Everyone Will Burn (2021)


Directed by: David Hebrero

Produced & Written by:
David Hebrero & Javier Kiran


Macarena Gomez .... María José
.... Lucía
.... David
.... Ari
.... Tere
.... Honorio
.... Juan
.... Padre Gabriel
.... Padre Abelino

Release Dates:
Sitges Film Festival: October 16, 2021; Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Isla Calavera Film Festival: November 21, 2021; Sombra Film Festival: March 20, 2022; Fantastic Fest: September 23, 2022; Screamfest: October 16, 2022





A troubled woman María José (Macarena Gomez) attempts suicide after being bullied by her son and is met by a strange little girl Lucía could be connected to a local legend about stopping an impending apocalypse. With the enigmatic girl by her side, María José faces the corrupt community, overloaded with sadistic secrets and immoral lies.


At the start of the story there's a nice close up camera shot on María's feet and looking over a bridge in which there's a waterfall along with a mysterious looking child whom is Lucía approaching her and calling her Mom making things looking awfully mysterious to watch the outcome of this situation.
When Maria drives to her destination with this unknown girl they are stopped by the police and things start to get messy in which there's intense situations with the officers as well as a nice evil expression coming from Lucia as I got the impression that something deadly is going to happen and there's some CGI effects which doesn't look too shabby for an indie flick but not too realistic either.
Later on in the story the two of them reside in an area in which Lucia gets picked on by three mean boys as this was another situation that these children will pay dearly and boy does one ever when she uses her powers as this made me watch carefully wondering as to what the outcome will be.
When the preacher Padre Abelino talks to his son about the little girl and explaining her as someone evil on the world this was nicely put into the story and powerfully done by what they were talking about.
Then something happens as after a funeral ceremony a bitter woman Tere gets furious with Lucia when she bad mouths her and then gets smacked for her remark which looked good as this evil brat really makes you want to hit her. Then María gets into Tere's face with some threats as this was carefully doen making you wonder if she will hit this woman as well.
When María's boyfriend David comes into the picture Lucia eventually gets vulgar towards him as this looked perfectly evil to watch this brat talks to him the way she does and it looked very well done.
Then the town tries to hunt down Lucia in which they trap themselves in along with some great insane moments coming from María towards David as well as these moments looking truly psychotic in which was necessary to put more of the psychological situations into the story here.
There's also struggling moments with some of the locals towards María which looked hyped and extremely intense.
Suddenly María is by herself in an outdoor type of area in which there's a red lighting and spot that the moon is red itself as this looked bizarre but very creative to watch all of the outcome of the story as it tries to explain itself as to how all of this happened here.
Bottom line is that the story is a bit confusing but entertaining to watch since horror films in Spain and Italy are very popular to their unique approach compared to flicks in North America. This flick seems to pay a tribute to some of the classic horror flicks such as The Omen. I was impressed by this one since it's hard to find modern good horror films these days.

The acting was spoken in Spanish with english subtitles but I can guess that the acting is strongly performed in which Macarena Gomez (María José) was the best out of the cast as the lead role as she does well by acting like a basket case. Shows a great strong attitude in which she performed nicely with her emotional behavior as well as acting crazy or violent. Brings her aggression to the extreme. Yes she was a ball of energy within whatever she did here.
(Lucía) really brought out her horror character as she reminds me of certain other types of roles as the antichrist. Offers nice evil expressions as well as doing a great job by acting forceful or being nasty in which she really studied this role incredibly well and can easily get roles in other horror flicks.
(David) seemed to breeze through nicely as the ideal boyfriend in which he had the right healthy guy looks and appeal. Also shows a nice charm to his role as well as reacting well to what is said to him. A true character actor.
(Ari) breezed through well as the caretaker in which she shows a nice, calm and loving attitude by making her part believeably likeable. Seemed to really get into her role just right as no one else could do it the way she did. Thumbs up for her indeed.
) had a perfectly strong motive as someone whom is arrogant and obnoxious when she is devastated on an incident. ALso was great by acting violent in certain scene's bringing out her temperamental attitude quite superbly. Also had the perfect powerful looks to her role which was another plus to her role.
(Honorio) who played her husband came across as an aggressive redneck as he was a good force of nature as well as looking right for the part and can be well remembered to anyone who saw this flick. He shows off terrific characteristics in his supporting role.

Joan Vilà does a nice job with her composing each scene as she has strong violin playing especially with it sounding sad for those certain moments as this all seemed necessary to use. Also some traditional piano sounds for a funeral scene which was a real attention grabber. Also for the real dark and still moments there's booming sounds offering great timing for sound effects. To top it all off some nice dark synthesizer music for some of the terror that's about to happen as this sounded great and unique.