It's Madison Time: Talking With Elina Madison by Owen Keehnen

Elina Madison has one very impressive and diverse resume. She's worked with David Lynch in the brilliant 'Mulholland Drive' and with Tom Hanks in 'That Thing You Do!' as well as '21'. She's appeared on 'Gene Simmons: Family Jewels' show, movies with titles like 'Caged Lesbos a Go-Go' , 'Sex Pot' , 'Lip Service' , and 'The Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man' . She's also been in the TV series 'Brothers and Sisters' , 'Las Vegas' , and of course the obligatory episode of 'Red Shoe Diaries' . The tall brunette has also done a good amount of horror. She was Eva in 'The Radio' segment of 'Creepshow III' as well as in such great scare flicks as 'The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' , 'Corporate Cut Throat Massacre' , 'Psychon Invaders' , 'Miner's Massacre' , 'Blood Tease' , 'Final Girl' , 'Barracuda' , 'Silent Screamplay II' , 'The Hazing' , 'The Mummy's Kiss' , 'Orgy of Blood' , 'Devil Girl' and 'Death Racers' . My guess is you'll be hearing a lot more from her in the future, but for right now you can hear about her in this exclusive interview.


Elina, why don't you start us off with a visual and describe the place where you are answering these questions?

It's the Christmas holiday and a few days away from the New Year 2010 and I'm in beautiful Lake Tahoe enjoying the skiing.

Elina, tell me about your work as Claudette Barry in one of your most recent films, 'Final Girl'. Give me a teaser that is going to make it irresistible to all the readers.

'Final Girl' is a very exciting trilogy of films that is set to shoot in Spring 2010. The teaser has to be the confidentiality agreement I signed that I will not disclose any information about it at this point. I will tell you that Claudette is someone to be reckoned with and not to be missed! And I'm happily a part of them all. It's set to be directed by Creep Creepersin whom I've become good friends with and collaborated on a film we recently produced that I star in called 'The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre'. I'll keep you posted on when that is out in the near future.

I also am curious about your recently completed feature 'Orgy of Blood'. What attracted you to that project?

I was attracted to 'Orgy of Blood' for the sexy concept. Not to mention I LOVE vampires.

You have a number of horror roles in your extremely diverse film resume - in addition to those mentioned there is 'Creepshow III', 'Curse of the Forty-Niner', 'The Mummy's Kiss', 'The Hazing', 'Silent Screamplay II', 'Psychon Invaders', etc. What has been your favorite on screen moment in and horror flick and why?

My favorite on screen horror moment was in 'Curse of the Forty-Niner' (now known as 'Miners Massacre', when I get killed by the miner -played by Vernon Wells--whom I adore--when he throws a shovel through a windshield and it goes right through my throat and kills me instantly. it was a great effect and my first time being killed onscreen.

I also must hear about what it was like to work with David Lynch on one of my favorite non-horror flicks 'Mulholland Drive'.

Being directed by David Lynch was amazing. He is so intense and quiet and knows exactly what he wants and how to inspire actors to do their best. it was a great set to be on and watch and add to my experience as an actress. I would love to work with him again anytime.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you want the racksandrazors readers to know about?

I will be a series regular on a show for the Game Show Network that I start filming in January 2010. It will be full and surprises and very funny.

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, creatures, aliens, telemarketers...what does it for you horrorwise Elina and why?

I love them all!! Well, not the telemarketers when I am on the do-not-call list. The vampires really do it for me though. Probably because my lineage goes back to being related to Vlad the Impaler.

What was the first movie to scare the shit out of you?

'The Exorcist'. I even think about it or hear that music and I get the chills and suddenly do not want to be alone. Scary, scary stuff!!!

Okay, we're pulling into the Elina Madison Drive In. What three horror flicks are on the triple bill for tonight?

'Miners Massacre' (great effects), 'Creepshow 3' (it's a classic) and 'The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre' (it's brand new and not been seen yet!)

What is your dream (or nightmare) horror movie role?

A psychological thriller that stars me along side Daniel Day Lewis--me playing his lover would be ideal! Haha - but really; he is such a talented actor that I would be honored to work with him.

What's the best Halloween costume you ever had?

My fifth grade costume was a giant fifty dollar bill that my best friend and I made from scratch and we couldn't maneuver around at all in it and had the best time. We won best costume.

What scares you in real life?

Bad energy and mean people.