrogant assistant employer at the bank acting fresh but knew how to act pleading when he did something wrong and not wanting others to know about it.

Not much gore as we spot a gruseome nosebleed

We have some terrific classical suspenseful music with the great banging sounds to make you jump too. There's also the nice sad echoey piano playing for the sad moments as well as the chanting music for the hauntings.

Mrs. Ganush: I beg and you shame me?

Christine Brown: I beat you, you old bitch!

Mr. Jacks: [after being sprayed head to toe in blood] "Did I get any in my mouth?"

Christine Brown: Here kitty, kitty...

Christine Brown: It's a harvest cake.

Goat: [bleating] You tricked me, you black-hearted who-o-o-o-o-ore! You b-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-itch!

Waitress: So you're just going to sit here all night, drinking coffee?
Christine Brown: Yes... No! Maybe! Whats it to you?
Christine Brown: Honey, I'm working a job where tips is my living, and coffee drinkers DON'T TIP!
Christine Brown: [Holds up envelope containing the cursed button] You keep the coffee coming honey, or I'll give you a tip you won't forget!

Clay Dalton: You have such a good heart.