Eat Your Heart Out (2008)

Directed by: James Tucker

Written & Produced by:
Joshua Nelson


Melissa Bacelar .... Pandora
Jack Dillon .... Jeffrey
Joshua Nelson .... The Stalker
Jeanette Bonner .... Laur

Special Appearance:

Alan Rowe Kelly .... Mama

Release Date: Directo-to-DVD: August 26, 2008






A geek named Jeffrey (Jack Dillon) desperately is looking for love but can't seem to find it.
He calls up for prostitutes, uses them for their service and asks them out but of course they're not interested.
However, one of them by the name of Pandora (Melissa Bacelar) accepts a date from him and they romantically fall in love. Jeffrey even asks her to marry him but there's one thing that he learned from her is that she's a succubus and feeds on human flesh as she eats her clients.
He is shocked when he finds out her secret but still tries to support her hunger by bringing people home and burying their corpses in the backyard of their tomato garden.
A vicious stalker (Joshua Nelson) tries to track Pandora down after she killed and ate his retarded brother as he kills many people that have contact through her to get to her in order to kill her.


The beginniong has impressive camera shots looking over the huge city on New York at night as this was a nice clear shot on everything. Also we spot a client being with the hooker Pandora as the scene takes a bit long but it gives you an impression that something terrifying is going to happen and it just does for when the opening credits start to occur and boy does it look graphic and gross. But this moment starts to drag a bit too much.
Then we spot many moment on the dorky Jeffrey desperate to find a date by asking his co-workers as this for sure makes you think of those types who will do anything to ask someone out in which makes you think that this person doesn't have a life at all.
Also there's moments on him trying to win a date with prostitutes and their answers in which you think to yourself "Boy oh boy this guy is nuts" Yet this is a nice drawing card to the story for what unravels later on while we continue to watch. So it was necessary to have these moments to occur.
Also we spot a moment on the Stalker getting forceful to a victim by demanding on Pandorah's whereabouts as this was supposed to look brutally intense and intimidating but this was way too campy and amateurishly done to be taken seriously at all.
However later in the story there's a good moment with Jeffrey's sister Laura confronting him about his depression in which the scene's between them were well focused and solidly done. It looked good and dramatic by what we see here.
Also a cheesy moment with Pandora walking in and getting it on with Jeffrey but later on with their discussions which was strongly done and in great taste in which things drew in perfectly well by what was all spotted between the two of them looking convincingly romantic. Also a moment when he proposes to her out near a bridge by an ocean as the shots looked great and you think to youself that this person certainly is desperate big time. Plus good moments on her almost confronting him on what she does as she is too hesitant to say anything adding a great touch to everything.
A perfect moment with Pandora bringing a whore back to Jeffrey's home and making out with her as this makes you suspicious by knowing on what will happen next as it draws you in knowing that she is revealing on whom she is and leaving a peer pressuring moment on Jeffrey himself by wondering if he will support her after doing something deadly to this chick. It was a clever moment for sure and defientely shocking while spotting by what happens.
A perfect situation between Laura asking Jeffrey as to how he knew Pandora and him getting uncomfortable about it all as this seemed believeable with a sibling having a feeling that he's making bad choices which reminds you on mistakes we all made in our lives and people confronting us about it and being in denial.
Nice painful situations on the Stalker torturing a somewhat female pimp named Mama to death with good close up shots on this which doesn't look pleasant to watch and quite intense too.
Also nice moments on Pandora acting in pain for hunger on human flesh and trying to get Jeffrey to bring some person on the street to his home so she can feast on them as this works in well for a genre such as this one and lots more close up horror violence too.
Also we have a perfect confrontation with the Stalker pitted against Pandora along with Jeffrey being pitted by all this as the timing worked out nicely along with a nice surprising moment when we think she may be dead but we're in for a big surprise.
The ending is pretty sad to spot by what goes down and it doesn't hope for you to see a sequel since we've seen enough on what goes on in the story.
Bottom line is that at first the story looks like that it is going nowhere but that's what made it mysterious as something was going to happen and suddenly it does. It's clever and twisted for the video budget it's on with good effects but the story is a little overly long. It's for sure shocking and disturbing to watch all of this.
This movie was retitled as Skinned Alive but I liked the original title better.

The acting is very well performed by Jack Dillon (Jeffrey) as he makes his character very real at seeming desperate with his emotions and nervousness and expressions too. He comes across perfectly with his dweeby actions as well as his obsessions too by wanting a date. Plus does nice with his choked up words and nervousness too. Comes across as someone whom is annoying and uncool too. Also does a good job by acting shocked by what he spots which he was on the ball as well as getting anxious in other spots making this believeable too. Shows alot of good energy and characteristics within whatever he did here.
Melissa Bacelar
(Pandora) looks and performs fabulous as the succubus prostitute who seems convincingly normal but is shockingly a maniac. She shows a nice mellow type of attitude as well as someone who seems nice and outgoing in which she brought this to life perfectly. Also knew on how to get into a bisexual lustful mode as this shines off perfectly. Shows a great versatality acting vicious by biting into someone or hissing with her words coming across as a perfect horror character. She does a perfect job suffering from hunger and really getting into this. She was a worthy character actress.
Joshua Nelson (The Stalker) certainly had it on the ball as a mobster type of character with his dark speaking and actions. He certainly was believeable by being obnoxious and demanding but there were times he was a bit over the top. However he makes up for it and is back on track. Had a great iciness within alot on what he did.
Jeanette Bonner (Laura) is great as a caring relative and has a powerful role to her character too. She does well with her concerned attitude towards her onscreen brother and really gets into this. Also shows good disappointing reactions when being spoken to. She also does a nice job acting in her profession as a doctor as well as showing a nice sharp attitude.
We have a cameo by scream drag queen Alan Rowe Kelly (Mama) whom was convincing as a butchy type of pimp in which he does a great job treating his clients like crap and getting nasty as well as showing off a great ruthless type of attitude. Also does well reacting with a nasty painful atttitude while being tortured to death. He knew his stuff and was convincing as a butchy woman in the film.

There are many topless scenes of actresses like Alisha Frank, Julissa Lopez and Sharon Hawk fully exposing their breats in bed or changing to leave.

Lots of intense graphic horror gore involved in this film as many clients are eaten alive revealing their insides and guts along with cut off fingers and a head too.
There are also bloody beatings and stabbing by a mobster. Plenty of blood too.
It looked very real so the effects weren't cheaply made.

We have some light synthesizer composing by Duane Peery but it's nothing too spectacular or over the top. However we do hear the odd screeching sounds which works in nicely as well as some windy types of effects too. Plus there's some lame piano playing which seems to not go anywhere and sounding the same.