Talking with the bad ass actor Duane Whitaker by Greg Tiderington

Duane Whitaker was born in Lubbock, Texas but moved to Hollywood, California to start off his career like many people in the industry. He began writing and directing plays as well as working in film and television.
He was acting in many low budget films by having many small parts leading up to main roles and became a cult icon himself.
Many people remember him in his cameo as Kim in 'Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III' in which director Jeff Burr struck a friendship with him and cast him playing a bigger role as a thug Scott in Full Moon Picture's production of 'Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter' and has worked with him in his other productions too.
He also co-wrote as well as co-starred in Scott Spiegel's first sequel to 'From Dusk Till Dawn' as the nasty Luther in which was his best performance ever. So he certainly knew a thing or two with his writing since he started his career as a writer other than an actor in which he wrote a comedic play he was in called 'Eddie Presley' in which became a screen version performing both these roles. He continued to write more screenplays throughout his career even.
He continued acting in low budget horror films throughout his career including to this very day. Many of you have known him as a sleazy redneck cowboy named Boss Man in 'Feast', Sheriff Keys in 'Trailer Park of Terror' and will be appearing in the latest sequel to 'Children of the Corn'.
Plus continued to have countless cameos in 'Tales from the Hood', 'Groom Lake', 'The Devil's Rejects', 'Halloween II' and 'Albino Farm'.
He even produced a 2002 flick titled 'Camp Utopia'
His other career apart from acting and writing he also teaches acting workshops for upcoming actors. All I can say is that there is never a dull moment with this guy and you can find more information on his site at




At what age did you see yourself as an entertainer?

I suppose I was maybe five or so, I can’t remember dates and things like that. I’m bad with numbers, pal. But I went to see 'Superman 2' and I recall watching the audience and being amazed by how taken they were with the film. I made a conscious decision to make movies there and then, because I wanted to give people awe, or at the very least help them forget their troubles for a while.

I'm not really sure. I remember decided I wanted to be an actor at around 15 or 16.

Did you see yourself acting in horror films?

I liked horror films when I was a kid but I don't know if I thought about acting in them specifically.

What was your first horror flick?

DEADLY DREAMS was my first horror film. It was for Roger Corman's company.

Tell us about your experience on set of 'Deadly Dreams'?

It was fun -- I just did a day on it and then they had an extra double me the rest of the film. It's not that bad -- I watched it a while back.

Now I enjoyed your performance in 'Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III' as Kim. What was it like working on the movie?

I had one little scene in CHAINSAW 3 in the body pit -- it was not that fun. Worms, maggots...

What was the struggling moment?

I remember being sick as hell the night we shot that. It was the first time I worked with Jeff Burr.

Now Jeff Burr cast you in a bigger role in 'Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter'. Did he like your work in 'TCM 3' and told you about a role perfect for you in this film?

Yeah, Jeff and I were friends at that point. He directed me in a little film called EDDIE PRESLEY that I also wrote. PUPPETMASTER 5 five came along a little while later and I was happy to get it. I was very near having to get a real job at that point

What was it like playing a bad ass hitman criminal Scott in the film?

It was fun.

Do tell us your memorable battles against the puppets. How was the experience like doing all of this as Burr directed you well in this?

The puppets were a pain in the ass. I like my scene with Pin Head.

Who did you enjoy working in this film?

Nick Guest and Willard Pugh and Ian were all cool.

You appeared in a horror anthology 'Tales from the Hood' as the role of Billy. What did you do in that film and what chapter was it in?

In TALES FROM THE HOOD I played a racist cop that gets yanked into grave.

What was the experience like?

I've had worse jobs.

You had a special appearance as a deputy in 'Night of the Scarecrow'. How long was your performance in it?

NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW was another Jeff Burr project. I shot that the day fter we wrapped on TALES. Still had the short hair. Just a one day thing with Joe Unger and the two kids. I die.

Now you lived to play the head gang member Luther as you had the lead supporting role in 'From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money'. I want to hear all about what it was like doing this movie?

DUSK 2 I also co-wrote. We shot that in Capetown South Africa.

What was it like working with Robert Patrick and Bo Hopkins?

It was kind of a tough shoot but I really enjoyed working with Bo and Robert and Muse Watson.

What was it like just going wild and attacking others while being a vampire?

I don't remember that much about it except that I hissed a lot and there was a lot of fire and explosions...

You worked with William Shatner in 'Groom Lake'. What was it like working with such an icon?

I got a real kick out of working with Bill. He was fine. It was a small part -- I replaced another actor at the last minute. The movie didn't turn out great but it was a sincere effort on his part. I actually admire Bill a lot. He's a real survivor.

You did quite well in your cameo as Dr. Bankhead in 'Devil's Rejects'. What was it like for you to play a different role this time than what you usually play as a heavy type?

REJECTS was my first film with Rob. Yeah, it was kind of a different sort of part for me. It's a tiny thing in the film but the DVD extras include the whole thing. I think it's kind of funny.

I got a kick out of your role as a redneck Boss Man in the gross out slapstick horror flick 'Feast'. What was it like acting sleazy towards the women at the bar as well as battling the creatures?

I really liked my role in FEAST and I was pretty happy the way the film turned out.

Did you get good feedback from horror fans in this one as I believe it got a limited theatrical release?

I went out and helped promote it at a bunch of screenings and I never really got tired of watching it. Nice death scene...

Were you asked to reprise your role in the sequel?

They did not ask me to come back. Bastards.

Im excited to hear your role in 'Urban Decay' with Meat Loaf. What was this one like to do?

URBAN DECAY may never come out. Lot of legal issues. I had a really nice scene with Dean Caine who I liked a lot.

What is your role as Sheriff Keys in 'Trailer Park of Terror' like to do?

TRAILER PARK OF TERROR was pretty cool. Nasty scene in there with Pricilla Barnes and Ed Corbin. That film turned out pretty well -- I'm suprised it doesn't have a bigger following.

Was your cameo as Sherman Benny in another Rob Zombie flick 'Halloween II' a fun experience for you to act in? Were you also a fan of the original?

Yeah, Rob brought me in for H2 which I had a good time on. Yeah, I was a fan of the originally actually.

You proved to be versatile in your cameo in 'Albino Farm'. How did you feel about playing this role as you really brought alot into this role?

ALBINO FARM was offered to me out of the blue. Very nice people on that film. When you come in for just a day on something like that, you try to do something kind of different. I'm not sure if I went a little too far on that one or not... It's not a bad little flick though.

You recently portrayed the role of Pritchett in 'Children of the Corn: Genesis'. There was a recent remake is this the sequel to that one or a follow up to the original series?

The CHILDREN OF THE CORN movie is a sequel. (9 maybe?)

What do you play in this one?

I played a fun role in that. A bad guy... or maybe a good guy. Joel Sossion directed that who was a producer on FEAST.

What was the whole enviornment like doing this film?

It was fun -- very low key.

Do you have other horror film projects lined up after this one?

I've got a couple of horror things that may or may not go. Always looking for a job...

Now here's some fun stuff: What are your favourite horror films?


If you were a scream king for a day whether he was alive or dead. Who would he be?

Not sure who I would be... Jonathan Frid maybe.

What show were you in that you cherished the most even to this day?

PULP FICTON and EDDIE PRESLEY are probably the things I am most proud of for very different reasons.

What was a show you were in that you weren't proud of and would like to change?

I've done a lot of stuff I would like to change but you can't. You just try to learn.

What are your ambitions in life?

I just like being a working actor. Very few people get to do exactly what they want to do and I've been able to do that for a long time. I'd like to work more in different kinds of roles in different kinds of films.