Dweller (2002)

Produced & Directed by: John Mc Bride, John Polonia & Mark Polonia

Written by: John Polonia


John McBride .... Jake
Mark Polonia .... Mack
John Polonia .... J.J.
Jeff Dylan Graham .... Trevor
Leslie Culton .... Hiker

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: 2002




A UFO crashes in the Pacific Northwest forest after having a war in space. The aliens happen to be the bad one's as they end up slaughtering the people hiking there with their special forces and use them for food.
Three murderous criminals who robbed a bank and are running away from the police take refuge in a cabin down there as they can be the aliens' next prey as they are watching them.


We spot some interesting cheesy computerised effects with spaceships having a battle in space before the opening credits in which you get a feeling that this film was made on close to nothing. Then we have the film rolling with a home video camera doing the works for the story in which there's moments with Trevor discovering something and contacting someone else on what he found which looked terribly trashy while watching all of this. Plus we spot an arrogant female hiker as these moments also look incredibly bland as well.
However we spot a mildly amusing camera shot with static approaching towards a camera man and attacking him as well as spotiing brief gruesome moments as the horror seems to add on in an okay fashion while we see this making the moments look truly mysterious.
Then we spot more lame and amateurish moments with a group of thieves led by Jake on a getaway in their vehicle which looks totally boring t=with their trashy discussions as this was supposed to be full of action on their criminal situations but it looked incredibly stale, hokey and annoying too.
While we spot most of the other pointless scene's in this flick we do spot a rather amusing and cheesily creepy moment when the thieves check out an abandoned cabin which leaves a clue that the aliens got a hold of the reosidents there as well as nice shots on them exploring on the inside of it which adds a nice dark feel to everything offering some nice taste in a mysterious horror flick.
There's also mildly amusing moments with the dorky criminal J.J. having a nightmare as the camera shots are black and white underneath a lawnmowing vehicle or an employee at a supermarket is shot to death and this person is bloodied and ready to collapse in which adds some mild flavor to the story.
Cheesy camera shots circling around J.J. near a pier of a lake which doesn't look effective at all as it was supposed to have been but yet looked mildly suspenseful when his body is pushed into the lake and good camera shots on him in the water struggling to get out.
Cheesy but interesting shot on the crashed looking UFO like you'd see in those old fashioned films on how the ship looked like but iut doesn't look suitable for how it looked in this film as well as Trevor checking it out as well as cheesy close up shots on him being attacked with static effects in which the effects looked rather phony while we spot the results.
The ending looked half amusing when we briefly reveal on what the alien looked like as it once again looks like from and old fashioned horror/sci-fi flick.
Bottom line: You can do wonders with a cheap home video camera as this is what it was and sell it on DVD no matter how bad it looks. I saved it from bombing simply cause it had a mysterious plot wondering who these man eating aliens really were. Otherwise the story didn't go anywhere and the effects they used like the space war scene were strictly from a computer and it shows big time.

The acting is terrible and terribly amateurish. Lead actor John McBride (Jake) really sucked as the head of the criminals especially when he goes crazy or aggressive as he doesn't show any effort whatsoever and is lacking on energy while he is supposed to look intense as this is laughable and in a bad way too. He is terrible with his blocking too when he strikes someone which looked terribly sloppy. However there is one scene when he gets firm as this was drawn in nicely with his aggressions but that was it.
Mark Polonia (Mack) portrayed the level headed and intelligent one as he was incredibly lacking just saying his lines and not making any effort by getting into character within whatever he did here. He was not memorable in his part whatsoever and really needed a kick in the butt with acting lessons.
John Polonia (J.J.) was his real life brother and played it in the film as the stupid one and boy was he the worst out of the bunch. Tries too hard to act anxious and hyper only to annoy you a great deal. His reactions were terrible as well as his struggling behvior too. He just couldn't get into anything right. This was sad to watch him behave like this expecially with his disturbed attitude. He wasn't meant to be in this business at all.
Scream king Jeff Dylan Graham (Trevor) was better than these three but not by much. His acting is terribly mediocre especially when he tries to find out a case of a UFO trying to be serious but he wasn't believeable by being this way nor does he react too well at the end of his performance while he's attacked. Didn't seem to be very interested in his performance at all.
Leslie Culton
(Hiker) was never a born actress at all when she has a snotty and bitchy attitude as she doesn't bring this to life at all and seemed forced to do this along with her hiking around the wooded area and this doesn't come off well either. Plus was terrible with her screaming or frightened attitude while she's attacked as I was thinking to myself "C'mon!" She was supposed to have an effective supporting role and spoils it big time.

Many people are eaten by an alien force
A supermarket clerk is bloodily stabbed during a flashback sequence
A guys head is chewed off by an alien force

The music for a film like this is well composed as I expected it to be worst. However there's the odd annoying techno music for certain parts that didn't fit into the story but it was used briefly. Plus we hear wooden xylophone playing as this sounded overly annoying and didn't go anywhere when we hear it for the adventureous moments. Yet there's good effective synthesizer playing for when the near attacks happen in which seems to pay a tribute to the Hitchcock classic Psycho. Plus we hear a scene with cheesy guitar playing for another adventureous moment. Also there's perfect ghostly high pitched music for when the criminals discover an abandoned cabin and explosring it which is a perfect fit.

Jake: Don't worry about it, your brother is like V.D., he'll be back!