Dropping Evil (2012)


Co-Produced, Cinematograhy, Co-Edited & Directed by: Adam Protextor

Co-Produced, Co-Edited & Written by: Louis Doerge


Tom Taylor .... Mike
Rachell Howell .... Samantha
Zachary Elli Lint .... Nancy
Cassandra Powell .... Becky Brannigan
Devin Smith .... Mr. H
Kerry Lane .... Dr. Wendy Wednesdays
Armin Shimerman .... CEO / Boss Man

Special Appearances:

Tiffany Shepis .... Dionysia
Edwin Neal .... President Strode
Scarelt French .... Scarlet Baker
Fred Williamson .... Commander Death Blood
Felissa Rose .... Vice President Baker

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 23, 2012






A group of teenage kids lead by Mike (Tom Taylor) and his girlfriend Samantha (Rachell Howell) go off on a camping trip and invite and annoying nerd named Nancy (Zachary Elli Lint) who insults them on the way to their driving there.
One of them puts acid in his drink as he starts to hallucinate and kills them off one by one. Yet none of these people seem to be human but experiments from an un human like race lead by the Boss Man (Armin Shimerman) as things get more and more complicated.


The beginning looks a bit impressive with a camera shot speeding through a forestry and then smashing against a tree as it leaves a mysterious moment but then the plot begins to weaken and looked totally slapstick in a bit way and amateurishly done too while we spot a garage band performing as the singing is terrible. Then we have a trashy discussion between both Mike and Samantha having a disagreement which looked terribly unnatural with what we spot here and I knew that I was looking for a terrible movie. Meanwhile when they try to act happy together we spot a good camera shot on the guitarist in the garage band playing and then singing something romantic while they do so as corny wasn't the word for this situation.
There's also terrible camera shots and an unbeliebeable moment with a bully slamming a nerdy character Nancy against some change room lockers which was supposed to look disturbing but this doesn't cut the cake at all as it looked like these two were being forced to do this for the film shoot. I mean give this scene at least some inspiration.
There's a moment when we spot two strange scientists of some sort building a nerdy type of android girl putting an eye came into her head as I was wondering where all of this was fitting into the story here.
Then when everyone is driving to camp Nancy of course is being a prick calling Samantha a whore but when we watch this these conversations weren't strong enough at all as this could've been picked up a bit to make this moment look entertaining but never did.
Then we spot Nancy getting hit by being stoned abd running out of the vehicle which everyone mocks him and then a nice jumping moment when we spot on how Nancy kills one of them as this for sure looked pretty creepy and then I was thinking before all the slapstick comedy coming in finally the horror is coming into this too. I had to admit this moment looked pretty well done.
A good moment with Samantha running away in the forest and trying to hide as well as a perfect painful situation with Nancy trying to catch her with a fishing rod which looked like this situation paid a tribute to Blood Hook. Looked interesting when she was trying to reach for an axe in the woods making you wonder if she will succeed or not.
We spot some cheesy but fast paced moments with Mike and Nancy battling one another in a cabin as well as a cheesy shot on Nancy throwing a blade towards Mike which looked a bit fun to watch as well.
Then we get a good flashback moment involving a CEO talking to some ready to be mothers on him wanting their born babies as the setting here looked mysterious and creepy too as well as other situations that happen here which also draws into the serious horror moments too as how these character's came to be. Yet the film wasn't good enough to save from bombing.
Then at the end we have a grindhouse type of trailer announcing a sequel which seemed like a spoof on one as this seemed to be fun to watch as well as spotting the special appearances on some cult horror icon's.
Bottom line is that it's a confusing film and not explaining itself at all. Instead they should've titled this film Dropping Acid as I was convinced that the filmmakers were high on something while making this one. Not worth your time watching and I highly doubt a sequel will arise. Works just as clever as a cheaply made Troma Team flick. Making this film was a real waste of time.

The acting is terrible for the most part. Lead actor Tom Taylor (Mike) tried to come off as charming in the beginning of his role but was completely bland and stale and needed more energy within that along with his disagreement to his other actress that he was talking to. However, he seemed to be a bit average in his work with his helpful type of behavior towards someone else who was troubled. Also seemed to do okay when he is panicking and trying to get away from a killer along with showing good energy while going into battle adding some adrenaline. Yet he's not a convincing character actor.
Rachell Howell
(Samantha) wasn't that much terrific either and nothing to brag about in which she was supposed to have been someone whom was light headed and full of spunk but lacked this alot in her situations and needed alot more energy than what she was trying to give here. She seemed to pick it up a bit when she was terrorised by trying to run away as well as having a painful struggle but that was about it here.
Zachary Elli Lint
(Nancy) was one of the better actors but at times seemed a little too over the top while performing a nerdy type of attitude. He seemed to get anxious and was getting carried away. Yet does a nice job with his arrogant and snappy type of behavior while getting aggressive towards someone and was convicningly annoying too. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. Does well acting vicious and intoxicated while going on his killing spree just rolling in with the punches by what he does. He seemed to be a ball of energy when performing a horror character but wasn't convincing as a ham while doing the comedic stuff.
Cassandra Powell
(Becky Brannigan) was too wooden in her performance but looked convincing as geeky as that was what she was supposed to have been. She was also too over the top especially with her griping attitude. Her performance was very stale and dull Nuff said on her.
Devin Smith
(Mr. H) showed a nice deepness in his speaking and had the perfect creepy looks for his part as well as having a good expressionless type of attitude as one of those non human type of researchers coming acorss perfectly as someone whom is cold and evil like. Plus does a good job in his blocking when he gets violent or aggressive. He can pass doing his part but it's nothing too terrific at the same time.
Kerry Lane
(Dr. Wendy Wednesdays) studied her role in an decent passion here showing a nice seriousness to her behavior and really concentrating by what she was doing here. She certainly draws in a good mysterious attitude as well as knowing on how to show off a good raging aggressive attitude as well in one part of the film just letting it all out. I'd have to say that she worked hard on all of this.
Armin Shimerman
(CEO / Boss Man) was the best out of the whole cast here by revealing a good seriousness especially talking to his clients in which he draws in a perfect focus within all of this as well he was convincing as a creepy type of person on how he came across within all of this just adding a weirdness to what he was doing along with him having the right looks almost looking like an elf of some sort. He was indeed a passable character actor and a nice key to the plot too by what he does.
Edwin Neal
(President Strode) only had a bit part in this one unlike promising us that he had one of the leads due to the fact he's a cult icon. He does his job well by speaking his words onto a TV screen adding a perfect seriousness to his role and portrayed something different than what he usually does. That was about it folks.

A woman's breasts are exposed while in a bathtub

A girl's eye is stabbed through with a sharp object inside of a vehicle.
A girl's head is decapitated.
An axe is chopped in someone's stomach.
Eye camera is stuck through out someone's head.
Certain body parts are exposed in a trailer spoof like revealing a chainsaw.

The composing by Ian McKinney stood out pretty well in which we hear lazer type of synthesizer music which suits the story in itself adding nice sci-fi type elements almost like in a cheesy fashion of Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Plus we hear some shocking sound effects for the first horror attack which also sounded perfectly creepy. Also we hear some high pitched sounds and the odd guitar strummming and drum playing too as all of this sounded pretty classy too.