The Dunwich Horror (2009)

Written & Directed by: Leigh Scott

Story by:
H.P. Lovecraft


Griff Furst .... Walter Rice
Sarah Lieving .... Professor Fay Morgan
Dean Stockwell .... Dr. Henry Armitage
Jeffrey Combs .... Wilbur
Natacha Itzel .... Caitlin
Lauren Michele .... Lavina
M. Steven Felty .... Zecheria
Victoria Patenaude .... Midwife

Release Date: Made-for-Cable: December 13, 2009




A witchdoctor named Dr. Henry Armitage (Dean Stockwell) performed an exorcism by using his special powers to perform an exorcism on a possessed teenager named Caitlin (Natacha Itzel) and had her cleaned from an evil spirit and thinks his troubles are over.
However, there's a demented family as a Midwife (Victoria Patenaude) gave birth to a beast with octopus type of legs and the family kidnaps other people for it.
A team of inspectors named Walter Rice (Griff Furst) and Professor Fay Morgan (Sarah Lieving) team up to go on a search for these missing people as well as any clues on the evil's that are going on with the people who kidnap these people leading themselves into danger with this demon.


We spot a good shot ona Midwife going in labour during the beginning of the film which looked freaky as well.
Also a discussion with Dr. Henry Armitage about to perform an exorcism and having a conversation with Mrs. Bowers sobbing about her daughter being posessed in which the scene on this looked very lacking in energy.
We spot some cheesy actions on Caitlin acting possessed on a bed acting wild with Henry trying to use his powers to perform and exorcism as all this looked very corny.
We spot a nice shot on Midwife laughing crazily while holding a prop of a head stroking the hair of a wig.
There's a good shot looking up on Wilbur getting out of his vehicle near a gas station and showing an evil expression.
We have a nice shot on a supporting character Amanda entering a washroom and looking around with Wilbur entering with a cloth over her nose knocking her unconcious.
There's nice menacing moments with Midwife and Wilbur towards Amanda as well as a good shot on her against a wall with creepy monstrous looking legs grabbing her.
We spot a nice raging moment with another supporting character Bryce by pointing his shotgun towards Midwife with her cackling and then a good close up shot on Wilbur spitting venom on his face with a great tense reaction.
There's a good shot with certain characters doing a cult ceremony with Amanda lying on a floor.
There's many good conversation scene's between Walter Rice and Professor Fay Morgan in their car together with many good takes on them chatting and was nicely done.
There's a good presence by a blindman talking to both Walter and Fay in his corner store in which the scene's on this looked very mysterious.
There's a perfect camera shot on Midwife acting evil speaking towards Zecheria lying on the ground with a perfect shot on him being dragged away.
There's many good takes on both Walter and Fay exploring a house with a good shot on a long corridor which almost leaves a similar impression like watching The Shining.
There's a good moment with both Walter and Fay trying to talk to Henry with him acting like an emotional wreck.
Nice shot looking down on Fay making a pentagram on the grassy ground in a field and then joining Walter and Henry about to perform a cermemony with plenty of good shots on them struggling a storm showing good energy.
Bottom line is that I couldn't understand this movie too well plus it was very cheesy and made on a low budget that you can tell the CGI effects were computerised. However, after I found out that this was a made-for-cable movie I understood why it looked cheaply done since most of those types are.The plot looked like a cross between a remake on Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Exorcist flicks with barely any style at all. The plotlines were very weak and stale. But some scene's looked impressive with the storms and evil happenings as well as showing some fangs from a beat which looks like the creatures from Aliens. There's many pointless dialogues with businessmen, inspectors and preachers having meetings about what is going on and so fourth and I was thinking to myself that I'm in alot of trouble if this keeps happening. Nothing too special about this flick and it's apparently a remake to a 1970 flick as well as based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft.

The acting is a little rusty but some of these actors try the best they can throughout their performances like lead actor Griff Furst (Walter Rice) who shows a good charming guy next door type of attitude as one of the inspectors in the film plus had the right attitude and looks too.
Dean Stockwell
(Dr. Henry Armitage) tried his best to play a witch doctor of some sort but at times he lacks and other spots he's on target such as his emotional behavior during a certain part of the story in the film.
Jeffrey Combs
(Wilbur) seemed to pull his role off well as a crazy one in the film showing nice strange expressions and an unsettled speaking voice too. He came across clearly that he wasn't a normal person at all.
Natacha Itzel
(Caitlin) did her job ok while she was possessed and showing a different side to her after she was exorcised and having a nice outgoing type of appeal to her role in it.
M. Steven Felty
(Zecheria) really stressed his part well as a crazy old man in the film just showing expressionless looks on his face and the things he said came across believeably. Does well reacting in pain in a certain scene on the ground.
Victoria Patenaude (Midwife) was by far the best supporting actress in the film acting totally insane, loud and creepy looking all putting it together with what she had to do. She showed alot of terrific energy in her role and never showed a lacking moment. You won't be disappointed folks.
Jesse Barksdale
(Pap) had a small role in this film as a blindman but he was very strong with his performance and seemed very realistic by doing this part that I had to discuss it. Great job indeed.

We spot a couple of topless women lying on a couch barebreasted

There's a hair piece cut off from a scalp with a maniac toying with it.
A top of a head is chomped

We don't hear much of a songtrack in the film but the odd classical msuci performing for the real susepnseful moments but there's some good clanging sounds during a scene at a corner store which sounds very Texas Chainsaw Massacre like.