Eat (2014)


Executive Produced, Edited, Composed, Cinematographed, Written & Directed by: Jimmy Weber


Meggie Maddock .... Novella McClure
Ali Francis .... Candice
Jeremy Make .... Dr. Simon
Maru Garcia .... Eesha

Release Dates: Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival: July 5, 2014; Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival: October 9, 2014; Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema: April 16, 2015





An unemployed actress Novella McClure (Meggie Maddock) is struggling every day with no money and falls into a depression as well as becoming mentally ill by eating parts of her flesh.


A stale beginning with the title character Novella McClure getting ready for an audition but things turn interesting when she is there and runs into someone she knows whom is Tracy whom insults her but defends herself by insulting back which showed terrififc timing on a primadonna.
The story focuses when she is biting her finger which made me wonder as to why she is doing this since it looked strange along with some dull moments when she is going to a singles bar with her friend Candice but yet there's an attention grabber when Candice whispers in a guys ear on what she will do if he doesn't give them a couple drinks which looked mysteriously twisted. But there's an effective brief discussion between Novella and Dr. Simon in which this looked fairly natural to watch.
Candice again is biting her finger while taking a shower which kept we watching and wondering why she keeps doing this.
Then she goes to an audition and while checking in thinks it's an audition for porn then gets defensive along with the receptionist checking people for their bookings insulting her which looked effective and interesting to watch.
The suspense starts to run when she is driving home and is distracted when she realised all the bite marks she made on her arm when she is about to crash into a vehicle which made me watch in terror wondering if she will stop in time before doing so.
Nice strong moment when her landlady Eesha shows up telling her about her eviction notice and then Novella gets emotional by explaining on what's going on in her life which was nicely brought into the story and this woman is sympethetic. Offered perfect timing into the story.
More intense moments on Novella chewing on herself which looked gruesome and hard to watch.
Novella gets a call to audition for an upcoming film suggested by Tracy which made me wonder if this was for real as I had a feeling that it's not what it's cracked up to be. This moment for sure was a mysterious one making you want to scratch your head.
Novella and her friend Candice goes out to the singles bar again which she runs into Dr. Simon again as their chats are beieveably happy which was well focused.
Then her and Candice run into some guys buying them drinks but leave as they're trouble but realised they've been drugged and are nearly attacked by them which looked suspenseful but then there's a nice shocking moment as to what Candice does to them serving them right which looked good and terrorising to watch.
The next day Novella goes to the audition and realises what industry it really is which offered good tension feeling to be set up too. This scene was well put together.
The moments looked perfectly uplifting when both Novella and Dr. SImon have a drink together in which it looks like the story has a good turnaround this time. The situations looked good and natural.
Another natural moment is when Novella acts aggressive and selfish towards Candice showing some believeable tension between the two of them.
Nicely shot scene's with Novella and Dr. SImon having a romantic moment together. Then Novella is about to take her top off with a shocking moment which looked trippy to see. This makes you wonder the outcome between the two of them.
The tension piles up again when Novella spots Tracy in Dr. SImon's office when she tells her about how he treats his clients like herself which isn't pretty offering more tension and upsetting moments that drew me in.
Then near the final moments Candice reveals herself towards Novella which isn't pretty as the horror becomes more intense on what she plans to do. This offered more rides and suspense.
Bottom line is that this is pure horror on what someone does to themselves due to a mental illness but the story is quite slow in alot of spots and can get bland too. Many depressing scene's offering stuff that most of us can relate to during times of our lives like being out of work and money.

The acting is pretty well done in which Meggie Maddock (Novella McClure) really knew her stuff in this one as she does well with her obsessive and troubled attitude offering great emotions with her sobbing or acting vicious when chewing on herself. Does great with her aggressions along with showing her versatality offering her nice girl attitude while going on a date. She was a true character actress.
Ali Francis (Candice) offered some terrific spunk into her part as the bubbly outgoing friend of hers. She really brought everything out in her part of the role. She was also believeably tough and mysterious along with getting to the point of things and was on the ball within all of this. She was terrific by acting crazed and obsessive near the end of her role.
Jeremy Make (Dr. Simon) brought on the charm greatly as the hunky shrink showing the perfect guy next door attitude. He brings on a perfect likeable attitude within all that he shows off here in which he has a believeable sincere behavior. I enjoyed on what he offered in his role. Had the perfect looks and appeal.
Maru Garcia (Eesha) was believeable as the landlady showing a perfect caring personality. She really knew her craft as someone whom is sympathetic. She reminds me as one of those types that are likeable and understanding with a soft spoken attitude.

Many parts of Novella's body is chewed off.
Bloody gunshots.
Novella rips her heart out and eats it.

Jimmy Weber composes the music for this flick which isn't anything too spectacular but some tapping and beat sounds which does the trick as well as the odd piano playing when necessary but nothing that stands out or is too memorable.