Edge of Sanity (1989)

Directed by: Gérard Kikoïne

Written by: J.P. Felix, Ron Raley, Edward Simons
Robert Louis Stevenson (Novel)


Anthony Perkins .... Dr. Henry Jekyll / Jack 'The Ripper' Hyde
Glynis Barber .... Elisabeth Jekyll
Sarah Maur Thorp .... Susannah
David Lodge .... Underwood
Ben Cole .... Johnny
Jill Melford .... Flora
Lisa Davis ....Maria

Release Date: Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival: January: 1989; Theatrical: April 14, 1989

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A physician named Doctor Henry Jekyll (Anthony Perkins) is tormented by abusive and perverted nightmares of sex and violence and does some dangerous experiments with cocaine to the point where he takes another life form by the name of Jack the Ripper Hyde who is an uncontrollable and vicious killer as he goes out and slays prostitutes which is the character of Jekyll's perverted nightmares.
News breaks out around the village about this incident yet they don't know how to find this Mr. Hyde but Dr. Jekyll tells the people that Mr. Hyde is very sick and needs his help.
Jekyll even fears for his wife Elisabeth (Glynis Barber) when he changes at night as he sees nightmares involving her and has to escape before she's his next victim.


The film is off to a fairly decent start as it looks very old fashioned like showing a prostitue in a barn laughing evilly.
There is a nice shot on
Dr. Henry Jekyll waking up from a nightmare gasping for breath.
There's also great shots on
Henry doing an experiment with a body lying down and good shots on a dissecting knife touching someone's eye.
Another great shot on
Henry staring at himself in the mirror when he changes and wants to see himself.
A scene with a prostitute being pitted against Henry looked well with her behalf by being intimidated a bit with a certain vioolent scene and there was a nice blue light shining on them.
There is also a nice dark shot on Henry with light shining on his eyes from the top of a building. Plus, there's a good shot of him behind a supporting character Maggie strangling her which looked quite tense.
There is a nice scene at a whorehouse with Henry athat also involves
Susannah acting savagely lustful towards him and he yet behaves roughly as all of this came together perfectly. A good lustful scene with Johnny and Susannah as it looked very insane like.
We have a great discussion sequence between Elisabeth Jekyll and Henry in their bedroom during a thunderstorm as it almost looks romantic but yet Henry acts tense and changing into his hyde form with good expressions acting disturbed by what is happening and groaning too which looked good. There's good hallucinations that involves him during this moment along with Susannah cackling.
A nice shot on Elisabeth walking into a barn looking around and a perfect shot on Susannah cackling and acting crazy with Johnny being hung upside down.
Henry shows nice menacing looks as Hyde when he creeps up with a dissecting knife ready to kill close to the end of the film.
Bottom line: Oh yes a great retelling of the story Jekyll & Hyde as it still sets to look like an old fashioned horror flick with a simple story and not too overlong plot. Lots of good scenery and light effects which adds alot of artsy type of appeal to this horror flick. A well done tale (Although it's at times weak in some spots) with great performances by everyone all cast & crew that were involved with this piece and was hoping for a sequel after watching the ending but it never arose but I guess this was meant to have a beginning and en end to it.

The acting is nicely performed mainly by Anthony Perkins (Dr. Henry Jekyll / Jack 'The Ripper' Hyde) who shows he can carry of his Norman Bates type of character in this film showing he is totally versatile playing two characters bringing that coldness to his Hyde part and a calmness to his part. I greatly miss him as he was a gifted actor. There is a strong moment between him and an onscreen prostitute in a big room where he first acts vicious like he is about to rape her and then acts calm. There is a scene where he slaps her a bit but that looks a little low and lacking in his performance as the pace on his behalf needed to be picked up. However, his discussion together seemed a little smooth and intense at the same time which was perfect. Does well by getting blunt about what he has to say at a banquet type of area while having dinner with people showing good emotions. Shows nice menacing looks as Hyde when he creeps up with a dissecting knife ready to kill close to the end of the film.
Glynis Barber
(Elisabeth Jekyll) brings charm to her part as the lovely and caring wife bringing an old fashioned likeness to her part. She does well by being spooked during the showdown of the story which was impressive.
Of course we can't forget about supporting actress S
arah Maur Thorp (Susannah) as an insane prostitute of Mr. Hyde's as she really had that cackly laugh to make herself worthy for this horror flick.

There are numerous breast shots by actresses playing prostitutes.
Some guys are in the background of the film naked from a bathhouse.
A woman's pantyhose is cut open and her butt is revealed.

Numerous bloodied slit throats.

The music was strongly and classically composed by French composer Frédéric Talgorn as he gave it that true old fashioned Jekyl & Hyde feel to it as it had the perfect chemistry to the storylines.

Jack 'the Ripper' Hyde: You didn't really think I killed myself did ya???