Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)

Directed by: John S. Robertson

Written by: Robert Louis Stevenson
Oscar Wilde (Novel)


John Barrymore .... Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde
Brandon Hurst .... Sir George Carewe
Martha Mansfield .... Millicent Carewe
.... Dr. Lanyon
.... Edward Enfield

Release Dates:
Theatrical: March 18, 1920; Iik!! Horror Film Festival: November 6, 2004; Seattle International Film Festival: June 8, 2017




A mad scientist Dr. Henry Jekyll (John Barrymore) creates and experiment to himself to change into a menacing maniac in which he reveals two characters into his body but it gets out of hand after he releases a murderer from within himself.


Interesting moments with Dr. Henry Jekyll looking at his stethoscope on the experiements that he spots with different sorts of chemicals and things like that in which this leaves an impression that it's a mad scientist trying to create a new experiment but is in the slow process by doing so.
Plus more drawn in situations when he enters an area for the homeless and interacts with them all which seemes strongly shot on their reactions as well as what he has to tell some of them too.
Plus a nice moment at a lounge with Dr. Jekyll checking stuff out along with a music hall propetier announcing a show that's about to happen and knocking down a hammer as if he's a part of a jury and then we have some okay shots on Millicent Carewe doing some sort of a dance but this moment should've looked more convincing and energised but yet fails in order to do so. Yet things looked impressive when we spot Jekyll getting aquainted with her which is a suggested romance later on in the story since that's common in an old fashioned horror flick.
I spotted a scene that looked strongly drawn in with Jekyll telling Sir George Carewe about his experiment bringing two people in the same body as this grabbed my attention on what will unravel later on and Sor George himself not believing that will happen showing a disappointment on Jekyll in which things seemed well focused on all of this for a silent film.
Perfect classic moment when Jekyll stirs up his formula and is about to try it and then going wild and crazy after drinking it with good effects for it's time with him changing his appearance especially close up on his hands turning monstrous and losing control. This scene was used traditionally in countless other shows through the decades but this was where it originated and heavily inspirational too.
Perfect moments after he turns into Mr. Hyde and creeping the village as well as going to a pub and getting creepily charming towards others there as the shots looked impressive on him when speaking to others.
Intense moment when Mr. Hyde gets in a rage with a broad telling her that he's finished and to get out of his home as this seemed to be a good add into the story.
More great shots on Jekyll transforming into Hyde with a nice shot on his monstrous face and going crazy as these shots looked good and deadly as well as horrifying for a film in it's time.
Perfectly strong situation when Mr. Hyde attacks someone and there's a good struggling moment on this in which this scene can be well remembered and looking horrifying to watch in it's time. It looks tame nowadays though.
I loved a ghostly moment when Jekyll is sleeping in his bed and we spot a hallucination on some giant spider crawling up to him and then revealing the transformation on him again which was another nice classic horror moment in the film.
Perfectly drawn in moment when Jekyll is trying to fight from turning but fails with a great close up shot on Hyde with him looking insane and and telling Millicent to leave with her
coming into the scene and freaking out along with him nearly attacking her which looked impressive to watch.
Bottom line is that this was an impressive silent film but had a hard time reviewing it cause it is a silent film but you get the idea on what you're going to watch reading the above comments. At times is becomes a drag but the psychotic moments makes up for all of that. This movie over the years will always be remembered and mentioned alot too.

It's extremely difficult to judge the acting on a silent film but I will do my best here.... John Barrymore (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Mr. Edward Hyde) Ahh yes a living legend and his family members followed his footsteps generation after generation. He seemed to do wonderful playing two different characters in which he seemed to show a straight minded type of mad scientist who concentrates hard on his work as he seemed to show off strong energy within this. Also had a nice clean cut but ghostly look to his image. His second character he was marvellous as you'd think that it was a different actor alltogether. He knew on how to act, wild crazy and obnoxious. Shows a great demented side along with attacking someone showing off terrific energy.
Brandon Hurst
(Sir George Carewe) seemed to stand out tall with his middle aged features in which he offers a good seriousness to what he's talking about as well as coming across as having a no nonsense attitude too. Offered nice serious expressions as well as seeming to show off a good and calm type of behavior too.
Martha Mansfield (Millicent Carewe) shows it off okay as the innocent type and has the nice looking appeal which works in a film like this as well as coming off as a romantic and understanding type. Plus looked convincing in a scene when she reacts anxious after nearly being attacked as she looked like she showed off some okay energy in that spot. She for sure drew attention a bit in the story.
(Dr. Lanyon) had the perfect sharp looks for his role as he stood out strongly along with looking like that he showed a sympathetic type of charm to his role along with coming across as the romantic and caring type too. Had a masculine and tall type of looks to his role too which was another attention grabbing to his character.

The music sounds superb but gets annoying after a while as alot of the times we hear old fashioned organ music with the powerful sounding types like you'd hear out of something like Phantom of the Opera with the clear echoey sounds and the real powerful chills too. Then during the middle of the story it changes to peaceful classical music with the violin playing and circus type organ music as this sounds powerful but it gets a bit much as well.

Music Hall Proprietor: Lidies and gents - allow me to interduce the fimous h'Italian dancer - Miss Gina. Give 'er your kind applause.