Eden Lake (2008)

Written & Directed by: James Watkins


Kelly Reilly .... Jenny
Michael Fassbender .... Steve
Tara Ellis .... Abi
Jack O'Connell .... Brett
Finn Atkins .... Paige
Jumayn Hunter .... Mark
Thomas Turgoose .... Cooper
James Burrows .... Harry
Thomas Gill .... Ricky
Shaun Dooley .... Jon

Release Dates: Cannes Film Market: May 15, 2008; Berlin Fantasy Filmfest: August 12, 2008; Hamburg Fantasy Filmfest: August 13, 2008; London FrightFest Film Festival: August 21, 2008; Nuremberg Fantasy Filmfest: August 27, 2008; Sitges International Festival of Fantastic and Horror Cinema: October 6, 2008; Night Visions Film Festival: October 25, 2008 (Finland); Limited Theatrical: October 31, 2008 (USA); Iik!! Horror Film Festival: November 1, 2008 (Finland); Oslo International Film Festival: November 21, 2008; Limited Theatrical: January 8, 2009 (Russia)

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A nursery teacher named Jenny (Kelly Reily) goes on a weekend camping trip with her boyfriend Steve (Michael Fassbender) for a romantic getaway to a place called Eden Lake to enjoy the sun and swimming and for Steve to propose to her at the right time.
However they run into a group of backwoods juvenile delinquents encircling their campsite by listening to loud rap music and when Steve asks them to turn it down this gives them an excuse to cause them trouble for them as they go on a joyride with their car.
Steve accidentally kills one of the kids' dog which happens to be the leader of the gang of kids named Brett (Jack O'Connell) and is then tied up by barbwire after their vehicle is totalled in the woods and tortured half to death leaving Jenny stranded and looking for help while the kids try to stalk her on a relentless game of cat and mouse while trying to find her way out of the woods but Brett gets more outraged and has deadly plans if he can get her which may mean a sacrifice.


There's many fast shots on both Jenny and Steve getting ready for their trip to camping out and driving there as well as them making out while suntanning etc.
A good tense moment with Steve approaching the teenaged kids reasoning with them about their music too loud and they act nasty towards him leaving that feeling there's going to be trouble later on.
There's good distant shots on them hanging around the lakeside as if someone is watching them.
We have a good scene with Steve going into someone's house and then one of the supporting characters Jon acting as an aggressive parent suddenly coming into the house and he tries to hide without being caught which packs a suspenseful punch.
Steve gets frusterated swearing when he finds out his vehicle is gone and then both him and Jenny tries to search for it with a good jumping moment on the vehicle jumping up on them by surprise with the kids in it and they try to chase it with good shots on them while doing so.
We have a good tense moment between Brett and Steve with some suspenseful shots on his dog attacking and then getting stabbed. We later get a good mercy pleading from Steve when Brett goes in a rage.
We have some great fast action camera shots on both Jenny and Steve in their vehicle trying to start it up with the kids surrounding them and throwing rocks as it makes you cringe wondering if they'd make it out of the woods.
Nice camera shot on the backseat with them driving through the wild woods and then crashing.
There's a real disturbing scene with Steve tied up in barbwire and being taunted by people like Brett stabbing him here and there and him begging to let him go. We also have a good shot on Jenny looking from a background sobbing to all this in which this scene showed perfect chemistry with the intense moments through all of this.
Great shots on Jenny running through the woods with the young cast riding their bikes after her.
We have nice shots on her hiding near a shack with the rest trying to find her which makes you wonder if she will get caught.
There's also a good discussion between Jenny and Steve by trying to escape the mess they're in as well as Steve acting weak and not making it. There's a good moment with him ready to die and she tries to help him out.
We spot good shots on the two of them tied up and Brett getting aggressive by pouring gasoline on one of them and lighting them on fire.
We have a good shot on Jenny driving a car and speeding towards Paige which was a great revenge shot.
Bottom line is that it's a very well done flick with many psychological chemistry making you think that bad kids can be very deadly scaring you on dealing with anyone just not right in your every day life. It almost seemed like a better version of I Spit on Your Grave and Last House on the Left type of revenge film but it had such a bad ending. I hate to spoil that for you folks but I was disappointed by that. However, it's common for those backwoods type of stories too surrounding the locals there and an untrustworthy bunch of people as it does spook you once they seem helpful and wondering if they are a part of those evil brats or related to them. This is a kind of movie to watch if you're not having a bad day dealing with jerks in your life else it will make you paranoid for sure.

The acting is greatly performed as lead actress Kelly Reilly (Jenny) really showed her stuff trying to surive from these evil brats with good crying emotions and at times some nice vengeful moments. We have a good striking moment with her holding a sharp glass and striking someone in a scene. She also shows some good tensity too when needed.
Michael Fassbender
(Steve) knew how to have a calm attitude but later on showed great anger and frusterations when things weren't going right along with showing his weaknesses and pleading too. He showed nice weak actions after being stabbed half to death too. I can see him getting more work like this.
Supporting actress Tara Ellis (Abi) showed a nice strange reactions to her part as the parent to one of the nasty kids making her part a real mystery and unpleasant to be around if you cross her.
Jack O'Connell
(Brett) lived to play a juvenile delinquent and leader of his gang showing terrific aggressions and insanity with whatever he does. He was a true horror film character actor and deserves to get more work due to what he played. Does well in a scene by trying to manipulate another one of his gang members to do something. Does well getting into a heated argument as well as throwing fast punches and going insane.
Finn Atkins
(Paige) was marvellous as a young bitch in the gang reminding me of those school girls that cause trouble for others and it seems she related to that when she played this role.
Shaun Dooley
(Jon) was intimidating as another backwoods parent with his abusive actions and loudness too even if his role wasn't overly big but that doesn't matter.

Jack O'Connell shows his penis mocking the two lead adults in the woods.

There's many good open wounded stab shots as well as some bloodshed here and there on both of the two adult victims
There's also a stab in the neck of a kid.

Some neat booming sounds during the terrors in the forest as well as some sad smooth violin music throughout most of the plotlines which seemed at times necessary but a little overrated since we've heard this type of classical playing before. All of this was put together by David Julyan.

Brett: Follow the blood!