Easter Sunday (2015)


Produced, Edited, Written & Directed by: Jeremy Todd Morehead


Jeremy Todd Morehead .... Jeremiah
.... Amber

Edward X. Young .... Angus Bradley

Release Dates: Four States Slasher Con: October 16, 2015; Martinsville Horrorfest: November, 2015





A killer in a bunny mask Douglas Fisher is executed on Easter Sunday but 24 years later on that very day a group of teens that were aware of the incident uses a ouija board and accidentally brings him back to life and goes on a killing spree hacking each of these teens or anyone nearby one by one.


The beginning of the story didn't take itself seriously at all as we have the masked bunny killer about to do someone in as I had a bad feeling that I was in for an amateurish grindhouse flick and I was right. Then this killer goes to a home to kill a mother and then going upstairs to kill her little girl but nothing graphic here although it makes out that it will be shocking and almost does the trick but needed a kick in the butt to make this moment more convincing as it fails big time.
Yet after this there's impressive opening credits which looked grindhouse old fashioned like which is probably the best out of this lame flick.
Then we have both Jeremiah and Amber driving to someone's house for the Easter holiday in which he uses his iphone to videotape which almost seemed clever that we were watching a found footage type of horror film this time but nothing seemed too natural or convincing to make this look entertaining to watch as well as Jeremiah telling Amber about the bunny killer as this is supposed to work in a slasher flick but it doesn't at all.
Then the videotaping still continues with everyone having a discussion about playing their music and so fourth as well as one of them whom is Ryan Tate discussing that the killer was his father as the makers tried so hard to draw you in when he is talking about this as it almost did the trick but again fails to do so.
However what grabbed my attention is when everyone is outside having a bonfire discussing stuff which I thought that the story would get better as well as them using a ouija board trying to summon up this killer as this is targeted at Ryan and there's neat cheesy effects lighting up the board and then we see him possessed but then things get too slapstick and over the top when the terror unveils which looked quite stupid.
More over the top moments when Ryan drives away with Jeremiah in his vehicle and then later on turning into the killer Douglas Fisher and grabbing the bunny mask that was uried near him as there's just too much slapstick surrounding the two of them and it wasn't done in good style at all.
A scene that caught my attention is when Jacob tries to protect himself from this maniac by trying to open up a pocket knife and this killer offers to help him and he stupidly accepts this killer to help him which I was thinking this is totally lamebrained. I know that in any slasher film no one makes wise choices but this was ridiculous.
Then our supposed hero which is Sheriff Akin tries to save the day by shooting this killer and there's close up moments when he is about to remove his mask which I watched carefully wondering if he will succeed to do so but I had a feeling he wouldn't succeed as something is about to happen and I was right which was a put down as I wondered who would be behind that mask. Also there's takes on two dead bodies as their eyes blink which they should've reshot this but I'm guessing they were in a real tight budget and couldn't do so.
Another moment that seemed a bit better than the story itself is when the survivors Jeremiah, Amber and Jacob are slowly going to the door after they hear someone knocking in which this is supposed to give you the chills and it sort of does but in a campy and cheesy way.
While these survivors try to talk to an exorcist Angus Bradley about what is happening he is using profanity as you don't see a preacher doing that but this was unfunny like the rest of the story and another lame brained moment is when he opens the door to spot this killer in the bunny mask he turns away and talks to these survivors thinking that this is a prank which is another stupid move and an easy way for this maniac to do this person in. I was thinking more lame brained situations here!!!!
Then when we think the nightmares are over for defeating this killer the story takes place a year later as we spot a postman delivering a package to Jeremiah and discussing about going to Crystal Lake since this offered good humor since we know who the actor is which is an in joke as this was the only other scene worth watching.
Bottom line is that they tried to do a grindhouse flick and entertain us but this was a disappointment in which things were terribly amateurish and is just as clever watching a Troma Team flick but not as much gross out situations probably cause of their tight budget. I always wondered if there's be an easter slasher flick like they did with other seasonal one's such as Black Christmas, Halloween, My Bloody Valentine, Silent Night Deadly Night and even Valentine itself but this flick was way too off the wall and over the top. Oh well maybe another one will happen that will be alot more serious and natural with the killings that we see in it as this isn't the one at all.

The acting is over the top terrible and only certain one's I will do my best to mention. Filmmaker Jeremy Todd Morehead (Jeremiah) portrays the lead role in this one as he tried his best to have spunk and energy into what he was talking about however he is just too kookie and unnatural by what he does. Also was rather annoying in many spots too. He had the right looks and appeal to this role but that did all the talking as he needed serious lessons as he couldn't pull of a character at all.
Amber) whom is his wife in real life of course plays his girlfriend in which she was plain wooden in her speaking and didn't show very much energy into what she was doing. She doesn't grab your attention too much into what she did in this role. I've seen worst but she wasn't cut out for this business at all.
Edward X. Young (Angus Bradley) is the best one even if his role was less than 5 minutes long in which he was clear with his speaking as well as showing a good serious motive into what he was talking about along with showing decent aggressions when he is cussing. Also shows a good sarcastic attitude towards the near end of his performance in which he was convincing by acting ignorant.

A woman unrobes herself before answering a door fully naked

Faces are scarred by hot boiling water
Heads are chopped off
Body is sliced in the middle
Objects are impaled in victims eye
The effects are done by cheap computerised CGI effects and I do mean cheap

The composing done by Dave Ferguson wasn't anything too special but odd times some sharp sounds which seemed to stand out okay but nothing to brag about either. The other sounds were pretty amateurish synthesizer music but I've heard worst so I don't slam them too much for at least trying to use a bit of effort while we watch the storyline unravel.